Omaha is getting a Lingerie League team when play resumes next year

We told you not to be fearful of the Lingerie Football League taking a one-year leave of absence. The league isn’t going anywhere, and all indications are that the intention is to grow the beast and bring it back stronger than ever. The city of Omaha can attest to that, as they are planning to host an LFL team when play resumes in 2013.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the Omaha-area franchise — which has not been given a name — will play two home games in Ralston’s 3,500 seat arena. Members of the Nebraska Stampede, another women’s football team that plays fully clothed and fully padded, are reportedly upset that they were passed over and have to play their home games at a high school field.

“From my perspective, it’s really frustrating that this is the reality in our society,” Tina Johnson, the Stampede’s general manager and starting fullback said. “Sex sells, and it always will. If they want to go out there and play in their lingerie, then by all means, that’s their power. I just wish we could get that same kind of respect with our clothes on.”

Johnson is not alone in her thinking. In fact, some LFL players have even expressed a desire for the league to use less skimpy uniforms and for the football to be the selling point, not the scantily clad women. At this point in time, it’s obvious the league has no intention of making that happen.

The bottom line is Lingerie Football is coming to Nebraska, and I’m sure there are plenty of people who are ready to celebrate it.

Bummer: The Lingerie Football League is taking a year off

Just when it looked like things were really starting to get exciting, the Lingerie Football League has to go and leave us hanging for a year. According to an Associated Press report, the LFL is taking a year off this fall and will resume play in April of 2013. The good news is the one-year hiatus is supposedly being used to better the sport.

The LFL intends to use the year off to continue expanding the game abroad and also realign the schedule so lingerie football becomes a warm-weather sport. Typically I would say that’s good news because it means the players will be wearing less, but I don’t think that would even be legal. We have heard some rumblings that a few players are hoping the sport will ditch the skimpy outfits someday, but that seems less likely if they’re going to be playing in warmer weather. Phew.

Normally, taking a year off might signal that the league is in trouble, but I don’t think that’s the case here. The LFL is set to start an All-Star tour around the globe next month and is looking to expand with teams in Australia by 2013. This looks like an organization that is on the verge of great things, not one that is in danger of collapsing. That’s a positive thing for all of us.

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Angela Rypien, Mark Rypien’s daughter, signs to play QB for Baltimore LFL team

Angela Rypien is the daughter of Super Bowl XXII quarterback Mark Rypien, and like her father, she is a professional quarterback. Also like her father, she has now signed to play quarterback for a team in the Washington DC area.

Rypien signed with the Baltimore Crush of the Lingerie Football League (they don’t have a team in DC) marking the first signing of the offseason leading up to the 2013 season. Rypien played quarterback for the 2-2 Seattle Mist last
season. They were third in the league in yards per game and led the league with 101 passing yards per game.

Below is a video from her LFL debut where she threw for two touchdowns:

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