Larry’s Looks

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Terrell Owens has 17 million reasons to find a new publicist

Pistons having chemistry problems?

Dolphins meet with Dom Capers

Falcons looking at cowboys coach Zimmer as possible defensive coordinator

Raiders interview USC coach Steve Sarkisian for head coaching job

Norm Chow interviews with Arizona Cardinals

Tom Izzo defends Nick Saban

Bobby Petrino says Vick is their quarterback

Chad Johnson is down with Falcons new offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson

Bengals WR coach Hue Jackson the new Falcons Offensive Coordinator

Dolphins to play in Europe next year?

Brunell shoulder surgery out around 5 months

Steelers interviewing schedule, Grimm Monday, Whisenhunt Tuesday, Tomlin Wednesday

Larry’s Looks

Wayne Huizenga liked Pete Carroll when the Dolphins hired Nick Saban. Nothing has changed. 

“The Dolphins owner flew Sunday to Costa Rica, where Carroll is vacationing, and interviewed the University of Southern California coach. This interview, unlike others believed to be information gathering meetings, was different.  The Dolphins want to know whether Carroll is interested in returning to the NFL after failed stints with the New York Jets and New England Patriots. Depending on the answer Carroll gave, he could become Miami’s leading candidate to replace Saban.” 

Dude, so Carroll actually takes vacation?  Can’t you just see Carroll and Waste side-by-side, shirts off, chest hair marinating in the Costa Rica sun, tanning and chilling on some drinks with little straw umbrellas.  I guess this explains why Tim Tessalone was speaking on his behalf regarding Mario Danelo’s death on Saturday.

If Saban is worth $32 million, what’s Jim Tressel worth? We may be about to find out.  If Ohio State wins tonight’s BCS National Championship Game, Tressel has a clause that allows him to opt out of his contract. In other words, he can become a free agent. 

After helping steer Rice to its first bowl berth in 45 years, Owls offensive coordinator Major Applewhite was contacted by Alabama on Saturday to gauge his interest in joining the staff of new Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban. 

“I have been contacted, and I do have some interest, but I have not been offered the job,” Applewhite said.  In his first and only season at Rice, Applewhite, 28, enhanced his reputation as a coaching wunderkind, directing a spread attack that scored the most points (350) and amassed the third-most yards (4,486) in school history.  Applewhite’s father, Larry, is a past president of the Alabama Alumni Association.”

Ripken, along with former San Diego Padres great Tony Gwynn, is as guaranteed to garner the required 75 percent of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America vote as any other first-time-eligible candidate in the past 15 years.  Will he, Gwynn or both eclipse the all-time highest percentage of 98.84 set in 1992 by pitcher Tom Seaver, who was named on 425 of 430 ballots?

College football coaches are learning from their 12 year old daughters now as apparently text messaging has become a problem in college football recruiting. 

“The legislation under consideration: How to regulate text messages.  NCAA rules limit the number of phone calls recruiters make to each prospect, but they don’t limit text messages. The Division I Management Council defeated a proposal that would have limited text messaging to between 8 a.m.-8 p.m. on weekends and from 4 p.m.-8 p.m. on weekdays.” 

Can’t you see Larry Coker or Joe Pa hitting a 16yr old kid with ttyl and rotflmao!

Some background on new Falcons coach, Bobby Petrino. 

“He wanted to be a coach from day one,” Petrino Sr. said via telephone from Helena, Mont., on Sunday, the night it was announced Petrino would be the new head coach of the Falcons. “He was dribbling a basketball at age 3, right hand and left hand.”  While climbing the coaching ranks, Petrino was credited for developing future NFL quarterback Jake Plummer at Arizona State.”

Just like hot-food coordinator, McDonald’s Family Restaurant is at the top of my resume.

As the interview blitz of head-coaching candidates winds to a close, Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera will meet Sunday with Steelers executives regarding the vacancy created by the resignation of Bill Cowher.  Rivera has interviewed over the previous week with the Cardinals, the Falcons and the Dolphins.

Two Steelers offensive assistants, coordinator Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm, line coach and assistant head coach, are at the top of the list of candidates. The Steelers will interview Grimm Monday and Whisenhunt Tuesday. They are the only candidates on the Steelers’ staff, said team president Art Rooney II.

Another hot name out there is Vikings defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin who will interview for the Miami Dolphins head coaching job Monday and then meet with Pittsburgh Steelers officials on Wednesday.

The Sportadox: Colts Unstoppable or Chiefs Horrible?

How can you possible gauge the Colts/Chiefs (23-8 final score) debacle?  Maybe with that choice of words you see where I’m going…so let the sportadoxing at the Court of Brown begin:Assertion, Chiefs were Horrible:

  • 7 first downs in the game, 1-11 on 3rd down conversions, just 44 yards rushing, only 126 net yards, sacked 4 times, turned it over 3 times. 
  • Picked off Peyton 3 times and got 0 points off them.  That includes an INT by Ty Law that was returned inside the 10 resulting in Lawrence Tynes doinking a 23yd FG
  • Trent Green 14/24 for 107 yards, Kennison dropped two passes, Hall dropped a pass, Tony had 2 drops, just from what I counted
  • Had 16 yds and as many first downs as me by halftime, Indy had 15 first downs!

Assertion, Colts were Unstoppable:

  • Defense held Larry Johnson (2nd most rushing yards in NFL) to 32 yards on 13 carries.  His longest run was for 6 yards - he is 6″ - he could’ve fallen down and gained a third that distance
  • Sex Sack master Dwight Freeney ate Trent Green for brunch…2 burlaps and a forced fumble
  • They have the clutchest kicker in the game, Vinatieri, who was 3 for 3 including a 48 and 50 yarder. 
  • Dallas Clark is back and healthy and caught 9 balls for 103 yards
  • Peyton completed 79% of his passes

Conclusion, Chiefs were Horrible:

They made Peyton Manning piss his pants in the playoffs again and still couldn’t do anything.  They had just 44yards on the ground against the piece of shit Colts defense.  Their kicker missed a fucking 23 yard field goal.  They dropped more balls than a roomful of pubescent teenagers.  Oh yeah, and their best quarterback of the year was on the bench.