Tim Cowlishaw takes shot at Kentucky as a school

Tim-Cowlishaw-Backtracking-For-Tweet-About-Darrelle-Revis-and-JetsOne of the most interesting stories of the week has to be the deal that fell through between Steve Masiello and the University of Southern Florida. USF announced that Masiello would be the school’s next basketball coach on Tuesday before pulling the offer because of some information that was uncovered during a background check. It turns out Masiello lied on his resume.

Various sources reported on Wednesday that Masiello never actually graduated from the University of Kentucky, where he played four seasons as a walk-on from 1996-2000. Tim Cowlishaw doesn’t think that should matter.

“What’s the difference between having a degree from Kentucky and almost having a degree from Kentucky?” Cowlishaw quipped on Wednesday’s edition of Around the Horn. “Are either of those things really relevant?”

Cowlishaw was obviously looking to ruffle feathers, and he accomplished his goal. Tony Reali and the rest of the panel instantly began discussing the possible ramifications of Cowlishaw’s comments, which included a healthy bashing from our friends at Kentucky Sports Radio.

You know Cowlishaw is enjoying every second of it.

Sports writer dropped by Chicago Sun-Times for giving postgame lecture to team

Rudy speech

The Chicago Sun-Times is no longer using the services of freelance sports writer Clyde Travis after he went into the locker room of a high school basketball team after the game he covered and proceeded to lecture the team with a speech.

Jim Romenesko has the scoop, and there apparently was video of Travis lighting into Curie High School’s basketball team following a narrow win over Hyde Park on Wednesday. The video was taken down, but according to Romenesko, here’s what Travis said:

I hope you all gave yourselves a good round of applause. You know why? Because you all stunk that shit up worse than anything I’ve seen. That was the worst exhibition of basketball that I’ve seen in about 30 years. And not that they weren’t trying, it’s that you guys did not come out focused. You are the number one team in the state, and they played like they were the number one team in the state. …

The word that I would use in terms of looking at how you all played was it was a very unintelligent game. ….”

Is this a journalist or the team’s head coach? Sheesh. I’m getting confused here about roles.

Curie (23-1) is ranked No. 4 in the state according to MaxPreps and won 58-56 over 16-9 Hyde Park. Imagine what Travis would have done had they lost!

If there’s any good news to come out of this development for Travis, it’s that he should have more time to pursue coaching and motivational speaking gigs.

Did First Take manipulate postgame video clip to make Cam Newton look bad?

Cam Newton postgameDid ESPN manipulate a clip of Cam Newton speaking in his postgame press conference on Sunday to make him look bad? It sure seems like it.

While watching “SportsNation” on ESPN Monday, I saw a video clip of Newton answering a question about Colin Kaepernick mocking him by doing the Superman celebration. The clip played on “First Take” earlier in the day, and it also aired on “SportsNation.”

In the clip, Newton is asked whether Kaepernick doing the Superman celebration bothered him.

“That’s not the first nor will it be the last time somebody does that,” Newton said.

Cam then said “umm” and “but” and was looking to see if anyone else had a question. It sounded like someone — most likely a PR director — said “thank you” to let Newton know he was excused and could leave. So Cam walked off the podium.

The way the clip was presented, it seemed like Cam walked out of the interview because he didn’t like the question about Kaepernick doing the celebration and that he was being a poor sport. But if you watch Cam’s entire postgame news conference on the Panthers website, you’ll see that that was the last question of a 10-minute long presser. Newton gave thoughtful, detailed comments to the reporters and was congratulatory of the Niners. He gave a fine postgame media session for someone whose season ended.

If that edited clip from ESPN lacking context was the only clip of Cam you saw, you probably walked away with the impression that Newton was bitter and has a bad attitude. In reality, he behaved in the completely opposite manner.

Sports writer tells Colin Kaepernick to turn his hat around, act like a professional

Colin Kaepernick backwards hat

I’ve never heard of Sal Maiorana, but it seems like he’s one of those old school journalists. How do we know that? The cranky fella complained after the San Francisco 49ers-Carolina Panthers game that Colin Kaepernick was wearing his hat backwards and not acting like a professional.

When a follower compared Kaepernick to Philip Rivers, Maiorana brought out other quarterbacks who he thinks embody class.

Because Aaron Rodgers has never worn a backwards hat while addressing the media:

Aaron Rodgers backwards hat

And jeeze, look at all these other classless NFL quarterbacks:

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Doc Rivers calls out ESPN for fabricating trade rumor story

Doc RiversDoc Rivers called out ESPN for fabricating a trade rumor about Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin.

On Friday, ESPN’s Chris Broussard wrote that the New York Knicks were thinking about approaching the Clippers about offering a ‘Melo for Blake trade. Here’s what he wrote:

Sources say Clippers management also has had internal discussions about such a deal but that the clubs have not yet spoken to one another about a potential trade.

As of now, neither team is certain it would make an Anthony-for-Griffin trade, the sources said.

I mean seriously, how dumb is that? First off, everybody knows the Clippers wouldn’t trade Blake for Carmelo. Blake’s younger, better and cheaper. Secondly, if the teams haven’t even talked with each other about the trade, what makes this news? Thirdly, Broussard even admitted that the Clippers don’t want to do the trade. Isn’t that enough to tell you there isn’t a story here?

This was absolutely a dumb story, so Rivers rightfully called out ESPN for publicizing it.

“Please, this is stupid,” Rivers said Saturday.

“If you’re the Knicks or whoever, would you want Blake Griffin? I would,” he said. “So I don’t see what the story is.”

Rivers also said that if you called any team in the league, they would express interest in Blake. He’s probably right about that, too, which makes the report even dumber.

But Rivers called out another thing ESPN does — create news so that they can discuss it on their network.

“My whole issue with any of that CRAP is that that network (ESPN) to me reports a story that they created,” Rivers said, via LA Times Clippers reporter Brad Turner. “Then they do reports on it for the next two days, on a story that they created. But it’s stupid.”

It absolutely is stupid. The Knicks thinking about asking the Clippers for a ‘Melo for Blake trade doesn’t qualify as a trade rumor. It’s nothing. It’s like me saying I’d hook up with Sydney Leroux if I had the chance. That’s not news.

Mike Francesa goes off on caller who asks if Jerry Sandusky should be Giants O-coordinator (Audio)

Mike-Francesa-angryWith a ferocious blizzard having ripped through the northeastern part of the country on Thursday and Friday, many people were forced to stay home from work when travel became extremely dangerous. At least one person couldn’t think of anything better to do on the snow day than screw with Mike Francesa, and we’re thankful for that.

Along with being arguably the most popular sports talk show host in the nation, Francesa is easily the most mocked and ridiculed. On Friday, a caller said he wanted to discuss some of the recent coaching hires across the NFL. He then suggested that Jerry Sandusky was a candidate to become the offesive coordinator of the New York Giants. Take it away, Mike.

“You waited on the line a half hour to make that contribution to the program?” an annoyed Francesa asked. “Seriously, I know it’s a snow day, but go shovel somebody’s walk. Go out there and add something to humanity (instead of) wasting your time for a half hour.

“That guy was on the line maybe 45 minutes to get on the air and his contribution is, ‘I think maybe Sandusky can be the offensive coordinator.’ Hysterical. You can make us all really laugh. We’re all really impressed by your wit.”

The thing Francesa may never understand is that his reaction is worth the 45-minute wait. If he simply hung up and went to the next caller, the prankster would probably be disappointed. Instead, he goes on and on and paves the way for the caller to end up on every sports blog in America. We can only hope Mike never figures that out.

Related: Caller tells Mike Francesa Jacoby Ellsbury deal might be best since Babe Ruth

H/T Jimmy Traina

Tom Rinaldi gives Mark Dantonio hug after Rose Bowl interview

Tom Rinaldi Mark Dantonio

Tom Rinaldi displayed some questionable journalistic ethics when he gave Mark Dantonio a hug after completing an interview with the Michigan State coach following the Rose Bowl on Wednesday.

Rinaldi conducted the on-field postgame interview with Dantonio on behalf of ESPN, and the interview actually lasted longer than most postgame interviews. After about five questions, Rinaldi ended the interview. He was then seen on camera going in to give Dantonio a hug. The interview is below, but the hug was not included in the video shared on ESPN’s website.

Journalistic ethics preach an unbiased approach. It’s kind of hard to achieve that when the interviewer is hugging his subject.

I’d say this sort of thing is surprising, but we’ve actually seen worse from Rinaldi in the past.

Photo: Twitter/WakeOfWeek