Phil Mushnick rips Adrian Peterson’s character in possibly worst column ever

Phil MushnickPhil Mushnick has a reputation for being a pot-stirring columnist, but he hit a new low on Sunday after ripping Adrian Peterson’s character and blaming the running back for allowing his 2-year-old son to be beaten to death.

In a column for the New York Post, Mushnick tried to draw a connection between Peterson and guys like Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong. Mushnick argued that we have allowed Peterson’s accomplishments on the field to color our perception of his character off the field, much like we did with Tiger and Lance. What evidence did he use? A reckless driving incident and incident at a nightclub where the charges against Peterson for resisting arrest were dropped.

But Peterson’s biggest offense, in Mushnick’s eyes, was playing in the Minnesota Vikings’ game on Sunday, two days after his 2-year-old son died after being beaten.

Here’s what Mushnick wrote:

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Steve Lyons: Not a fan of home runs

Steve LyonsOne of the few benefits of having MLB playoff games broadcast exclusively on TBS (or another Turner channel) is that fans don’t have to listen to Steve Lyons’ inane ramblings while watching Los Angeles Dodgers games.

The guy’s commentary routinely doesn’t make sense, and he frequently gets indisputable items — like MLB rules — incorrect while providing analysis.

Even though Lyons wasn’t broadcasting Game 2 of the NLDS between the Dodgers and Atlanta Braves, fans still couldn’t avoid his absurd commentary. For instance, Lyons tweeted after the Dodgers lost 4-3 to the Braves that the team’s big mistake was Hanley Ramirez hitting a 2-run home run in the 8th inning to make it a 1-run game. Seriously.

I’m not even sure what’s the worst part about those tweets. That Lyons thinks we have to think deeper to get on his level of stupidity? That a guy who is a former Major Leaguer doesn’t even realize that half the relievers in baseball pitch from a stretch even with the bases empty? That he would rather have fewer guaranteed runs than more?

Shows how closely he was watching the game, because he didn’t even realize that Braves reliever David Carpenter pitched out of the stretch to start the inning when nobody was on:

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John Sterling botches Alex Rodriguez home run call (Audio)

John-SterlingNew York Yankees broadcaster John Sterling scripts his home run calls. Anyone who has listened to games that are broadcast on WFAN could tell you that. For that reason, his screw-ups have a tendency to become magnified. Sterling gave us a perfect example of that on Tuesday night when he mistakenly thought that Alex Rodriguez had blasted a home run.

The problem was Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Rajai Davis turned the fly ball into a routine out near the wall.

“That ball is high, it is far, it is gone …,” Sterling proclaimed enthusiastically, via The Big Lead. “It hit and kicked over. (pause) I’m sorry, I’m sorry I got that all wrong. I got that all wrong. At the wall Davis made the catch, honestly I didn’t think he made it. I thought he gave up on the ball that’s why I thought it was out.”

Ouch. It was so bad that Sterling didn’t even know how to recover and basically just stopped talking in the middle of his explanation. Considering he has made some epic botched home run calls in the past, you would think Sterling would be used to it. Apparently not.

Skip Bayless thinks Seattle Seahawks are in the AFC

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless, master troll and ESPN carnival barker, showed everyone just how uneducated he is about the NFL.

A day after boasting about how good New England looked in the preseason, Bayless conceded that the Seattle Seahawks might pose the best threat to the Pats in the AFC.

Skip Bayless Seahawks

Sorry to break it to you, Skip, but the Seahawks switched from the AFC to the NFC back in 2002. Did you just happen to miss out on the past decade of football? I guess that’s what happens when you’re busy focusing on being the biggest antagonist possible instead of actually watching games and leagues.

Nice tweet, clown.

Andy Murray post-match interview at Wimbledon was awful (Video)

Andy Murray gutted through a five-set match to come back and beat Fernando Verdasco 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4, 7-5 to reach the semifinals of Wimbledon, and his reward was enduring a horrible interview with BBC Radio 5’s Garry Richardson after his victory.

Richardson asked some asinine questions and suggested that Murray’s coach, Ivan Lendl, would chew out his player for his performance. Keep in mind that Murray had just come back from down two sets to none to win the match.

“Is this match a warning to you in any way?” Richardson asked to start the interview.

Murray seemed somewhat incredulous at the notion that Verdasco should not have been a challenge.

“No, it’s not a warning, because I know how good these players are,” Murray said in response.

Richardson then brought up that former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was in the crowd for the match and asked if Lendl would give his player the “hair dryer treatment” in a manner similar to Ferguson.

“Will [Ivan] Lendl say some things to you Andy to help cheer you up, or do you know it all yourself?” Richardson asked in what was one of the most poorly framed questions we have ever heard.

“I don’t see why I should get told off after that,” Murray responded calmly, unaware that he had done something wrong. “I came through in an incredibly tough match.”

Richardson was out of questions at that point, so he settled for making a blunt statement.

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Bill Simmons’ Wimbledon joke backfires

Bill-SimmonsThe 2013 Wimbledon Championships have featured a number of unexpected upsets on the ladies’ singles side. The semifinal matches have been set, with 15th-seeded Marion Bartoli awaiting her Thursday meeting with 20th-seeded Kristen Flipkens and 23rd-seeded Sabine Lisicki pitted against No. 4 Agnieszka Radwanska.

The big names are lacking. Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki and Victoria Azarenka all lost in the fourth round or sooner, which will likely result in lower ratings for the semis and final. Bill Simmons attempted to mock the lack or star power remaining in the tournament on Tuesday, but he made an embarrassing mistake.

Let’s have a massive round of applause for NBC Sports for making sure there was no way Simmons’ idiotic tweet flew under the radar. Granted, Simmons has never been shy about criticizing ESPN in the past, so he probably would have tweeted it anyway. But he was definitely attempting to be witty and failed miserably.

Between this tweet and the drama-filled week he had sparring with Doc Rivers, Simmons should probably just give it a rest. He’s going to give himself and thousands more a headache.

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Atlanta radio hosts fired for mocking Steve Gleason

Steve GleasonThe hosts of an Atlanta sports radio show were fired on Monday for mocking former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason, who has ALS.

The station’s VP and GM initially suspended the hosts indefinitely, but he later fired them.

“We deeply regret the offensive programming that aired this morning on “Mayhem In The AM” on 790 The Zone, related to former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason and his battle with ALS. We suspended the three individuals involved immediately following their comments and have since terminated their employment. 790 The Zone, our owners, sponsors and partners in no way endorse or support this kind of content. We sincerely apologize to Mr. Gleason, his family and all those touched by ALS.”

Gleason, who played for the Saints from 2000-2006, is unable to speak or use his hands, so he uses a computer that allows him to type using his eyes and that provides a voice. Gleason typed a lengthy guest column for Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback, which prompted the hosts of “Mayhem in the AM” on 790 the Zone in Atlanta to do a mock interview where they pretended as if Gleason called into their show.

The hosts proceeded to replicate Gleason’s robotic voice. No surprise, they received immediate backlash for the offensive and insensitive bit.

One of the show’s hosts, Steak Shapiro, continued to tweet on Monday without appearing to address the incident. Another host, Nick Cellini, did apologize via Twitter.

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