Chris Broussard arrives hilariously late to the Deron Williams party

We now know Deron Williams will be staying with the Nets. We know this because Williams himself tweeted the news a little over an hour ago. Soon after, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reported the contract figures: 5 years, $100 million. And yet, all this didn’t stop ESPN’s resourceful Chris Broussard from chiming in with some breaking news of his own.

At 7:15 ET, 12 minutes after Williams first informed the world of his decision, Broussard tweeted out some huge news from a “source”:

And then just to be sure:

Somebody get this man a Pulitzer!

Credit Broussard for doing his due diligence, I guess. But there’s no way he can come out of this without looking like a dork. Even if he was working the phones while all of this went down, it’s on him for not being aware. For one, he follows Williams on Twitter. Obviously there’s more to reporting than trusting Twitter, but he was still beaten to the punch by a pretty reputable reporter and, as of writing, still hasn’t given credit to Wojnarowski (like David Aldridge gave to Broussard for another story here) or even Williams himself, for that matter.

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Tim Tebow ridicules media for getting gossip stories wrong

Tim Tebow was introduced on Thursday as the newest member of the Florida Gator Boosters board, and he used part of his speech to ridicule the media. Tebow specifically made light of all the rumors the New York newspapers have reported about him.

“They’ve been very accurate in their reporting,” Tebow jokingly told the audience, according to Gator Zone. “First, I was living in the city. Then I was in Hoboken — and I’ve never even been to Hoboken. I think I’ve dated three or four different girls I’ve never met. But it’s been interesting. And fun. … I just try to be myself and have fun and smile and laugh, but sometimes some of them are taken aback by it. It’s like, ‘Why aren’t you more serious?’ Because I like to laugh and have fun. I enjoy my life.”

This further confirms what we’ve always thought — some of the New York tabloids are in so much competition for a scoop, they’ll print almost anything a source tells them, regardless of whether they believe it’s true.

As far as the dating rumors, we’re guessing he’s talking about Lindsey Vonn, Glee’s Dianna Agron, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, or Kim Kardashian.

Meanwhile, Tedy Bruschi still thinks it’s Tim Tebow that’s the problem, not the media, or Tebow’s crazy fans.

NY Post cover blasts LeBron James; Cleveland’s Plain Dealer more subdued

Now that LeBron James has finally clinched that elusive championship, practically the entire media has weighed in with a deluge of analysis and opinion. That, of course, includes the routinely sensationalist headlines of the New York Post. Here is the snarky back page of Friday’s edition of the Post:

The Post, of course, is referencing LeBron’s supremely ill-advised “not 2, not 3…” speech from the Heat’s PR disaster/welcome celebration after LeBron and Chris Bosh joined the team in 2010. While a majority of the media has been slurping LeBron since Thursday night, it’s nice to get some funny, contrarian insight. So, kudos, NYP.

But while the New York Post’s cover exemplifies yellow journalism, the paper of the city LeBron turned his back on two years ago was a little more modest. Here’s Friday’s front page of Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer:

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Washington newspaper has bitter headline about Thunder advancing to Finals

I’m guessing the Tri-City Herald in Kennewick, Washington was representing the feelings of thousands of SuperSonics fans with this headline. Call it classless if you want, but how would you feel if you were a Sonics fan and your owner sold the team to a new owner who moved the franchise to Oklahoma City? Kevin Durant wore a Sonics jersey his first year in the NBA. This was supposed to be Seattle’s team. I feel their pain, I really do. But as we learned with that awful T-shirt, playing this game doesn’t make anything better for anyone. Not only that, but aren’t newspapers supposed to cover things more objectively? I guess we’re in a different age.

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Gregg Popovich’s history of abusing Craig Sager during interviews now in video form

TNT composed a video called “Best of Coach Pop,” and they released it on Monday when the Spurs lost at home to the Thunder in Game 5 of the Western Conference finals. If you watch the video, you’ll notice the first minute is spent showing Gregg Popovich essentially abusing TNT reporter Craig Sager during interviews. Sometimes the Spurs coach kept it simple and made fun of Sager’s outfits, but in another clip he wiped his nose with Sager’s hanky. That was pretty darn disrespectful.

Anyhow, the video’s release was perfectly timed, because Popovich had a notable interview with Sager prior to the fourth quarter of Game 5 on Monday. Pop was asked two questions by Sager and gave a pair of two-word answers. Their interview lasted 13 seconds, tops, and that includes the intro and outro from Sager. Video of that is below via Awful Announcing (sadly in choppy form):

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Bill Plaschke tells Jackie MacMullan she looks ‘really hot’ (Video)

LA Times columnist Bill Plaschke got all creepy on everyone when he told “Around the Horn” co-panelist Jackie MacMullan that she looked “really hot” during a filming break on the show Monday. But Plaschke didn’t stop there. Oh no. He even told Jackie that she was “smoking” hot.

“Jackie, can you hear me?” Plaschke asked during a break on the show. “I gotta say something … don’t hold it against me … but you look really hot today. You do,” he told her.

“You really look good today,” he continued. “Not that you don’t always look good, but you are smoking today!”

After host Tony Reali ribbed Plaschke for hitting on MacMullan, the columnist defended himself.

“Why can’t a man give a compliment to a woman?”

To the best of our knowledge, MacMullan is married with children, so if she has a husband, he probably is booking a flight out to LA to tell Plaschke to keep his glasses and goatee to himself. Good thing for him she took it well.

This has also confirmed that the best parts of the show occur during breaks.

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TV anchor Meghan Torjussen says Heat-Celtics game ended in a tie (Video)

Suffice it to say WMTW’s Meghan Torjussen isn’t a big sports fan. The Portland, Maine TV anchor said on the news Sunday that Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Celtics and Heat ended in a tie. A tie. Sure she may have told that the game was tied at 89, but I can’t imagine someone told her the game had ended.
This is much worse than the Miami anchor screwing up and calling the 76ers the 69ers.

I’m glad nobody was around to record and publicize all the mistakes I made during news updates, but I’m pretty certain I never made a blunder that bad. Yikes!

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