Bob Ley fires back at LeBron James over ‘don’t watch ESPN’ advice to Tony Romo

Bob LeyESPN anchor Bob Ley fired back at LeBron James after the Miami Heat star was quoted as advising Tony Romo to avoid watching channels like ESPN.

LeBron was in Dallas to play the Mavericks on Tuesday and was asked what kind of advice he would give to Romo, another star player who has struggled with media criticism. James, who is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, shared some tips that made plenty of sense, such as ignore the critics.

“Just don’t care what everybody thinks,” James said via the Dallas Morning News. “You work on your craft and at the end of the day, if you went out there and gave it all you had and you laid it on the line for you and your teammates, you can sleep comfortably at night.”

James also advised Romo to stay away from the television.

“Don’t watch ESPN,” James said, “all these so-called everyone knows what to do but they never put on a uniform, trying to tell you what to do. It’s not about that. I think Tony’s at a point now in his career where he’s one of the great quarterbacks we have in our game. It’s because of his work ethic.”

Ley, who is a longtime ESPN personality and the host of “Outside the Lines,” wasn’t a fan of that advice. He sent the following tweet in response:


I still agree with LeBron though; when you’re an athlete like him or Romo, you have to tune out the criticism — especially some of the nonsense spewed by idiots on ESPN — otherwise it will drive you insane.

And now here’s a video of Bob Ley rapping:

Shannon Sharpe has pro response for question about Tony Gonzalez replacing him

Shannon Sharpe CBSIt’s bad enough to lose your job, period. It stings even more when the person who is taking your spot on TV is the same guy who also took your spot in NFL history as the top receiving tight end in history (in terms of career stats). But Shannon Sharpe is handling things like a pro.

Sharpe answered many questions on Twitter Tuesday, the same day it was announced that he and Dan Marino would be leaving CBS’ “The NFL Today” in favor of Tony Gonzalez. One question was about how it felt to lose his job to Gonzalez, which has to be a sore spot. Sharpe had a good attitude about it and didn’t let on that he was bothered.

Sharpe also maintains positive feelings for CBS.

I’ll be honest — I’ve always felt CBS’ pregame show was sub-par and that Sharpe and Marino were two of the biggest reasons why, so I think this is a good move for them. But I really have to commend Sharpe for his positive attitude. It’s never easy losing your job, particularly to the same guy who surpasses you on the career receptions and receptions yards records for a tight end.

Tony Gonzalez joining CBS NFL broadcast; Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe out

Tony GonzalezIt would appear that Tony Gonzalez is committed to retiring from football this time around, as CBS announced on Tuesday that he will join the network’s NFL broadcast during the 2014 season. Gonzalez will contribute to Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” in addition to working with “The NFL Today.”

Gonzalez’s arrival signals a major shake-up for CBS, as Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe will be leaving the network. Gonzalez will work alongside James Brown, Bill Cowher and Boomer Esiason.

“While we welcome Tony, we want to acknowledge Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe who have contributed greatly to the success of THE NFL TODAY for more than a decade,” CBS Chariman Sean McManus said in a statement. “Dan and Shannon are true Hall of Famers on the field and in front of the camera. As they pursue other professional opportunities, we thank them for their hard work and dedication and wish them nothing but the best.”

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, CBS made the decision to drop Marino and Sharpe and they did not choose to leave.

We have every reason to expect that Gonzalez, who has always been regarded as one of the classiest players in the NFL, will transition seamlessly from player to analyst. He has offered some controversial takes on the NFL’s new head shot rules, which apparently did not scare the folks at CBS away.

You mean to tell me this exchange is one of the last things we will remember from the Marino-Sharpe era at CBS? That’s a shame.

Bob Costas’ eyes are better and he is back hosting on NBC

Bob Costas eyes

Bob Costas is back hosting NBC’s Olympics coverage in Sochi after nearly a week off to let his infected eyes heal.

Costas first began promoting the Olympics with a few appearances on NBC programs the day before the opening ceremonies. He was wearing glasses and it was clear that there was something wrong with his left eye. Costas’ assistant said that he had an infection and they were hoping it would heal, but it only got worse. By Monday, the pink eye had spread to Costas’ right eye, and he was pulled off Olympics coverage and replaced by Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira on Tuesday.

Six days later, Costas was back hosting from the NBC Fortress of Solitude and had this to say (per Deadline):

“Sincere thanks to Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira – two friends and true pros who stepped in for me on short notice. My thanks as well to all of you who expressed your concern, and my apologies to everyone for the unavoidable but uncomfortable circumstance of a broadcasters ill-timed affliction getting in the way, even for just a few moments, for what we all came here for — the Olympic Games.”

At least Costas is back. Nice to have you back on, Bob. Can’t wait for you to be glasses-free.

Below is the before and after pic for comparison:

Bob Costas eyes Olympics

At least now he doesn’t look like someone just squirted lemon juice in his eyes.

H/T Fourth-Place Medal
Photo via @SBNationGIF

Keith Costas explains what happened to dad Bob’s eye (Video)

Just when you thought all angles of Bob Costas’ eye infection had been explored, we get this video.

Keith Costas, who is Bob’s son and apparently an employee at MLB Network, created a funny video to explain what’s up with his father’s eye. Keith says that it wasn’t the bad water at Sochi or pink eye that caused his dad’s eye problem. Oh no. Instead, Keith says that Costas’ eye infection is due to an argument with FOX MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal over who is taller.

If you missed that original video, you can watch it below to catch up on the whole thing:

Look at Bob Costas, all 5-foot-6 of him, talking trash to 5-foot-4 Ken Rosenthall. Fantastic. Talking about how he can post him up. Sheesh, if he keeps this up, I might end up actually liking him.

Bob Costas pink eye

Holly Rowe climbs on scorer’s table to get Kansas State interview

Holly Rowe will let nothing stand in her way when it comes to getting a postgame interview. She’ll even climb on top of a scorer’s table if she has to.

Kansas State fans rushed the court after the Wildcats pulled the upset win on Kansas 85-82 in overtime on Monday night. With the scene so mad, Rowe had to jump onto the scorer’s table in order to get some postgame reaction from Thomas Gipson.

Rowe proved that she’ll step up when the moment calls for it — literally. As Brent Musburger said, that is great hustle by Holly Rowe!

Previously: Holly Rowe stiff-arms reporter while chasing interview

Holly Rowe interview

Bob Costas’ pink eye has spread to both eyes!

Bob Costas pink eye glasses

Bob Costas is really running into some terrible luck these days.

When Costas first started appearing on TV from Sochi to promote NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics, the redness and infection in his left eye was quite visible, and he was wearing glasses. He didn’t take long to address the obvious and even made fun of himself for it. But his assistant said at the time he was being treated for the eye infection and they hoped it would be gone in a few days.

Unfortunately, the exact opposite has happened — it’s only gotten worse!

Costas’ pink eye has now spread to his right eye in addition to his left eye. He’s still wearing glasses, but it doesn’t really cover how bad his eyes have gotten.

Here was Costas on Friday:

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