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Monday, November 30, 2015


Writer Jason Reid questions John Wall for getting tattoos

Washington Post sports writer Jason Reid wrote a column critical of John Wall on Monday for the Washington Wizards point guard’s decision to get several tattoos — and share photos of them on social media — when he previously billed himself as a player with a clean-cut image. Welcome to the Colin Kaepernick debate, part…Read More

Bill Simmons brings up ‘The Decision,’ TV feed cuts out (Video)

ESPN’s TV signal for the postgame show in Miami following the Heat’s 95-88 win over the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 cut off just as Bill Simmons was about to bring up “The Decision” on Thursday night. Analyst Magic Johnson was praising Pat Riley for assembling the Heat roster when Simmons jumped in and…Read More

Howie Schwab laid off by ESPN

ESPN is in the process of cutting hundreds of jobs, and Howie Schwab, former star of “Stump the Schwab,” is one of the employees who has been let go. Schwab posted the news on his Facebook page and wrote the following message: After 26 years at ESPN, I am extremely disappointed to say farewell. I…Read More

SNY anchor Kirk Gimenez deletes Twitter account after boobs tweet

You know that worst fear of sending a private message via Twitter and having it go out to the public as a tweet? Yeah, that happened to SNY anchor Kirk Gimenez, only his tweet contained a message about “winning boobs.” Whoops. Here’s the tweet: Who knows what the tweet was all about, though we do…Read More

Susannah Collins fired over sex slip-up, raunchy videos or something else?

Susannah Collins was fired by CSN Chicago after her humorous, embarrassing slip-up went viral. As seen in the video above, Collins was in the middle of an intermission report about the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday night when she talked about the “tremendous amount of sex” the team had during the regular season. Collins quickly realized…Read More

Digger Phelps being treated for bladder cancer

ESPN college basketball analyst Digger Phelps recently had surgery for bladder cancer, the network announced on Thursday. Phelps was recently diagnosed with the illness, and his surgery was deemed a success. A story posted on ESPN’s website says the former Notre Dame coach will begin follow-up treatment next week by his home in Indiana. Phelps,…Read More

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