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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Roger Lodge and Dave Smith Debuting New LA Sports Talk Show

Flipping through stations along the dial on my way home from work Tuesday night, I stopped on 97.1 FM to hear them talking — oddly enough — about sports. Didn’t take long before I realized why — Roger Lodge and Dave Smith were on there to promote a new show they’re debuting in LA on…Read More

Marissa Miller Is the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Cover Girl

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been waiting patiently to replace last year’s SI swimsuit edition in your collection. Lord knows we could all use some new bathroom material. And I do have to say, the 2007 edition was somewhat misleading, if not disappointing. Beyonce graced the covers which is ordinarily a blessing, but…Read More

Golic Jr. to Sign Letter of Intent on Mike and Mike

As odd as it sounds for a kid on the West Coast, I love Mike and Mike. I have no shame or qualms about it. Most of my friends have no clue about them since they come on at 3am PT, but that’s like prime-time for me (yes, I live a strange life). So anyway,…Read More

LBS Moves to Sporting News Radio

I’ve been sitting on this exciting piece of news for a few weeks and alas, it is time to share. After five and a half years of service with the fantastic FOX Sports Radio Network, I am moving over to Sporting News Radio. You can catch me midweek (usually Tue-Thur) doing sports flashes from 4pm…Read More

Kornheiser: NBC and FOX in Bed With the NFL?

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, you would say the guy was just kidding around. The way I see it though, there is some underlying truth to almost all things said, especially jokes made. That’s why I feel Tony Kornheiser was genuinely irked that ESPN has what he feels are inferior games on Monday…Read More

CBS SportsLine Is Dead

And on this day, the site formerly known as CBS SportsLine* shall now be known to the free speaking sports world as CBS Sports. From the press release: “With the singular tie to the CBS Sports brand, we now have the ability to connect with more fans than ever, bringing loyal users of the SportsLine…Read More

Dan Patrick to Compete With Cowherd, Tirico or Van Pelt as Replacements?

So Dan Patrick’s exit date from ESPN Radio is quickly approaching, and now a lot of questions will be answered. For one, what timeslot will Patrick’s new show occupy, and secondly, who will replace him at ESPN? Well, quite wisely, Patrick’s new company has elected not to have him compete with Jim Rome. Additionally, it…Read More

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