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Friday, March 27, 2015


Joe Morgan Shows Us How Not to Take the High Road

Look, it’s pretty difficult for anyone to go through getting fired from their job much less having to talk about it. I get that. But Joe Morgan’s response to being removed from ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball coverage is, well, exactly why we all wanted him gone. SbB Live shared with us Morgan’s response to losing…Read More

Dave Niehaus Dies at 75 and so Does Best Grand Slam Call of All Time

The Seattle Mariners confirmed that longtime broadcaster Dave Niehaus died on Wednesday, as I first found out via Jimmy Traina. Niehaus, the 2008 Ford C. Frick Award winner, was the voice of the Mariners since the franchise’s inception in 1977. Niehaus spent time as a broadcaster in Los Angeles prior to moving to Seattle, calling…Read More

Jenn Sterger’s The Daily Line Show Reportedly Getting Axed by Versus

Some interesting news came down the twitter pipes Friday morning that has me surprised. Sports Business Journal says cable network Versus will dump The Daily Line for anemic ratings. The Daily Line of course is the show featuring Jenn Sterger as one of its four talk show hosts. I didn’t know that for certain because…Read More

Ozzie Guillen Says FOX Told Him to Drop an F-Bomb to Boost Ratings

Ozzie Guillen is an LBS Hall of Famer for his legendary contributions to the site. To get caught up if you don’t know what we mean, go here, here, here, and here and you’ll be laughing non-stop. Anyway, there was great news announced a few days ago that Ozzie would be joining the FOX pregame…Read More

New York and Philly Viewers Screwed by Cablevision-FOX Dispute

Many sports fans lost out on Sunday when Cablevision subscribers were unable to see local games because of a dispute between the cable company and FOX News Corp. Fans in the New York-area who are Cablevision subscribers missed out on seeing the Giants-Lions game which was televised by the FOX network. Likewise, Cablevision subscribers in…Read More

T.O. Flips Out on Twitter Over Kirk Herbstreit Gameday Comments

Terrell Owens is the sensitive type, but that’s nothing new. He and his partner in crime often appear to be more concerned with public attention than winning games, though we know that’s not the case. One of Terrell Owens’ weaknesses is being too caught up with what people think of him. If T.O. were smart,…Read More

ESPNW Brand Coming with Mixed Reviews from Women

Some of the most influential women in sports are getting together this weekend for an espnW retreat to discuss a new brand being developed by ESPN. As USA Today explained, the network is planning to have espnW as “a new sub-brand that will soon begin as a blog and could end up being its own…Read More

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