Tim Kurkjian was laughably bad in the Sausage Race (Video)

ESPN spent all day Monday hyping up writer Tim Kurkjian’s impending participation in the Sausage Race in Milwaukee and, like all overhyped stories in sports, he flopped in perfect form.

But Kurkjian didn’t just finish last in the race, which is run every 7th inning during home games at Miller Park; he was obliterated.

Look at Lil’ Timmy. Guy was trailing more than an oversized RV in the fast lane:

Tim Kurkjian sausage

While Kurkjian’s speed may have been a problem he simply could not overcome, he has no explanation for facing the wrong way at the start of the race. How did he not know which way he was supposed to go? There’s no excuse for mental mistakes, Kurkjian!

ESPN Dallas reporter Richard Durrett dies of brain aneurysm

Richard DurrettESPN Dallas writer and blogger Richard Durrett died on Tuesday of a brain aneurysm. He was 38.

Durrett described himself on Twitter as a “writer and blogger covering Texas Rangers and other sports at ESPN Dallas.” He was also the host of Turf Talk with Cowboys CB Mo Claiborne on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM.

As recently as Tuesday morning, Durrett was tweeting about Texas Rangers transactions. Not much later, the young man died.

ESPN’s Tim MacMahon says Durrett leaves behind a wife and two young children. You can see him with his children in the lovely photo below:

The Rangers shared their positive thoughts about Durrett.

Durrett received an outpour of strong emotions and memories from many of his sports writing colleagues. We’ll share the tweets below.

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Mike Francesa shocked soccer players kick with both legs (Video)

Mike FrancesaMike Francesa obviously does not know the first thing about soccer. With the NBA and NHL seasons having ended and the MLB season not even halfway through, the World Cup has been dominating the sports discussion. If his Tuesday conversation with the St. John’s men’s soccer coach is any indication, Francesa is more qualified to talk about cricket than the beautiful game.

Francesa got sidetracked while chatting with Dave Masur when he learned that soccer players are able to kick with both legs.

“I saw a guy make a winning kick with a lefty kick. Are there guys who kick with both legs?” Francesa asked. “Oh they do, huh? Wow. You mean there’s not a strong leg? They kick with both legs, huh?”

Masur went on to kindly explain that some players have a leg that is slightly more dominant, but all collegiate and professional players use both legs effectively.

“Wow,” an amazed Francesa replied. “There’s not a power leg — they each use both legs huh? So even your righty has to be able to kick with his left leg then, huh? … So everybody kicks with both legs, OK.”

It almost seemed like Francesa was patronizing Masur and exaggerating about how little he knew. You don’t have to watch much soccer on TV to know that players kick with both legs. That’s like asking if swimmers use both arms. Nice work, Mike.

Video via The Big Lead

Dan Hicks, Johnny Miller give emotional sign off after US Open (Video)

Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller gave an emotional sign off to close out NBC’s coverage of the US Open Sunday.

NBC loses the US Open to FOX Sports 1/FOX next year after a 20-year run. Though they still have the Ryder Cup, The Presidents Cup, The Players, and more, they’re out of the major business, which means viewers won’t hear Miller providing his critical commentary on the US Open anymore.

Hicks gave Miller some special recognition.

“I’ve had the best seat in the house with the best analysis that has ever done this game,” Hicks said of his partner.

FOX VP of Communications Dan Bell was among those praising the NBC crew.

Dan Hicks Johnny Miller

Sage Steele shakes her head at a frustrated Bill Simmons (Video)

Sage SteeleBill Simmons is a man with a lot to say, but he didn’t get the chance to say everything he had on his mind during ESPN’s postgame coverage for Game 4 of the NBA Finals Thursday. When he finally got the chance to talk, he made it known that he was frustrated.

All host Sage Steele could do was shake her head, making it quite evident that this is an uncomfortable issue.

The foursome of Steele, Simmons, Jalen Rose and Doug Collins is a relatively new one for ESPN, but it’s one I like. For that matter, I liked it even more when Michelle Beadle was filling in for Sage, but it’s still a good group with Steele as host.

Hopefully ESPN doesn’t take this awkward moment as a cue to shuffle things; the last thing I want is more of Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon after games.

H/T CJ Zero

Jenny Dell joining NFL on CBS as sideline reporter


Former Boston Red Sox sideline reporter Jenny Dell announced on Tuesday that she will be joining the NFL on CBS crew this upcoming football season.

Dell was reassigned by NESN earlier this year, presumably because of her relationship with Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks. After essentially being stuck on desk duty, she recently announced that she has decided to leave NESN. As we anticipated when NESN demoted her, Dell has found herself a more high-profile gig.

With CBS, Dell will be given much more national exposure. The Red Sox sideline reporter job for NESN has proven to be an excellent launching point for careers, with Heidi Watney, Tina Cervasio and Hazel Mae all going on to land great TV jobs after leaving NESN. We fully expect Dell to be an instant fan favorite.


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Dan Patrick shares his secrets for a good interview (Video)

Dan PatrickThis is part 3 of a 4-part video series we’re posting here at LBS going back to my trip to Milford, Conn., to visit “The Dan Patrick Show” thanks to Ram Trucks.

In this latest video, I explore the topics of interviews with DP. Dan is known for his ability to not only secure great interviews, but to get more out of his guests than the ordinary interviewer. In the video, Dan shares some of his keys to interviewing success.

What are some of those keys? Ask good questions, short questions, and make the interview about the subject.

In the video, Dan also brings up the Matt Harvey Qualcomm interview from last September. Follow that link to watch it if you missed it.

If you missed the other videos, please see below.

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