War Machine’s brother wants maximum psychiatric help for ‘insane’ bro

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War Machine’s brother Michael has been speaking out in defense of his troubled bro since the allegations of the severe beating came out, and he hopes his brother will receive maximum psychiatric help.

Michael Eugene Koppenhaver says he has not seen his brother in a year due to War Machine’s insanity, but that has not stopped him from standing by Jon. He says the two are extremely different and that he does not agree with many of his brother’s life choices.

“mine not so much” was the rest of the thought.

Michael, who says the two used to be really close until he called out Jon for his negative and erratic behavior, is also being realistic about punishments for his brother. He said he wants maximum psychiatric help and little jail time for War Machine:

He also called his brother “insane.”

Michael Koppenhaver has shared numerous pertinent tweets regarding the case. You can see them below:

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Attorney: War Machine ‘is a good guy,’ did nothing illegal

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The statement and photos released by Christy Mack as well as the evidence in the police report paint War Machine as negatively as possible, but the MMA fighter’s attorney says that does not represent the full story in the alleged assault.

War Machine, real named Jonathan Koppenhaver, was ordered by Ventura County court Tuesday to be returned to Nevada, where he allegedly committed a brutal assault against his girlfriend and another man — Corey Thomas. Though Christy Mack says Koppenhaver beat her and left her with 18 broken bones and a lacerated liver, War Machine’s attorney says the media coverage has been one-sided and incomplete.

“The hardest thing for my client is seeing the responses from the media, the public. There’s been a lot of statements on one side,” attorney Brandon Sua said via KTLA. “The media has done a good job of painting my client as a monster, but my client is not a monster. He is a good guy.”

Sua also told KTLA that War Machine did “nothing wrong.”

Koppenhaver has not given his side of the story yet, though he did send some tweets about the incident. His tweets made it sound like he acted in self-defense. War Machine’s brother also gave an interview and said War Machine caught Christy Mack having sex with another man and that Mack grabbed a knife.

We did find one inconsistency in Mack’s statement: she identified Thomas as just a friend, while Thomas called her his girlfriend and said they’d been dating for 2-3 months.

Mike Tyson and Jon Jones boxing and Tyson sets him up for sick punch (Video)

Former world heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson and current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones saw each other over the weekend and decided to have a little impromptu boxing sparring session. We’ll give you one guess regarding the outcome.

Jones posted this great video to his Instagram account and you can see Tyson throw three jabs before sneaking in a right that would have terminated Bones. The setup was as good as something seen in “The Sting.”

Tyson throws a stiff jab to the body and then throws it a second time. But on the second jab to the body, Tyson telegraphs it so Jones is only focusing on the jab, and then he sneaks in his right for a big punch that would have rocked Jones.

Mike Tyson Jon Jones

Tyson obviously held back on the right, but Jones and everyone “oooh’d” and “awww’d” over the Tyson punch. Even Jones admitted “he set that one up!”

Tyson was one of the most well-schooled boxers in the sport. He was smart, savvy and technically proficient. Most people look at him as just a brute, but this video shows you how he was just as much about smarts as power.

And how good was that combo? When I sent the video to Steve DelVecchio, he admitted he couldn’t even see the knockout punch. That’s that abbra-caddabra, holmes. Tyson has you focusing on one thing and forgetting about the other.

Glove touch to Bloody Elbow

Corey Thomas and War Machine both identified as Christy Mack’s boyfriend

War Machine mug shot

Christy Mack was involved in a weird love triangle when War Machine showed up at her Las Vegas home a week and a half ago and allegedly administered a horrifying assault on her and another man that led to the MMA fighter’s arrest.

A new incident report that we saw over the weekend shares some of the unbelievable details from the incident. Some of the things that stood out that were not previously reported include the following:

– War Machine supposedly demanded Mack’s iPhone and went through her Twitter and Instagram. She says he would hit her with an open or closed fist every time he saw something he did not like.

– War Machine supposedly said to Mack “that’s my pussy and I’m gonna take it back now,” before licking his finger and putting it on her vagina (she says he tried to rape her but could not get hard).

– War Machine put Corey Thomas — the other man in the triangle — in a rear naked choke and almost choked him to the point of unconsciousness.

– War Machine threatened to kill Thomas if he reported anything.

Here are the exact words from the report:

Mackinday explained Koppenhaver choked Thomas by placing Thomas in a ‘rear naked choke’…The fighting continued for approximately 10 minutes and Koppenhaver eventually released Thomas from the choke hold. Thomas was bleeding “profusely” from his face and Koppenhaver had Thomas’s blood on his shirt. Koppenhaver told Thomas to leave and told Thomas that he would kill him if he reported this and Koppenhaver went to jail. Koppenhaver said he would give his friends all of Thomas’s information and his friends would find Thomas and kill him if anything happened to Koppenhaver.

Mackinday remembers Koppenhaver going through her Instagram and Twitter accounts and every time Koppenhaver found something he did not like, he would hit her in the face with both open and closed fists…While Mackinday was lying on the ground in the bathroom Koppenhaver told her ‘that’s my pussy and I’m gonna take it back now.’ Koppenhaver then licked his hand and put it on her vagina.

The police report contains numerous disgusting details that just tell us what we already knew — War Machine is extremely disturbed and needs to be jailed for a long, long time.

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But one other new piece of information we learned in the latest report is that Mack was in a relationship with both men.

Mack told police she was in an on-off relationship with War Machine (real name Johnathan Koppenhaver) for the last 15 months. She identified him as her boyfriend, even though she said in her Twitter statement released last week that Jon broke up with her in May.

According to the police report, Thomas called Mack his girlfriend and said they had been dating for 2-3 months. Mack even admitted to having sex with Thomas in the past. In her statement issued on Twitter, Mack only described Thomas as a friend. He says they were boyfriend-girlfriend.

[Also see: War Machine joked about killing Christy Mack if they broke up]

If Mack and Thomas’ account of the events is true — and we believe them much more than War Machine — then Koppenhaver will finally be put away for a long time. We have only heard a portion of War Machine’s side — mostly from a second-hand source — and still want to hear his full side of the story. What we do have here is one inconsistency in what Mack told the public and what was told to police.

Report: War Machine had Taser used on him during arrest

War Machine mug shot

When War Machine was arrested on Friday in Simi Valley after evading the police for several days, an official statement from the Simi Valley Police Department indicated that the former Bellator MMA fighter was taken into custody “without incident.” I don’t know about you, but to me the use of a Taser indicates there was some sort of incident.

KTLA News reports that authorities used a Taser to subdue War Machine, whose real name is Jon Koppenhaven, and may have thought he was wielding a gun.

“And they were like banging on the door, trying to get it open, and they’re like, ‘Open the door, open the door,” Nicolle Blankenship, a guest who was staying at the same hotel, explained. “Finally when they got it open they yelled, ‘Gun,’ and then all of a sudden you see them shoot him with a Taser. And he got shot with a Taser and he went down to the floor, and then they handcuffed him.”

[GRAPHIC: Christy Mack posts photos injury photos after alleged War Machine attack]

Another guest who was staying at the Extended Stay America in Simi Valley said she called police after she saw a “big dude” yelling at and getting physical with a small woman. War Machine reportedly grabbed the woman by the hair while she was attempting to calm him down.

Given what we already know about War Machine, we would be surprised if he simply put his hands on his head and went quietly. This is the same guy who allegedly beat Christy Mack and the man she was with. He also ran from the police for days while there were seven warrants out for his arrest. A Taser sounds pretty believable to me.

War Machine captured by US Marshals in Simi Valley

War Machine mug shot

War Machine was captured by US Marshals and Simi Valley police without incident Friday after they found him at an extended stay hotel, a week after his alleged assault against porn star Christy Mack.

The Marshals’ investigation indicated that War Machine, real name Jonathan Koppenhaver, was in Simi Valley, Calif., which is his hometown. Here’s an official statement:

Further investigation revealed he was staying at the Extended Stay America Hotel located at 2498 Stearns Street in Simi Valley. Simi Valley Officers along side United States Marshals pinpointed his exact room and arrested him without incident.

Inside the room was a small quantity of cash and some pizza. The United States Marshal’s Service turned Mr. Koppenhaver over to the Simi Valley Police Department for booking on his warrant from Nevada. He was transported to the Ventura County Jail.

War Machine is facing seven counts for his alleged assault on Mack, which took place last Friday morning. Mack posted horrifying photos of the aftermath of the beating she received.

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Mack said in a statement on Monday that War Machine broke up with her in May and showed up at her home unannounced last Friday. She says she was with a friend who was fully clothed and unarmed, and she says War Machine began beating the man. The other man has been identified as Corey Thomas. After letting the man go, Mack says War Machine began beating her. Mack says War Machine punched her, kicked her, and broke at least 18 bones in her body during the incident. She says she escaped when he went to the kitchen, presumably looking for a bigger knife. She fled and began knocking on neighbors’ doors until one finally let her in and called 911.

War Machine tweeted his side of the story and said he had an engagement ring he was going to present to Mack. He claimed he was acting in self-defense and fought for his life. He also said he went on the run because he did not think he would get a fair shake from law enforcement/courts. War Machine’s brother says War Machine caught Mack having sex with Thomas and that Mack pulled a knife.

Christy Mack – police hung up on emergency phone calls, took 15-20 minutes to respond

Las Vegas police hung up on two emergency phone calls and took 15-20 minutes to respond to the Christy Mack emergency situation, a neighbor says.

KSNV-TV in Las Vegas interviewed one of Mack’s neighbors, Dashanka Giraldo, who helped save Mack when the porn star knocked on her door after escaping from her house following the alleged assault by War Machine.

Giraldo described Mack’s horrific condition.

“You couldn’t even tell she was a woman. You just saw hair and a mingled mess,” Giraldo told KSNV.

What’s even more concerning is the lack of response from the police.

Giraldo says police hung up on her mother, who called immediately after letting Mack in the house. Giraldo also says police hung up on Mack when she called. Giraldo says it took the cops 15-20 minutes to get to the their neighborhood.

War Machine is at large and wanted on multiple assault charges. He is facing 7 counts, including domestic violence, strangulation and assault with a deadly weapon. The late response to the emergency calls helped War Machine escape. Even famed bounty hunter Dog The Bounty Hunter is currently pursuing the wanted man and former Bellator MMA fighter.

Christy Mack beating