Gina Carano ‘very open’ to MMA return

Gina CaranoGina Carano has not had a professional MMA fight since 2009, but the former Strikeforce and EliteXC fighter says she would be “very open” to a return to the sport.

Carano has been the subject of rumors over the past month that she could fight Ronda Rousey. Rousey addressed the rumors by saying that Carano is the only person she would move up in weight to fight.

In an interview with FOX Sports’ Damon Martin, Carano addressed her potential return to MMA by saying she’s “very open to it.”

“I don’t mind it at all. I’ve never retired. I’ve never officially said that,” Carano told Martin. “For some reason a part of me has always kept it open. I don’t know, there’s a certain part of me that thinks if circumstances were right, and I could keep doing what I’m trying to make my future into, that’s an ideal world. If circumstances were right, you never know. I’m very open to it.”

Carano emphasized that the circumstances would have to be right for her to return, but she said there’s been talks going on. This quote in particular seems to hint at a fight with Rousey.

“I feel like I can’t say too much. I’ve got all this information that if I could just speak freely, this is actually what’s going on,” Carano teased. “I wish I could open up my mind and tell you exactly the things that I’ve seen and the conversations that I’ve had, but I think to sum it up in a nice, safe way for me is if circumstances were right, and if it’s a good enough circumstance (I would come back) because my first love is MMA.”

What could be a better circumstance than a fight with Rousey? I really hope that Carano isn’t delusional enough to think she could step back into the octagon and take on Rousey, but if she wants to make a return, that would be a very cool matchup after she wins a tune-up fight.

Chris Weidman-Lyoto Machida fight postponed to July 5

Chris Weidman Lyoto Machida

Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida were scheduled to headline UFC 173 on May 24, but the fight has been postponed to July 5, the UFC announced Monday.

The UFC says Weidman suffered a knee injury that will require minor surgery. The surgery must be extremely minor, because the fight is only being delayed by six weeks.

The UFC will announce the new headliner fight for UFC 173 in the coming days.

What’s interesting is that this is the second change with the UFC 173 main event; Weidman was originally slated to fight Vitor Belfort, but he withdrew after the TRT changes to the sport.

Jon Jones is not at all worried about Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson may have impressed most spectators with his knockout win over Shogun Rua at “UFC Fight Night 3″ on Sunday, but Jon Jones isn’t exactly quaking in his boots.

Jones and Hendo have never fought, and that’s because Henderson pulled out of their scheduled UFC 151 fight with a knee injury. Hendo was the top contender at the time, but he went on to lose his next three fights, which took him out of the picture to fight Bones.

Last year, Jones even explained why he had no real interest in fighting Hendo; that shipped had obviously sailed.

After Hendo’s big win over Rua Sunday, someone on Twitter tweeted to Jones that he should be worried about Hendo. Jones was quite dismissive of the thought.

Jon Jones tweet

Jones later deleted the tweet. Maybe he didn’t want to cause a stir for talking crap about someone else. It was too late for that, as the tweet had already been captured.

Jones really shouldn’t worry; Hendo poses no real threat to him anymore.

Tweet via JacobReynosa

Dan Henderson knocks out Shogun Rua with monster punch (GIF)

The Dan Henderson H-Bomb struck again!

Hendo defeated Shogun Rua in the third round of their fight at “UFC Fight Night 3″ on Sunday with a massive right hand to the dome in a rematch of their fight at UFC 139.

Hendo was going for a takedown but was stifled by Rua, but Rua let his hands down after the two were separated, and that’s when Hendo threw and landed his huge punch. Hendo jumped on Rua and started beating him with several shots, and referee Herb Dean stepped in and stopped the fight.

Commentator Jon Anik seemingly teased the knockout by noting moments before it happened that Henderson holds a “stick of dynamite” in his right hand.

Dan Henderson Shogun Rua

He sure was right about that.

Ronda Rousey takes another shot at Arianny Celeste

Ronda RouseyIn between complaining about the media sensationalizing some of her recent comments, Ronda Rousey took a shot at UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste, ensuring that she would once again make some headlines for her actions.

The tension between Rousey and Celeste began in 2012 when Rousey joked that it would have been nice to rank higher than the Octagon girl in Maxim’s Hot 100. She also took a general shot at all ring girls in another interview that year by saying they don’t have talent.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio, Celeste responded and said she didn’t like the way Rousey carries herself.

While meeting with the media prior to UFC 171 on Saturday, Rousey brought up Celeste’s comments.

“Like that whole Arianny thing. Those comments from the Maxim thing, that was from like 12 months ago. Did it just take her a year to come up with a comeback? Like why is this coming up now?” Rousey said.

Rousey then was asked how she felt about Celeste’s comments, and she decided to mock the Octagon girl’s intelligence.

“They made grammatical sense, which is good for her,” Rousey said, then laughed.

Rousey clearly just cannot help herself. And she wonders why she remains in the headlines or is a central figure for some of this stuff?

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And for the record, the reason why Celeste responded a year later was because it came up during an interview. Rousey should know just as well as anyone that many times headlines are made when people are asked questions, not because they volunteer stuff.

H/T Busted Coverage

Carlos Condit suffers major knee injury at UFC 171 (GIF)

Carlos Condit kneeCarlos Condit lost to Tyron Woodley at UFC 171 by TKO on Saturday night after being unable to continue following a major knee injury.

Condit was kicked by the Woodley in the left knee, then spun back to remain standing, but his right knee gave out. The right knee is where he reportedly suffered a torn ACL.

Most people had Woodley winning the first round, so he definitely deserves credit for getting the win in their fight and forcing the stoppage in the second.

Here’s another look at the knee injury:

GIF via GIFD Sports

Dana White knows for a fact GSP will be back in UFC

Georges St-Pierre UFC 167Georges St-Pierre is currently on a break from fighting, but UFC boss Dana White says he knows for a fact that the welterweight champion will be back.

Speaking with the media Friday ahead of UFC 171 in Dallas, White talked about GSP returning after being asked if it is fun to have the Canadian fighter out.

“Is it fun for Georges St-Pierre to be gone?” White said. “I wouldn’€™t say it’s fun. But the welterweight division is exciting right now. When Georges does come back, whoever is standing there will be a fun fight.

“I know for a fact he will [come back].”

GSP has been less certain about his future. The 32-year-old left the UFC after barely beating Johny Hendricks by split decision in November. There were rumors that an unplanned pregnancy and family illness played a role in his departure from the sport. Then there were all the comments GSP made about the UFC’s lax stance against drug testing that made it sound like that was another reason he soured on the sport.

Most recently, though, St-Pierre said his OCD was the main reason why he left. GSP said he would obsess over his fights and opponents and admitted that practice was not healthy, so he wanted to give himself a break. That explanation made it seem much more likely that he would make a return when he’s ready.

GSP is one of the most popular fighters in the organization and one of the most highly-paid. He doesn’t exactly need the money, but when he grows tired of his break, he’ll probably want back in like White says.