Urijah Faber Shaves Head to Support Sister

UFC bantamweight Urijah Faber shaved his trademark long hair last week in support of his sister who was badly hurt in a car crash after Thanksgiving.

Faber’s sister, Michaella Tastad, was involved in a major car collision the day after Thankgsiving. Tastad had life-threatening head injuries and was put into a medically-induced coma. She had a collapsed lung, spleen damage, and part of her skull was removed to help drain fluid. Tastad was released from the hospital Friday and Urijah greeted her with a matching haircut. The 32-year-old contender says his hair hasn’t been this short in about 12 years.

The two are close and Michaella even works for her brother. She lives next door to him in Carmichael (Calif.) and helps cook for him and organize his schedule. Getting his sister back home was probably the best Christmas present Urijah could have had.

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Picture via Urijah Faber on Twitter

Rashad Evans to Phil Davis: ‘I’m Gonna Put My Hands on You Worse Than That Dude on Those Kids at Penn State’

Although Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos was as exciting a fight as a one-minute fight can be, there are many critics who thought the UFC’s premiere event on Fox left a lot to be desired.  The same cannot be said of the next UFC on Fox card, which will take place on Jan. 28 and features a number of big names and title fights.  Rashad Evans and Phil Davis will headline the event, with the winner having been promised a light heavyweight title shot against the winner of UFC 140’s fight between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida.

Exciting stuff, but you can forget all that for right now.  The big news on Wednesday from the UFC on Fox press conferences was Evans’ ignorance.

“I’m going to put my hands on you worse than that dude on those kids at Penn State,” Evans said amidst a an exchange with Davis.

Stay classy, Rashad.  For the record, his comments come on a day in which more charges were filed against Sandusky and new victims accused him of forcing anal and oral sex on them.  Simply put, it’s not a joking matter at all.  And it’s certainly not a metaphor you want to use when discussing an upcoming fight.

H/T to Bloody Elbow for passing the story along.

Chael Sonnen Mocks Arianny Celeste’s IQ

UFC fighter Chael Sonnen easily has one of the wackiest personalities in MMA. He doesn’t hold back when challenging opposing fighters, and he gets completely goofy in interviews like this one with TSN Canada. It’s that type of behavior that helped him become the host of the World MMA Awards that will air Wednesday.

In an interview with Las Vegas Weekly published Friday, Sonnen answered several questions regarding the awards show. This is the one that caused the fireworks:

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Video: Marius Zaromskis Does Front Flip Kick to Knock Down Bruno Carvalho

Lithuanian welterweight Marius Zaromskis has won 16 of his 23 professional fights, 12 coming by knock out. He’s fought in Cage Rage, Dream, and Strikeforce. On Saturday, he faced Bruno Carvalho in Rumble of the Kings in Sweden.

Zaromskis is no stranger to damaging his opponents during fights in unconventional ways. He’ll even employ a front flip kick (aka koppo kick) to get a knock down if he has to. Check out this awesomeness:

It might not have been as potent as Lyoto Machida’s knockout kick of Randy Couture, but it certainly was more fancy. This is easily one of our favorite knockout kicks.

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Ronda Rousey Wants to Face Miesha Tate Because It’s a Marketable ‘Hot Chick’ Fight

There are three certainties in life: life, death, and Ronda Rousey by armbar in the first round.

The 24-year-old judo specialist has gone 7-0 in her career (4-0 in pro fights, 3-0 in amateurs) and she’s finished each of her fights in the first minute with an armbar. In her most recent fight Friday on Strikeforce Challengers, she even dislocated opponent Julia Budd’s elbow.

Rousey is one of the top fighters at 145 pounds, but she’d rather drop down to 135 to face one of that class’ better fighters before taking on 145-pound champ Cyborg Santos. Specifically, Rousey says she’d like to face bantamweight champ Miesha Tate, not just because she matches up well with her, but because it would be marketable.

“I’m not dumb, you’re not dumb,” Rousey told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. “Really, if we push the ‘hot chicks’ to fight each other for a title, it’s going to get a lot of attention. That’s why I’d rather fight Miesha for a title instead of Sarah Kaufman. Because she’s good looking and she’s marketable. More marketable than the vast majority of the girls in women’s MMA. I think that’d be a huge fight and it would lead to an eventual fight between me and Cris Cyborg being an even bigger deal. I’m just trying to figure out the right way to do things so us girl fighters have some job security a few years from now.”

Rousey may come across as conceited, but she knows what she’s doing. Being good looking helps capture attention as a female athlete. Just look at this woman for example.

Rousey has talked in the past about becoming the face of female MMA, and she has the game to back it up. If Rousey can beat Tate, she’ll be on her way to accomplishing that goal. And then we’ll have to wonder what’s going on with Gina Carano, the previous face of female MMA.

Dan Henderson and Shogun Rua Put on All-Time Great Fight at UFC 139

The main event between Dan Henderson and Shogun Rua at UFC 139 in San Jose Saturday was one of the best MMA fights you will ever see. It doesn’t matter if the UFC on FOX was your intro to the sport, or if you have been a fan for years, this was a fight for the ages. If you missed the five round war that Henderson narrowly won, make sure you get to see it however you can.

I will warn you: if you’re uncomfortable with violence or are not a fan of good, competitive sport, it might not be for you.

This was two legends, two geniuses of combat, fighting with incredible heart and toughness, engaging in a back-and-forth, edge-of-your-seat performance that pushed each fighter beyond anything you can imagine. It was competitive all the way — I had Henderson winning three rounds to two, with one 10-8 round apiece.

Stylistically, the dangerous future Hall of Famer, Henderson, delivered significant punishment standing against the younger, more athletic Shogun. Hendo nearly finished the fight with his “H-Bomb” right hand in the third, before getting dominated in the fifth with brutal ground-and-pound from the mount. It’s hard to believe this fight could deliver such strong results when many pointed out beforehand it could have been a main event in PRIDE Fighting Championships five or six years ago.

Watching the fight live, I thought referee Josh Rosenthal could have stopped the fight in the third — we’re all glad he didn’t, in retrospect — but re-watching it, Shogun did defend himself intelligently despite the damage he took and letting the fight continue was the right call.

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Chael Sonnen is a Complete D-Bag in TSN Canada Interview (Video)

Depending on what you look for in an interview with an MMA fighter, this could either be the worst interview you’ve ever seen or the best 10 minutes of television you’ll watch this year. Chael Sonnen, who last month called out Anderson Silva and demanded a rematch after defeating Brian Stann, recently appeared on TSN in Canada. Sonnen was not compensated for his interview with Off the Record host Michael Landsberg — as you’ll see — but that doesn’t make the interview any less entertaining.  Simply put, Sonnen just refuses to cooperate with anything Landsberg said or asked.  The video is long but trust me, it’s very difficult to turn off when you’re wondering what Sonnen could possibly say next.  Check out this Chael Sonnen TSN interview that Awful Announcing and Fight Opinion passed along:

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