B.J. Penn Loses, Says He’s Probably Retiring to Avoid Being Beat Up

B.J. Penn lost to Nick Diaz at UFC 137 in Las Vegas Saturday night and said afterwards he was probably done fighting.

“This is probably the last time you’re ever going to see me in [the octagon],” a beat up Penn said. “I want to perform at the top level.

“I got a daughter, I’ve got another daughter on the way … I don’t want to go home looking like this.”

Penn was bloodied and bruised more than ever. His left eye and surrounding area was discolored and swollen, and he was bleeding around his nose and the rest of his face.

But we’ve learned not to take fighters for their word after they lose. They’re generally beat up, feeling like crap, and discouraged. They’re also disappointed to see their hard work go for nothing. Once they begin to recover, the inspiration comes back and they often want to return to fighting.

Penn is only 32 years old so it would be a big surprise if he retired. However, he’s now 1-3-1 since 2010, and maybe he’s not performing at the top level the way he used to. Before he makes a decision, he should note that this was a difficult matchup; he was facing a taller man who had a six-inch reach advantage. That was one of the big differences in the fight.

Roy Nelson Is ‘Getting Too Old for This S***’ so He Wants a Title Shot

Big Country Roy Nelson beat Mirko Cro Cop by TKO in the third round of their fight at UFC 137 Saturday night and said he wanted a title shot.

Speaking with Joe Rogan after the win, Roy expressed his unhappiness with being called “fat” by Rogan. Then he said he was going to pull a Chael Sonnen by hijacking the mic and demanding a fight.

“Who’s fighting in two weeks? Velasquez and Dos Santos? That’s who I want,” Nelson said. “I’m getting too old for this s***. I need to kind of hurry this s*** up. That’s who I want.

“Bring it on guys,” were his final words.

It was a nice attempt at pulling a Sonnen, but a title shot isn’t coming. The Brock Lesnar-Alistair Overeem winner is likely to face the Cain Velasquez-Dos Santos winner, so don’t expect something big to happen for Nelson too soon. But we will give him credit: he and Cro Cop put on an excellent show.

Their fight was a true slug fest that was dominated by either fighter at various points. In the second round, Cro Cop nailed Nelson with several blows to the head. Later that round, Big Country scored a takedown and laid on top of Mirko for the final minute, nearly scoring a stoppage. He finally got the TKO in the third. Cro Cop will probably retire now after his legendary career.

Dana White Says He Would Want a Gay MMA Fighter to Come Out

Responding to critics who have accused the UFC of being an anti-gay organization, Dana White said on Thursday that if there were a gay fighter in the UFC he would prefer that he come forward and share that with everyone. The Culinary Union and other groups have sent letters to Fox and started petitions urging Fox to back out of their recently-signed agreement with the UFC. The union, along with another group that started a UFC website called “Unfit for Children,” are urging sponsors not to back the UFC. Those organizations believe White and the UFC have a “history of tolerating homophobic conduct,” which White insists is not the case.

“I’ll tell you right now, if there was a gay fighter in UFC, I wish he would come out,” White said. “I could care less if there’s a gay fighter in the UFC. There probably is and there’s probably more than one.”

Several instances led the organizations to believe the UFC supports anti-gay behavior. White had a rant years ago where he freely cussed out a writer. The UFC’s color commentator has called a female writer a cunt. You also had one of the organization’s fighters who said he did not want to face a gay man in the octagon. White tried to defend himself against the claims.

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Quadruple Amputee Kyle Maynard Will Attempt to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Most of us would never imagine attempting to climb the fourth tallest mountain in the world. The task would take an insane amount of preparation and  courage. It would be a physically and mentally exhausting experience — even if you had both your arms and legs.

According to CBS Atlanta, Kyle Maynard — a quadruple amputee who was born with a rare condition called congenital amputation — has decided he will attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in January to help raise awareness for disabled children in Africa. Consistent with everything else he has done throughout his life, the 25-year-old will not use prosthetics to assist him in any way.  He will use only rubber bicycle tires to protect his limbs.  No one has ever climbed Kilimanjaro without the use of prosthetics.

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Brock Lesnar Thinks He’ll Wrestle Again in WWE

Before joining the UFC and becoming heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar was a superstar wrestler for the WWE. He recently signed an agreement to be included in their WWE 12 video game and says the association is an honor. Lesnar is so fond of the WWE that he envisions wrestling for the company again.

“I think I will [have one last WWE match],” Lesnar told Jon Robinson in an interview. “I think under the right circumstances I will. I think if Vince McMahon and I were able to sit down at the same dinner table and break some bread that we could come up with some kind of game plan. At the end of the day, I’m an ultimate fighter. That’s who I am and that’s who I’ll always be. I was an entertainer but at the end of the day, I’m still as real as it gets. I think a lot of things have to fall in the right places for something like that to happen.”

Wrestling fans are likely thrilled to read this. Brock has a major fight with Alistair Overeem in December and will likely face the Junior dos Santos-Cain Velasquez winner if he beats The Reem. Lesnar is 34 and has health problems, so it might not be too long before he returns to wrestling.

Fist pound to Bloody Elbow

Chael Sonnen Challenges Anderson Silva, Says He’ll Leave UFC if He Loses

Fighting in the UFC for the first time since losing to Anderson Silva at UFC 117 last August, a fight where he contested Silva but later tested positive for performance-enhancers, Chael Sonnen worked Brian Stann before submitting him with an arm triangle choke in the second round. Sonnen’s work in the octagon was impressive, but it was his post-fight interview that provided the most entertainment.

Asked by Joe Rogan how happy he was with his performance, Sonnen turned his attention to Anderson Silva, who was in the audience.

“Anderson Silva, you absolutely suck!” Sonnen declared. “Super Bowl weekend, the biggest rematch in the history of the business.

“I’m calling you out Silva,” he said “but we’re upping the stakes.

“I beat you, you leave the division. You beat me, I will leave the UFC forever.”

Nobody actually believes that Sonnen will leave the UFC if he loses. The man will say just about anything in the name of publicity. But that doesn’t make his post-fight speech any less entertaining.

There are very few fighters who pose a challenge to Anderson Silva, and Chael Sonnen is one of them. It’s a fight fans want to see again, and the urgency for a rematch has been expedited after Sonnen’s call out.

He may be brash, quirky, and a cheat, but he has a style that makes Silva uncomfortable. I’m ready for a rematch, as I’m sure you are.

Rashad Evans: Jon Jones May Fake Another Injury to Avoid Fight

Rashad Evans and Jon Jones are set to fight for Jones’ UFC light heavyweight championship at some point in the future. The two were supposed to meet at UFC 133, but Jones pulled out because of a hand injury. Jones healed and beat Rampage Jackson at UFC 135 in late September. Once he gets clearance from his 180-day medical suspension, he’s expected to fight Evans. Only Evans thinks Jones may come up with another injury excuse.

“I just want to fight this dude bad. Jon knows what I can do to him. Do you think that Jon pulled out of the first fight because he was confident? No! He was afraid, and watch him try to pull out of this fight too,” Evans told Pro MMA Radio. “Watch him be like ‘Oh my foot is hurt’ or something like that to try and get out of this fight too, to try and make me fight somebody else. When it comes down to it, the kid, he doesn’t really want it.”

The feud between the two fighters has been well documented, so this is the latest twist in the friction between them. Evans was actually very respectful and complimentary of Jones’ ability throughout the show, but he’s confident he’ll win. He also said he’d wait for the fight if Jones comes up with another injury, noting that he knows how to break his former training partner’s will.

Evans should be careful about calling people out for faking injuries considering he’s had to pull out of fights, but his overall point is noted: he feels he has Bones’ number.

Fist pound to Bloody Elbow