Aleksander Emelianenko Reportedly Ripped Fedor’s Coaches After Henderson Loss

Fedor Emelianenko changed his training regimen for his fight with Dan Henderson. He chose to work with his brother Aleksander who’s also a talented fighter. Although he trained with his brother, the result was the same — a third straight loss. Just like last time, the Emelianenko crew is doling out blame following the defeat.

According to a translation by Fighters Only Magazine via Bloody Elbow, Aleksander ripped Fedor’s coaches:

“They sat like two amoebas, and did not know what to say. They were asked direct questions and would say, “It is difficult to say… we will see in the fight,” – what kind of a coach says that? Only one who doesn’t understand the sport. I just call them ‘Stopwatch’ and ‘Towel’. That’s as much use as they are, that’s it,” Aleks snarled.

“[MMA] is constantly improving, but ‘Stopwatch’ and ‘Towel’ have not changed anything in the program – just frozen in time and not been able to develop the base that Fedor already has. Fedor could train himself, he must take on it personally, to rethink many of the training points to learn and develop. Suffer and work!

“We’ll talk with Fedor – whether he wants to change something in his preparation. If he wants to, I will make the effort.”

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Tim Kennedy Jokes He Doesn’t Like Judges Because they Never Give Him Decisions

Tim Kennedy beat Robbie Lawler by unanimous decision at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson in Illinois Saturday night. It was just the fourth time in Kennedy’s 17-fight career he went to a decision, and the second time he came out victorious on the judges’ cards. He thinks the judges don’t give him favorable decisions because he bleeds easily. He joked about it after the fight, and let me tell you, this guy has a great personality. Check out the video of Tim Kennedy after the fight:

That was a toned-down version of Kennedy who was even more colorful immediately after his fight. In his interview in the octagon, he reiterated that he bleeds easily. He also joked about his dislike of the judges.

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Alistair Overeem Out of Strikeforce, Has Fractured Rib

Alistair Overeem’s fighting career with Strikeforce has taken an odd turn recently. After beating Fabricio Werdum June 18th in the Heavyweight Grand Prix, the promotion wanted him to fight in the semifinals of the tournament in September. Overeem said they initially discussed an October or November date for the second fight and that he couldn’t fight in September because he needed more time to recover from injuries.

Rather than try to rearrange things, Strikeforce got an alternate to replace him. They announced on Friday night that they were cutting him. Instead of remaining silent and letting Strikeforce make him look bad, Overeem went out of his way to prove he really is hurt. He posted a video on his site shortly thereafter that shows him going to the hospital to have tests done on his chest. They revealed a fractured rib which his doctor says needs time to heal.

Now here’s where things get weird. Overeem pulled out of his Strikeforce fight because he said he needed more time. If that’s the case, why did he commit to fight in a United Glory event in the Netherlands in October? If he needs a month to heal plus two months for a proper training camp, will that leave him enough time to be ready? Not by his timeline.

Many people have speculated that Overeem is pulling a power play on Strikeforce so that he can go sign with the UFC. That doesn’t make much sense to me. He only had one fight left on his contract with Strikeforce and then he would have been able to go to the UFC hassle-free if that was his intention. Instead, this seems to be another case of Overeem just doing what he wants to do. He won’t be bossed around; he’s his own man and he makes his decisions. If he doesn’t want to fight before he’s ready, he won’t. And if he wants to fight for his trainer’s promotion in the Netherlands, he’s going to. He’s Alistair Overem and he doesn’t have to listen to anyone.

Dan Henderson Expects a Dangerous Fedor

The fight for which we’ve been waiting the past several months is finally taking place. Dan Henderson and Fedor Emelianenko will square off Saturday at Sears Centre Arena outside Chicago in an M-1/Strikeforce card on Showtime. Fedor has lost two straight fights after winning 27 in a row. Hendo has won back-to-back fights as a light heavyweight and is stepping up in weight to face Fedor. He knows he’ll have his hands full.

“I am expecting a very dangerous Fedor in this fight,” Henderson wrote in a post on Yahoo! Sports. “I don’t buy that he is past his prime. I think people are reading too much into his losses against Fabricio Werdum and Antonio Silva.

“I watched both of those fights, and I believe I’d be wrong to think Fedor will not being at his best this Saturday. I think anybody who has his back to the wall coming off two losses is definitely more dangerous.”

Hendo says he feels like Fedor got cocky with his submission against Werdum. He thinks The Emperor was somewhat out of shape against Big Foot Silva, and acknowledges the weight difference was a factor.

Hendo also revealed some of his plans for the fight. He says he’ll use the clinch to control things and his wrestling to set up his monster right hand.

Like Henderson, I don’t believe Fedor is done. Emelianenko got caught by Werdum and was mismatched against Silva. Against someone his size like Hendo, I’m expecting a win. If he can’t get the victory, then it may be time to give it up.

Kimbo Slice’s Son Kevin Ferguson II Is a High School Football Prospect

Whether or not Kevin Ferguson II can play football matters little to me. All I know is that as soon as I saw how the kid looks — which is to say exactly like his father — I was hooked.

The Orlando Sentinel profiled Ferguson II who is the 16-year-old son of Kimbo Slice, the street fighter turned MMA fighter turned boxer. Ferguson II is going to be a junior running back for Booker T. Washington High School this season. He was a short-yardage running back for Miramar High last year, rushing for 275 yards and six touchdowns on 55 carries.

The football (and facial hair) apparently runs in the family. Kimbo Slice played college football at Miami for a season and a half and even had a tryout with the Dolphins. As for Kevin II, he’s 6’1″ and 195 pounds and waiting for scholarship offers. He also has a 3.2 GPA which should make it easy to qualify for any school academically.

If any school wants to boost ticket sales, recruiting Ferguson II seems like a no-brainer given the popularity of his father.

Check out this video to see and hear Kevin II on camera:

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Randy Couture Challenges Steven Seagal to Fight

You might recall in May when Lyoto Machida knocked Randy Couture out with a straight up Karate Kid-style kick. That was the second time recently that a fighter used a front leg kick to the face to score a knockout, and actor Steven Seagal took credit for both of them. Since he was the victim of one of the kicks, Randy Couture joked that he wants to fight Seagal. Check out this video about a minute in:

I so would pay to see Couture vs. Seagal in the octagon, that would be badass. It certainly would have more intrigue than Belfort vs. Akiyama at UFC 133. What do you think, could Seagal take him? Can he walk the walk? I doubt it.

Fist pound to Bloody Elbow for the video

Daughter of Star Wars Creator George Lucas Has MMA Fight in August

The daughter of Star Wars creator George Lucas has an MMA fight scheduled for August. Amanda Lucas is 1-1 in her fighting career and set to take on Hikaru Shinohara at DEEP 55 in Japan August 26th.

Lucas lost her MMA debut in 2008 but won a year later. She took two years off after getting married and tried to return earlier this year, but withdrew from her fight after her opponent couldn’t make weight.

You might think that someone who has only fought twice in her career might not be too serious about fighting, but that’s not the case. In an April interview with MMA Fighting, Lucas said of her MMA aspirations, “This is a professional sport, one I take seriously, and in which I dedicate my life to.”

You may recognize Lucas from her cameos in almost all of the Star Wars movies. The fight in Japan will be her third career professional bout.

Pic Credit: FighterGirls.com
Story Credit: Bloody Elbow