Bellator MMA Fighter Bryan Baker Proposes in Ring After Fight (Video)

Over the years, we have seen some crazy things happen in the mixed martial arts ring. There have been insane knockout kicks like this one from Anderson Silva and, more recently, this one from Lyoto Machida.  Fighters have even had their ears torn off right in the ring.  If you think I’m exaggerating, have a look at this picture of Kazushi Sakuraba’s dangling ear or these shots of Shigeyuki Uchiyama’s ear laying in the middle of the ring.  Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about Silva’s quirky decision to wear a mask to try and intimidate Vitor Belfort before their fight in February.

As of Saturday night, we may have seen it all.  There was once a point in time where we wondered who had the better proposal between college superstars Ian Johnson and Colt McCoy.  Now, there is a new standard in proposing during or after athletic competition.  Check out the video of Bryan Baker proposing in the ring, courtesy of The Big Lead:

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Mark Hominick Picture After Losing Jose Aldo Fight

Mark Hominick had one of the worst hematomas this side of Hasim Rahman following his fight with Jose Aldo Saturday night. Hominick literally had a second head growing like that Mike’s Hard Lemonade commercial. Well a few days after their fight, fans were demanding a picture of Hominick’s battle wounds and he finally obliged. Here’s the picture he posted on his twitter via 5th Round:

The guy still looks like he went about 25 minutes with Jose Aldo, but at least the forehead looks clean. Honestly though, I thought Hominick fought a great fight against Aldo and that he deserves a rematch. Many people are saying Aldo should fight Kenny Florian, and Dana White is saying Chad Mendes is likely next, but why not a rematch?

Hominick started pounding on Aldo in the fifth round and clearly was outlasting him conditioning-wise. I have no reason to believe Hominick wouldn’t give Aldo his best challenge if they were to fight again. Am I crazy in thinking that? Why shouldn’t they have a rematch?

Now the other question I have is who looks worse, Hominick, or GSP?

Picture: GSP’s Eye After Jake Shields Poke

Georges St. Pierre beat Jake Shields in their UFC 129 fight Saturday by unanimous decision. Many critics (and GSP himself) were disappointed he didn’t finish Shields with a knockout or submission, but part of the problem was GSP got poked/punched in the eye and couldn’t see out of it for most of the fight. Doctors initially feared a detached retina when they examined him because they could not see into the eye. At that point you were probably wondering what the freaking eye looked like, and luckily UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste came through with a picture:

That looks pretty darn bad and it’s no surprise GSP was handed a 60-day medical suspension. I know a lot of folks were disappointed by GSP’s performance, but keep in mind he wasn’t hurt throughout the fight and pretty much dominated things despite not having full vision. As for the folks pushing a Nick Diaz fight, get off of it. There’s only one fight fans should want to see, and it’s GSP vs. Anderson Silva. I know GSP’s team has major concerns about the weight difference, but that’s the one that needs to happen.

Thanks to 5th Round for sharing the link, and how does GSP’s eye compare to Mark Hominick’s injuries?

Jon Jones Has Interest in Fighting Fedor

Jon Bones Jones is the reigning UFC light heavyweight champion and he was set to defend his title at UFC 133 against Rashad Evans until he was sidelined by a hand injury. Jones shouldn’t miss much time, and he could end up fighting the winner between Evans and Phil Davis when he returns. If he doesn’t fight either of those men, it sounds like he’d also be interested in fighting legend Fedor Emelianenko.

Speaking prior to the UFC 129 card in Toronto, Bones said:

“Oooh, Fedor– that would be the fight that interests me the most,” Jones said. “I admire Fedor a lot, and that would be a great gauge to see where I’m at in my career. As far as fighting Dan Henderson, I would love that fight, as well. I’m not trying to call them out but I would be honored to fight either one of them.”

Fedor and Henderson are set to fight this summer so Jones has to wait in line. Even so, it is highly unlikely that Jones faces either one of these men immediately. A loss to Hendo would be devastating to Fedor and it would likely take him out of the spotlight. A win might give him the confidence to take on a heavyweight rather than a light heavyweight.

This is mostly talk from Jonny Bones, but it does show us one thing: Jones thinks quite highly of himself to want to face either of these two men. Of course, that’s nothing we didn’t already know.

Lyoto Machida Knockout Kick Ends Randy Couture Fight (Video)

UFC legend Randy Couture ran into a problem on Saturday night. That problem was his opponent’s foot. Unlike when he fought and destroyed James “Lights Out” Toney last summer, Couture was matched up with a legit MMA fighter at UFC 129 and paid the price.  The boot to the face that Lyoto Machida put on Couture was slightly less impressive than Anderson Silva’s knockout kick against Vitor Belfort, only because it wasn’t nearly as disguised.  Nevertheless, it was still pretty sick.  Check out the Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida fight video. The kick is around the 7:30 mark. Enjoy the Karate Kid voice overs until this video inevitably gets pulled and we have to find another.

Machida was able to knock Couture’s tooth out and likely end his MMA career all with one Karate Kid style boot to the face.  These are the reasons we love UFC.

Jon Jones Pulls Out of Title Fight with Rashad Evans Because of Hand Injury

One of the hottest prospects and emerging stars in the UFC has seen his rush of success and publicity come to an abrupt halt because of an injury. The news came out Monday that Jon Bones Jones had to pull out of his upcoming title fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 133 because of a hand injury. Phil Davis will replace Jones in the August fight and headline the main event.

Bones’ management team, Authentic Sports Management, issued a statement that explains the injury in more detail. They say “Jones has torn tissue in his right hand in the area between his thumb and forefinger.” They also added the following quote from Bones “This is an injury that’s been recurring since I was a college wrestler, it doesn’t affect my punching or grappling, but I am taking the time and the proper measures to correct this now, so that it doesn’t happen again,” said Jones. “I look forward to getting back to training and to my first title defense. As for Rashad, let’s see what happens with Phil Davis. I will be watching that fight with great interest.”

The good news for Jon Jones fans is that the injury should improve his overall health. What seems pretty clear is that Jones and his management team is taking things quite carefully. Everything moved so quickly for him to end up as the light heavyweight champion; he beat Ryan Bader and then was offered a shot at Shogun Rua in the ring following the win. Though he did not have much time in between fights, he still won. Now that Jones has the light heavyweight title his team has decided to slow things down to make sure he’s able to retain the title for quite some time. If that’s truly why they’re doing it, it’s a wise move.

As for the rest of the UFC 133 card, it still is pretty good. Little Nog and Rich Franklin will meet, Vitor Belfort faces Yoshihiro Akiyama, and our buddy Jorge Rivera is also on the card.

Junior dos Santos Thinks Brock Lesnar Has a Weak Chin

Junior dos Santos and Brock Lesnar are opposing each other as coaches on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter. The two will meet in the octagon in June, and dos Santos feels he’ll have an advantage over Lesnar when they fight.

Speaking on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, dos Santos said of Lesnar “He’s a wrestler, so he feels uncomfortable when people throw punches [at] him. I think his fight against Cain Velasquez shows good things for me, because I think he’s got a weak chin. I will try to use that, I will try to throw some punches and I will try to use my boxing [against him].”

Well dos Santos just pretty much gave away his gameplan to Lesnar so the question is how Brock will react. We saw him get rocked on some punches from Velasquez back at UFC 121 and he ended up stumbling to a first-round defeat. Knowing what dos Santos’ plan will be, Brock will have to avoid the punches and go for some takedowns.

That sounds easy, but as we all know when a top level pitcher is on the mound you can know what pitch is coming and still not be able to hit it. Dos Santos obviously feels that boxing is Brock’s weakness, and he’s going to try and exploit it. And by the way, what’s up with every fighter wanting to expose Brock Lesnar lately?