Thiago Silva Used Non-Human Urine

Thiago Silva submitted an adulterated and/or substituted urine specimen for his drug test leading up to his UFC 125 fight with Brandon Vera on January 1st, the Nevada State Athletic Commission alleges. We had heard Silva was pulled from a scheduled fight for UFC 130 because of suspicion regarding his drug test, and their allegations support the report.

The NSAC report says the specimen by Silva is inconsistent with human urine. Got that? Inconsistent with human urine.

What did this guy do, pull off the Onterrio Smith special and exchange it for goat piss? Was he up all night looking for doggy chew toys like Tony Mandarich to store urine in so he could beat the drug test?

You know who’s most to blame for this whole fiasco? Clearly it’s Silva’s entourage.

Are you really telling me between his family, friends, and training staff there wasn’t one person willing to step up and offer their sweet and sour lemonade for this guy? Don’t they know that’s their job? What good is an entourage if they can’t at least provide clean urine. And if the entourage couldn’t figure it out, maybe Thiago should have consulted Nick Diaz for advice.

I know Thiago doesn’t have an answer for his problems, but I do have one conclusion: from now on we’ll refer to him as horse piss. I do believe he’s earned the name.

Diego Sanchez Tells Martin Kampmann He Had No Punching Power, Could Rematch

Diego Sanchez and Martin Kampmann put on a show earlier this month for the UFC on Versus 3 in Louisville. Despite getting bloodied and battered with a Margarito face, Sanchez won a controversial unanimous decision. I thought Kampmann won the first and Sanchez took the second and third, so I felt they got the winner right. Many people disagree because they look at the end result and say based on the way Sanchez was beat up, Kampmann should have been the winner. That wasn’t the case, and Sanchez said on twitter Friday that Kampmann’s punches lacked power.

Responding to a tweet from Kampmann who answered a follower’s question by saying he’d be interested in a rematch, Sanchez questioned Martin’s desire to square off again. He wrote in response “you really want a direct rematch? I trained no boxing! zero! I just wrestled my ass off I underestimated your td defense. … plus you just lost two in a row u need to earn it get a W then we can talk rematch. Your punches had snap to cut but no power … if I can’t get a better fight that a win would move me up the ladder, I would love to fight you again!”

The fighters showed tremendous respect for each other at the end of their fight and they each seem to be really positive about a rematch. Kampmann is right more than Sanchez in that the fight was so close, a rematch would be more appropriate than Sanchez getting a shot at someone else. He barely escaped in that fight, and he may have even lost had Kampmann not injured his hand at the end of the third round. And if they do end up rematching, Sanchez better watch himself otherwise he’s liable to get pummeled by Kampmann’s manos de piedra.

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Fedor Emelianenko Will Fight in July Strikeforce Event

Fedor Emelianenko had some people worried last month when he declared he might retire immediately after getting his face bashed in by Big Foot Silva (watch the video, see the pictures). Luckily that talk didn’t last long — we had heard Fedor was interested in fighting in a Russian sambo event but decided against it. No doubt he needed time to heal from his injuries and get back to his senses. That has happened, and the good news is we’ll be seeing Fedor in the Octagon before too long.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker revealed to Sherdog’s Beatdown radio show that “Fedor’s gonna fight sometime in July.” Coker continued “It’s probably toward the end of July or mid-July, but we have fights with Fedor that we’re gonna honor and continue forward.”

Coker also added that Fedor may be used as an alternate for the Heavyweight Grand Prix in which he already was defeated by Silva. Sergei Kharitonov beat Andrei Arlovski in the other quarterfinal, but the other side of the tournament has yet to begin.

The big question is who Emelianenko will fight next, but at this point we have more questions than answers. As always, we’ll have to stay tuned to see the latest developments, but I wouldn’t be wild about seeing Fedor fight another super-sized heavyweight. Who knows? Maybe the Fedor-Dan Henderson fight may actually happen.

Jon Bones Jones Subdued a Robber Before Beating Shogun Rua

To say Jon Bones Jones had a nice little Saturday would be an enormous understatement. We’re not talking Bed Bath and Beyond or Home Depot, either.  On Saturday night, Jones defeated Shogun Rua in the third round to claim the light heavyweight championship and prove his confidence was warranted.  Hours before the fight, Jones was serving the American public in New Jersey.

According to TMZ.com, Jones was meditating at a park in New Jersey on Saturday afternoon — something he always does before a fight — when he heard a woman scream, “I’ve been robbed!”  The perpetrator quickly realized he had made his move in the wrong place at the wrong time, as Bones chased him down, took him to the ground, and slapped him in a figure-four leg lock until the police arrived.  The champ later confirmed the incident with a tweet that read, “I caught him….Coach Jackson finished him … It feels so good to help others. It gives me power and energy,” and this accompanying photo.

The world works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? A guy tries to rob a woman and of all the places in the world to do that he happens to do it within earshot of a mixed martial artist who is trying to prepare for a championship bout.  What are the odds?

Jon Bones Jones-Shogun Rua UFC 128 Fight: Is Jonny Too Overconfident?

It’s clear that the UFC anticipates Jon Bones Jones becoming the next star in the sport based on the way they’ve promoted him for his UFC 128 clash with Mauricio Shogun Rua. They aired a special on Jones on Spike TV Thursday called “In the Moment” showcasing Jonny’s path to the title. Did they do the same with Shogun? Not that I saw. They also made an impromptu decision to give Jones a title shot when Rashad Evans got hurt despite him having less than two months between fights.

It’s pretty clear that the UFC is hoping Jones wins so they can continue to market him, and there’s little doubt that Bones is an emerging star. But is he getting too overconfident prior to the fight?

We’ve talked before about Jonny’s mental approach to dehumanizing opponents before facing them in the ring. It’s a brilliant approach, and it certainly has resulted in success in the octagon. But does this mental approach include already signing autographs as “Jon Jones Champion 2011″ before he’s already won? If that’s just part of his mental visualization then I can understand it, but it also can be a sign that he’s too overconfident to the point he may not be properly prepared.

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Nate Marquardt Calls Michael Bisping a Total Punk, Wants to Shut Him Up

Nate Marquardt is preparing for his fight Saturday against Dan Miller and he’s making some headlines along the way. The middleweight contender became the latest fighter to express hostility towards British fighter Michael Bisping and he did so with serious words.

Marquardt told MMA Fighting, via MMA Bay, how much he’d love to beat up Bisping. “I would love to fight that guy just to punch him in his mouth and shut him up. That’d be nice. He’s an a**, he’s a total punk, just no respect. I don’t like Bisping.”

The animosity towards Bisping comes from the aftermath of Michael’s win over Jorge Rivera. Rivera had pissed Bisping off during the week leading up to their fight with mocking videos. After Bisping won the fight, he spit at Rivera’s corner, resulting in discipline from Dana White.

Bisping lost respect from many fighters and fans after the move, and even had notorious bastion of high moral standards Chael Sonnen upset with him. I know it doesn’t get much lower than spitting on someone, but at least it’s helped raise Bisping’s public profile. Now we need to get him in the ring so we can watch other fighters whale on him.

Big Foot Silva Wants to Send Brock Lesnar Back to Pro Wrestling

Antonio Big Foot Silva took another shot at Brock Lesnar, and this was a powerful one. Following Zuffa (the UFC’s) purchase of Strikeforce, Strikeforce heavyweight contender Big Foot Silva told MMA Junkie he was looking forward to potentially competing in the UFC. Specifically, he said he was looking forward to whooping former wrestler Brock Lesnar.

“I’d love to fight Brock Lesnar and send him back to pro wrestling” Silva told MMA Junkie. “I don’t accept the fact that [he's] ranked No. 2. It’s not personal; I don’t know Brock. It’s just professional.”

Bloody Elbow points out this isn’t the first time Silva has taken in a run at Lesnar. Back in November, he called Brock a “fake fighter” and said he was inferior to several other fighters.

Lesnar’s next fight in the Octagon will be against Junior Dos Santos, but if he comes away victorious I’d love to see him in the ring with the monstrous Brazilian. Hey, Big Foot’s coming off a pounding of Fedor Emelianenko. Show me a win Lesnar has that’s more impressive.