Pictures: Dwayne Lewis Gets a Golf Ball Eye After Loss to Ryan Jimmo

Ryan Jimmo beat Dwayne Lewis to win the vacant light-heavyweight MFC championship on Friday night in Alberta. The fight was stopped early in the third round because D-Bomb’s left eye had a D-bomb in it, as you can see. Here are more pictures of Lewis’ eye that announcer Michael Schiavello called the “worst I have seen in mma.”


That was pretty bad. The question is how does it compare to Antonio Margarito’s eye and Fedor Emelianenko’s eye? I say it’s the worst of the bunch. What about you?

Jon Jones Explains How He Mentally Humanizes Opposing Fighters

Jon Bones Jones is one of the hottest prospects in MMA, and the emerging star has earned a shot at the title against Shogun Rua at UFC 128. The 23-year-old’s career has moved quickly, and we’re learning that his accomplishments are due to his mental approach as much as his physical tools and athletic skills. Take for instance the strategies he uses as he explained it to Pro MMA Now in an interview:

“I just put in extra effort into the mind and things like that, a lot of sports psychology, a lot of meditation, a lot of religion, things like that.” Jones continued “As far as when I’m in the Octagon, I’m always looking at the opponent’s body when I’m standing there. I’m big on not fighting an opponent’s name, his credentials, his past fights, his face. I fight the body and when I’m standing across and I’m looking at his body, I’m really just humanizing the guy, and looking at imperfection in his physique.”

His comments remind me a lot of what I’ve heard from certain football coaches. If you ever hear some coaches talk, they hardly ever refer to an opposing player by name. Instead, some of them only refer to opposing players by number. Think about it: is it easier to tackle number 28 for the Vikings, or Adrian Peterson? Tackling number 28 is a lot less intimidating than trying to bring down All Day. It’s the same thing in fighting and all physical games — mentally humanizing your opponent can give you an edge in competition. Mastering the mental game is just as important as the physical one when it comes to combat sports. It’s no surprise that Jones is so advanced despite his age given his approach.

James Toney Challenges Marcellus Wiley to MMA Fight

James Toney is 42 years old and coming off a loss to Randy Couture in his first career professional MMA fight. The former five division boxing champion is 72-6 in his career and set to return to the ring against Damon Reed on Thursday night. Prior to his fight, he appeared on 710 ESPN as a surprise guest Wednesday afternoon.

Talking with Max Kellerman and former NFL player Marcellus Wiley, Toney was getting into friendly tough-guy arguments with Marcellus. The former Pro Bowl defensive end kept talking like he could beat Toney in the boxing ring and in an MMA fight while Toney said he wouldn’t have a chance. James was so confident he would beat Wiley up that he wanted Kellerman to arrange a charity fight for the occasion.

Despite Kellerman’s efforts to stop Wiley from his bravado, Marcellus reiterated that he could beat Toney in the cage. Marcellus is known for running his mouth, and I think he’s running into a bad situation here. James Toney is a Hall of Fame boxer who could knock out almost anyone with whom he crossed paths. Stepping into any fighting situation with him is just not a good idea, Marcellus.

Let’s make this happen boys — Billy Blanks’ gym on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. I know Toney’s down — let’s make it happen!

You can listen to the entire interview here

Rich Franklin Tattoo Update: He Got a Henna Dragon

Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin bet that the loser of their UFC 126 fight would have to get a tattoo. We figured it was all in good fun, until we learned last week that Franklin was actually going tattoo shopping on Friday. We commended him for living up to the bet, but now we have learned the whole story was just a hoax.

On Monday, Franklin posted pictures of his “tattoo” on his website:

Yup, he went out and got a gigantic henna dragon tattoo on his back. Two more pics:

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Rich Franklin Gets Dragon Tattoo After Losing Fight, Bet with Forrest Griffin

Before Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin fought at UFC 126, the cleancut fighters put something on the line: the loser would get a tattoo. Griffin won the decision easily, dominating 14 of the 15 minutes in the octagon. After getting hammered in the fight, many people would have figured Franklin would have forgotten about the bet.

But that’s not the case.

Franklin tweeted on Thursday that he had a Friday appointment to get a dragon tattoo. MMA Fighting followed up on the story and got confirmation of the news. While he didn’t get a fruity rainbow or feminine ankle tat, he did indeed get a dragon on his back as they had joked before the fight. We still don’t have any pics of the tattoo but we’ll be sure to post them when they come in. And nobody can deny that Franklin is a man of his word. Even Griffin said he probably would have backed out had he lost, but not Franklin.

Brandon Vera Thought Thiago Silva Was Strong in Ring, Supports PED Suspicion

Brandon Vera lost to Thiago Silva at UFC 125 on New Year’s Day. Silva’s drug test was the only one that reportedly has not yet been cleared, and many people suspect he was using PEDs. Increasing the suspicion was Silva’s removal from his scheduled fight against Rampage Jackson at UFC 130. Also supporting the thought that Silva was on something was Vera’s comments on The Ryan Loco Show this week.

Midway through their podcast, Vera said (as transcribed by MMA News), “I roll with Phil Davis. I roll with Travis Browne. I roll with Junior dos Santos. I roll with the Nogueira brothers. When I’m in the half guard, underneath somebody and I have their leg, and my other leg’s half-cocked up on their arm pit, I can rock people back and forth. I can rock you and either stand back up or get the sweep. I remember when I was underneath him and I was pushing him back and forth, I was thinking, ‘What the hell? Why is this guy so damn strong?’ And I remember thinking during the fight, ‘Yo, I need to start lifting weights again.’ He was one of, if not the strongest dudes I ever rolled with in my life.”

Another interesting comment by Vera was that he doesn’t care if Thiago Silva used PEDs, just as long as the playing field is even. He even added that he was bench pressing 305 pounds at the time of the fight, making it even more suspicious that Silva could physically dominate him to that extent. So Brandon Vera isn’t against PED use, he just wants everyone to be equal, and his commentary about the fight supports the notion that Thiago could have been juicing. Hmm, where have we heard something similar?

Trainer Claims Fedor Emelianenko Was Hypnotized by Big Foot Silva’s Team

Fedor Emelianenko has widely been considered one of the best MMA fighters in the world, and one of the best of all time.  As you know, he lost to Antonio Big Foot Silva at Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Grand Prix on Saturday — his second straight loss.  When a fighter with Fedor’s reputation loses two straight matches after previously having gone undefeated, people start to wonder.

Silva completely dominated Fedor on Saturday, swelling his eye shut so badly that the doctor stepped in and stopped the fight.  Given the level of respect Fedor has earned in the MMA world, many people were shocked and searching for answers to explain the defeat.  Emelianenko’s trainer, Vladimir Voronov, offered a perfectly reasonable example for the loss on Wednesday — Fedor was hypnotized.

According to a translation by Camel Clutch which has been validated by LBS colleague Diana Klochkova (who writes at “WTF? Panama” check her out here) and Google translator, Voronov told a Russian website that “forbidden psychological technologies,” or hypnosis, were used by Silva’s team and as a result Emelianenko wasn’t himself.  Now, we’ve heard it all.  It’s one thing to make up bogus excuses about losing a fight that have to do with a lack of effort, training, or focus, but pulling the voodoo card?  That borders on insanity.


After the loss, Fedor said he was contemplating requirement.  Is he really thinking about calling it quits, or was he still under the trance?  Someone should catch up with Voronov and ask him how long it took for the hypnosis to wear off so we can get a better idea.