Video: Todd Duffee Knocks Out Tim Hague in Record 7 Seconds

Earlier in the week we presented video of a two-second knockout and I thought that was impressive. What the fans in Portland saw at UFC 102 on Saturday night was pretty cool too. After not touching gloves before the fight, Todd Duffee caught Tim Hague with a jab to start the fight and pounced after knocking him down. The result was a record 7-second knockout. Check it:

I don’t know if they’ll get the “Fight of the Night” reward but they’ll probably be up there. Maybe it will go to Couture and Nogueira who went the distance.

Video: Randy Couture vs. Minotauro Nogueira Fight at UFC 102

Randy Couture and Minotauro Nogueira went the full three rounds at UFC 102 in Portland and the decision was unanimous in favor of Nogueira. Despite chants from the crowd in favor of Couture, Nogueira came out ahead. He put together a sweet knockdown in the third round and proceeded to play volleyball with Couture’s head. It was quite the classic. Here are the first two rounds of the fight:

Even at 46-years-old, Couture still showed he has plenty left in the tank. They really put on a good show at the Rose Garden and proved once again how worthwhile some of these PPV buys are.

Takahiro Kuroishi Shows Us How to Get Knocked Out in Two Seconds

It’s actually much easier than you think. I mean, even I could last longer than two seconds. But in case you’re ever in an MMA fight folks, here’s not what to do:

Apparently that was Takahiro Kuroishi getting knocked out by Ryohei Masuda in what I’m told was a fight from last year. Why it’s just now being circulated, I don’t know, but it is pretty damn funny. At least the entourages made up for the lack of action in the ring. That was almost as good as the double knockout video.

Video: Cyborg Santos Fight with Gina Carano Ends in TKO

The (very pretty) face of women’s MMA was in action at Strikeforce on Saturday night. The only problem for Gina Carano was that the sexuality of her opponent, Cris Cyborg Santos, is very much in doubt. Check out the video of the Carano/Cyborg fight and tell me you don’t wish you were half the man Cyborg is. She’s a killing machine:

The fight might not have been stopped until late in the first round but it was clear that Carano never really had a chance. Santos dominated the entire match and pretty much beat the crap out of Carano with flurries of punches. If I were Gina, I’d be demanding a urine test right about now to check Santos’ level of testosterone. My goodness — what a beast.

Video: Anderson Silva Knocks Out Forrest Griffin at UFC 101

As was said post fight, this could go down as one of the most embarrassing knockouts in UFC history. Anderson Silva was absolutely toying with Forrest Griffin who couldn’t find or touch him in the ring despite throwing plenty of punches. As Griffin was trying to make a charge, he got caught with a soft punch to the face and got dropped. Check out the entire Anderson Silva/Forrest Griffin fight video:

Griffin, a self-described sore loser, wasted no time in the ring after the knockout, promptly making an exit for the dressing room. He certainly left his dignity behind.

Video: Brock Lesnar’s 2nd Round TKO of Frank Mir at UFC 100

The fans on hand at the Mandalay Bay were chanting for referee Herb Dean to stand Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir up once they hit the canvas. He never did because Lesnar started going to work after fighting for position for about 20 seconds. And once Lesnar got rolling, he was able to squirt some punches on Mir and then he started bouncing his head off the canvas like a tether ball. Check out the Brock Lesnar/Frank Mir video from UFC 100. This is entire second round of their fight:

After the fight, Lesnar got off a classic blast on Mir, who beat Brock in his MMA debut. “Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass, I told him that a year ago,” Lesnar said shortly after winning. “I pulled that SOB out and beat him over the head with it.” Any wonder why he’s so hated? That dude’s a monster.

Video: ‘Pretty Boy’ Matt Leinart MMA Training with FOX’s Jay Glazer

I first read about Matt Leinart doing MMA training with FOX NFL reporter and MMA announcer, Jay Glazer, last week at Pro Football Talk. I understood everything from Glazer’s angle — here he gets to assert himself as an alpha male and boss around a Heisman Trophy winner — that has to be a good ego boost. Plus, imagine all the breaking news stories he’ll get having Leinart in his back pocket. As for Matt, I still don’t get what the guy is doing. Spending his off-season doing MMA training shows me once again just how lost the guy is because he’s obviously more concerned with his image than his on-field play. Take a look at the training:

When I see this video I can’t help but think of Matt Leinart as a pledge in a fraternity just getting bossed and bitched around. I can almost feel the other guys in the video saying to themselves, “Check out what I’m going to make this NFL golden boy do. I ask him to fetch and he does.” I know Leinart’s trying to change his image, but rather than changing who he is maybe he should just be comfortable with what he is and just try to make the best of himself. I still don’t see how this will help him read defenses and target receivers and last time I checked, knees to the chest of the defender elicit 15-yard personal foul penalties.

(video via Shutdown Corner)