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Friday, May 26, 2017


Cris Cyborg-Angela Magana fight video emerges

Angela Magana

Video of the confrontation between Cris Cyborg and Angela Magana outside the UFC fighters’ hotel on Sunday has emerged.

Cyborg and Magana got into an altercation outside the hotel where the fighters were staying for their Las Vegas retreat. Cyborg, a UFC featherweight, apparently confronted Magana about a rude tweet she sent in late April, leading to a response from Magana. Cyborg ended up hitting Magana with a punch in response.

Here’s video, but beware of the bad language:

Magana continued to tweet after the incident. She claimed she was the victim of Cyborg’s road rage:

Magana says she has decided to press charges.

The two have a long-standing beef that goes back to these photos in 2014.

Cris Cyborg, Angela Magana get in fight at UFC retreat

Cris Cyborg Justino

Two fighters got into a fight at the UFC Athlete Retreat on Sunday in Las Vegas, according to multiple reports.

Cris Cyborg and Angela Magana got into an altercation, according to MMA reporter Ariel Helwani. Helwani says Cyborg punched Magana.

Chris Taylor provides more information about the fight, saying Cyborg knocked out one of Magana’s teeth.

He also says the altercation occurred outside the fighter hotel.

Taylor says Cyborg demanded respect from Magana, who replied by saying she didn’t need to give her respect. After a couple of F-bombs, Cyborg apparently threw a punch.

Magana has sent multiple tweets about Cyborg, criticizing her for her PED history, among other things. The two have a beef going back a couple years after this questionable advice from Cyborg.

Conor McGregor calls out Floyd Mayweather, challenges him to sign deal

Floyd Mayweather conor Mcgregor

Conor McGregor has signed his end of a deal for a potential fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr, and he is now challenging the undefeated boxer to do the same.

On Sunday, McGregor shared a photo from one of his workouts and told Mayweather to sign his side of the contract to prove he is more than “just a mouth.”

While McGregor working out a deal with UFC president Dana White eliminates one huge obstacle, it does not mean the fight is on the verge of happening. We all saw how long it took the bout between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to come together, and there will be as much money — if not more — at stake for Mayweather vs. McGregor.

Mayweather is 49-0 in his career, and there is a growing belief that he wants to make it 50-0 before officially retiring. Even though another boxing legend is challenging him to forget about the McGregor fight in favor of a different match, it’s tough to imagine Mayweather walking away from the potential payday he would get from the McGregor fight. He should be able to win the fight with ease and pocket a record amount of money. Not many people could say no to that.

Dana White: Conor McGregor side of Mayweather negotiation is done

Floyd Mayweather conor Mcgregor

Dana White continues to make it clear that the onus is on Floyd Mayweather Jr. to make a boxing match with Conor McGregor happen.

The UFC boss, who is a Boston Celtics fan, joined the “Inside the NBA” crew for an interview on TNT after Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. He was asked by Shaq about the status of the Mayweather-McGregor negotiations and said that the McGregor side is done, and that now it’s on Floyd to come through.

“The McGregor side is done,” White said. “I’m starting to work on the Mayweather side now. I’m not saying the fight will happen. I got one side done. Now it’s time to work on the other.”

White said that they need to reach a deal with Mayweather, who works with adviser Al Haymon on his negotiations.

White recently said that he was setting a deadline for getting a deal done with McGregor’s side, and he delivered. Can he make it happen on Floyd’s side? That will be a big question. Mayweather is very picky and has huge money demands for the fight.

Jon Jones talks some ultimate cocaine trash to Daniel Cormier

Jon Jones

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier brought the trash talk once again.

The UFC held its summer kickoff press conference on Friday to announce a big portion of its upcoming schedule. One fight they announced is that Jones and Cormier will (finally) meet in a rematch at UFC 214 in Anaheim on July 29.

Jones defeated Cormier at UFC 182 in Jan. 2015 by unanimous decision. However, he was stripped of his title following a hit-and-run incident. The two were supposed to meet in 2016 but an injury kept Cormier out of their first scheduled fight, and then Jones was hit with a suspension for a doping violation that knocked him out of competition for a year.

The two have a long history of trash talk and dislike for one another, so it’s no surprise that continued Friday. Cormier taunted Jones about drugs.

Jones’ response was classic, which was “I beat your a– after a weekend doing cocaine.”

Jones tested positive for cocaine in 2014, but he said last year that he was actually addicted to another drug.

Jones will be favored to win their rematch as he’s still regarded as perhaps the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport. Cormier has won four in a row since his loss to Jones, including two wins over Rumble Johnson and a defeat of Alexander Gustafsson.

Dana White says Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight still ‘not close’

Dana White

The rumors about a fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have been up and down for months, but one of the most important people involved in the negotiations insists no bout is imminent.

When asked by TMZ this week if negotiations between McGregor and Mayweather are progressing, UFC president Dana White said a deal is “not close” to being reached.

“To get a deal like this done, this doesn’t happen in a couple months,” White said. “It’s gonna be a tough deal to get done — if it gets done at all. It’s not that I’m having doubts, but never did I guarantee that I deal would get done. I guaranteed that I would try my hardest.”

There have been reports that White is actually one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way, as he would need to let McGregor out of his UFC contract to fight Mayweather. Showtime Sports executive vice president Stephen Espinoza said in a recent interview that he believes White is afraid McGregor will make so much money fighting Mayweather that he may never return to the UFC.

White insists that could not be further from the truth, and he said the negotiations are typical for a fight of this magnitude.

“(Manny) Pacquiao and Mayweather are in the same sport, and look how long that fight took to make,” White said.

With how much money McGregor said he expects to make to fight Mayweather, it would not be a surprise if the Irishman never returned to the UFC afterword. Still, it seems as if White is willing to do his part to make the bout happen.

Ronda Rousey, Travis Browne engaged

Ronda Rousey DNB

Ronda Rousey is off the market — officially.

Rousey got engaged to boyfriend Travis Browne, who proposed to her last week in New Zealand, according to TMZ Sports.

“We are engaged,” Browne told a reporter from

Browne gave a detail about the proposal, saying he did it “under a waterfall in New Zealand … felt like the right place to do it.”

Rousey was asked when they may have the wedding. She said she wasn’t sure, but don’t expect a whole elaborate deal from her.

“Soon but I don’t know what goes into planning a wedding,” said Rousey. “I could be really easy. I don’t really want a lot. Don’t really need decorations and flowers, just somewhere to go, something to eat, and people around.”

Rousey and Browne, who is also an MMA fighter, have been together since 2015. They even were dating while Browne was separated but still married to his now ex-wife, which led to some tension.

This will be the first marriage for Rousey, who just turned 30.

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