Roy McAvoy Tops Leaderboard After Two Rounds at U.S. Open

There’s a new name atop the leaderboard of the U.S. Open and it’s one unfamiliar to most golf fans: Roy McAvoy. McAvoy is a golf instructor from West Texas who qualified for the U.S. Open with two spectacular rounds last week. The former youth golfing star captured the attention of fans and the CBS TV crew with a blistering front nine that paved the way to a U.S. Open record 62 Friday.

None of the legends of the game, be it Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, or Tiger Woods, ever shot a 62 at the U.S. Open, but an instructor from West Texas did. Making matters even more stunning is the horrendous 83 McAvoy shot in the first round.

Sources tell LBS McAvoy’s poor first round is the result of some bad advice from his caddy. Apparently McAvoy was hung over after a long night of drinking prior to his first round. His caddy told him he plays better drunk and he forced him to drink shots all night. Once the alcohol was out of his system, McAvoy showed everyone the promise he displayed as a youth.

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Rod Tidwell Working on Contract Extension

Rod Tidwell is working on a contract extension to keep him in Arizona for the remainder of his career, sources have indicated to LBS. Tidwell had been disgruntled all season since deciding to play out the final year of his existing contract. He had approached the Cardinals about an extension in the offseason, but their offer was for little money and not to his liking.

Tidwell has expressed dissatisfaction with the Cardinals throughout the year for not showing an initiative to work on a new deal for him. However, following his impressive performance on Monday Night Football against the Cowboys which capped an already stellar year, management was convinced they should extend Tidwell an improved deal. Sources can confirm the terms of the new offer are four years for $11.2 million.

The mercurial receiver is said to be ecstatic over the offer and eager to sign it. A few details regarding the signing bonus and workout bonus terms still need to be hashed out, but there is little doubt it will be signed. At that point, not only will Tidwell’s stats put him in the class of marquee receivers such as Jerry Rice, Andre Reed, and Cris Carter, but he’ll also be earning similar money.

The contract is not just good news for Tidwell, but also for his agent, Jerry Maguire. Maguire was recently let go by sports agent giant SMI and started his own agency. Tidwell is his only client, so the new contract will help keep him in business.

This post is a part of the Friday Film Festival at Larry Brown Sports. All contents of the story are purely fictional and based entirely off the sports movie, Jerry Maguire. To learn more about the movie, go here.

Kurt Sloane’s Brother Kidnapped on Eve of Fight with Tong Po

On the eve of his long awaited fight with Tong Po, kickboxer Kurt Sloane is facing a difficult distraction. LBS has learned exclusively that Sloane’s brother Eric has been kidnapped.

We have little details available regarding the kidnapping, but we can confirm that Kurt has not seen his brother all evening after the two returned home from a meal. It is believed that the kidnapping could be the work of some Thai mobsters who may be attempting to blackmail Kurt into losing his fight with Po.

Sloane has pursued his fight with the Muay Thai legend for the past month since his brother was brutally beaten by Po in their fight mere weeks ago. Eric was overmatched in the first round of his fight with Tong Po, taking repeated knees to his midsection. He went against the advice of Kurt who suggested he quit between rounds. Instead, he went out for the second round and was beaten even worse. With his brother lying face down on the canvas, Kurt threw in the towel to signify his fighter was surrendering. However, the ruthless Po showed no mercy, kicking the towel out of the ring and raining down a vicious elbow to the lower part of Eric’s back.

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Jack Elliot’s Contract Purchased by Yankees from Chunichi Dragons

The New York Yankees have decided to purchase the contract of long-time first baseman Jack Elliot, giving them another bat to boost their offense. Elliot played 14 seasons with the Yankees, six of them at the All-Star level. After Elliot’s production began to slide the past few seasons, the team decided to sell him to the Chunichi Dragons of the Japanese League during the offseason.

Elliot initially clashed with his teammates and the culture in Japan, but after making an attitude adjustment and learning their ways, he began to get into a groove. During one stretch this month, Elliot homered in seven straight games, threatening the Japanese record set by his manager. He hit over .330 in 76 games with the Dragons while clubbing 22 home runs, becoming a fan favorite for the team.

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Jimmy Dugan Suspended, Fined for Profanity-Laced Tirade

Rockford Peaches manager Jimmy Dugan has been suspended and fined for a profanity-laced tirade launched during a recent game. Dugan was fined $55 for berating an umpire and one of his players, and he has been ordered to miss the team’s next three games.

Dugan became upset in the sixth inning of a recent game when outfielder Evelyn Gardner threw home instead of second, allowing the tying run to get into scoring position. The Peaches ended up blowing the lead and Dugan lit into Gardner after the half-inning, telling her to start thinking with her head. The harsh criticism caused Gardner to break down in tears, at which point the homeplate umpire told Dugan to cool it. Dugan initially backed down, but as the umpire was walking away he hurled an insult that the umpire heard. Once that was out in the open, Dugan didn’t hold back launching straight away with profanities. He was ejected and now the League’s commissioner has fined and suspended him.

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Cubs Sign Hard-Throwing 12-Year-Old Pitcher Henry Rowengartner

The Chicago Cubs have been short on pitching all season and are digging deep to try and aid their staff. The team announced today they have signed 12-year-old local Little Leaguer Henry Rowengartner to bolster their rotation.

How the Cubs came across Rowengartner is an extremely unique story. Rowengartner was sitting in the bleachers for a recent game when a home run ball landed nearby. His friends encouraged him to throw the ball back per Wrigley Field tradition, and the entire stadium was stunned when Henry threw a frozen rope from the bleachers all the way to the catcher at home plate.

The Cubs pursued Rowengartner after seeing his amazing feat at the stadium and asked him to throw for them. The youngster was consistently clocked in the upper-90s during his bullpen session. After much internal debate, Chicago decided to offer Rowengartner a contract which he signed based on the advice of his acting agent.

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Benny The Jet Rodriguez Sets MLB Record for Stealing Home Plate

Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez has set a Major League Baseball record for most steals of home in a single season. The Jet set the record Friday afternoon against the Giants when he stole home for the 9th time this season.

The steal occurred in the bottom of the ninth inning when Rodriguez was sent in to pinch run. He got the sign from third base coach Maury Wills, took a suicide lead, and made his bolt for home. The Jet was able to slide in safely before the catcher could tag him out, giving the Dodgers a walkoff 3-2 win in the series opener against the rival Giants.

The crowd and entire stadium erupted after The Jet’s steal, which was believed to be the first walkoff steal of home in over 20 years according to the Elias Sports Bureau. Immediately after the steal, Rodriguez’s teammates mobbed him at home plate and carried him off the field. It was a joyous moment for the Dodgers considering Rodriguez has been reduced to a reserve outfielder and pinch runner role after losing his once-elite speed.

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