Misty May-Treanor campaigning to get back on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Misty May-Treanor‘s time on “Dancing with the Stars” was brief. But not because she was voted out. Four years ago, a ruptured Achilles forced the beach volleyball star to withdraw from the competition after just three weeks (at least she lasted longer than Kim Kardashian).

But with the producers of the popular ABC celebrity ballroom dance show putting together an all-star cast of former competitors for the upcoming season this fall, May-Treanor is asking her fans to help her have a chance at redemption.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist used her Facebook page on Monday to lobby fans for their votes to get her back on the ballroom floor. She listed four reasons why she once again wants to vie for the mirror-ball trophy:

1. I would love to finish what I wasn’t able to when I was on the show the last time
2. I wasn’t voted off
3. I would love for my husband to see me dance and compete
4. I want to perform for my fans!

May-Treanor, 34, competed in the show’s seventh season in 2008 after winning her second-consecutive Olympic gold with partner Kerri Walsh in Beijing but had to drop out after rupturing her left Achilles during rehearsal. Model Brooke Burke went on to win the competition that season. Fellow Olympian Maurice Greene placed fifth.

May-Treanor, along with Walsh, is favored to win her third-straight Olympic gold medal in London this summer. But does she have the resume to warrant an appearance on an all-star version of DWTS? She did place in the top five each time she was scored, but her brief stint probably doesn’t help her popularity among the show’s general fans (because, let’s face it, popularity matters more than actual talent).

That ABC structured the ballot in categories (athletes, actors, models, etc.) suggests that only a few people will come from each. It’s also still unclear if the ballot is the sole determinant for who comprises the cast. But if only one or two athletes will be invited to compete, we all know Warren Sapp could use the work more.

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Lolo Jones responds to suggestion that she should date Tim Tebow

Ever since Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones openly discussed her virginity, people have been suggesting that she date Tim Tebow. Why? Because people are immature, and naturally they think that any two virgins who are popular athletes and happen to be above the age of 24 would be perfect for each other. That’s the way the world works.

Rather than pretend she has not heard the suggestions over the past few days that she should get together with Tebow, Jones decided to have a sense of humor about it on Thursday afternoon.

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Lolo Jones: Keeping my virginity harder than training for Olympics

Olympian Lolo Jones is one of the best hurdlers in the world. She’s athletic, she’s attractive, she’s fit … and as she recently stated on Twitter, she’s a virgin.

Jones, who has won gold medals at the World Indoor Championships twice, but is still searching for her first Olympic gold medal, openly discussed her virginity on HBO’s “Real Sports,” in an episode that airs on Tuesday night.

“It’s just something, a gift I want to give to my husband,” she told Mary Carillo. “But please understand: This journey has been hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Harder than training for the Olympics, harder than graduating from college.

“I’ve been tempted. I’ve had guys tell me ‘If you have sex it will help you run faster.’ I was like ‘I do want this gold medal, but not yet. I do want to be married.’”

Jones says she’s turned to Twitter to fulfill her dating life, which is always a risky proposition.

“I’m waiting for the day where somebody totally tricks me with their Twitter picture … they’re using like an Abercrombie model, I show up on the date and it’s like somebody from ‘The Biggest Loser.’”

Yes, that means if you follow Lolo on Twitter (@lolojones), you might actually have a chance to date her.

Let’s just hope her Twitter dates have turned out better than Chad Ochocinco’s.

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London uses GPS transmitters to trick IOC over traffic congestion

With the Olympics fast approaching, longstanding concerns over London’s ability to handle the influx of traffic gridlock still aren’t dying down.

But, according to the Daily Mail, the city’s Olympic organizers were able to overcome the congestion hurdle during the bid review process by tricking International Olympic Committee delegates.

London officials created the illusion that traffic would not be an issue by equipping the delegates’ cars with GPS transmitters that would initiate green lights whenever their convoy approached intersections.

“We had to demonstrate that we were competent, that we knew what we were doing and that our plans for London would work,” Sir Keith Mills, deputy chairman of London’s Olympic committee, said.

But! Transport experts believe that there will actually be less traffic during the Games compared to an ordinary summer. Reasons being that they anticipate congestion fears will cause more regular visitors to keep clear of the city than the number of tourists coming in for the Olympics.

So it looks like London organizers should have just deferred to the experts rather than, um, well, cheating.

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Russia bans alcohol from any London Olympic receptions involving athletes

If any Olympic athletes from Russia are looking to party this summer at official Olympic events, they’re going to have to do it the clean and sober way. During the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver, Russian state oil company OAO Rosneft threw a party that featured imitation gas pumps that dispensed hard alcohol. No such events will be taking place at the London Olympics, as Russian Olympic officials have banned alcohol from official Russian receptions involving athletes.

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, a Russian newspaper ran the story about the alcohol ban Monday under the heading “Stone Cold Sober.”

“Olympic values are not commensurate with the consumption of alcohol,” a spokeswoman for Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said according to the newspaper.

The story also indicated that the decision may have been a result of Russia’s disappointing performance at the Vancouver Olympics, where they ranked sixth overall in total medals with 15 and managed to take home only three golds. Considering Olympic athletes are generally some of the most well-conditioned and healthy people in the world, this shouldn’t be a huge deal. If there are any Russian athletes who planned on relying on an alcohol diet to keep them fresh in London, now is the time to turn to plan B.

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Jamaica aiming to play hockey at 2018 Winter Olympics

Jamaica is well on its way to fielding its own national ice hockey team after the International Ice Hockey Federation voted the country as an associate member on Friday.

Associate member status means that the country still can’t compete in any IIHF sanctioned events, but the wheels certainly are in motion with the goal of fielding a team for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Yes, Jamaica, the tiny Caribbean island nation with only one ice rink in its borders, is working on sending a hockey team to a Winter Olympiad. The comparisons to the Jamaican bobsled team at the 1988 Games, immortalized by the tremendous film “Cool Runnings,” are all too obvious. The bobsled team, in fact, partly inspired the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Team (JOIHT) and helped blaze a trail for it.

“We had Devon Harris here with us from the bobsled team and he was telling us how when they first started, nobody took it seriously, but it’s been different for us,” Sandra Lord, a key strategist for the venture, told The Gleaner. “When we talk about this with people, everyone’s been so supportive of us. They remember the bobsled team and they have been so encouraging, we have support that has been beyond our expectations.”

The team already has an endorsement from the Jamaican Olympic Association and reportedly has the financial backing from a throng of donors to reach its estimated functioning budget of $1.7 million, a crucial hurdle leaped for a country struggling financially.

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Ian Poulter thinks the Olympic golf format should be match play

Golf will be making its glorious return to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Games after a staggering 112-year absence. But even though that moment is four years from coming to fruition, Ian Poulter is already assuming the role of an Olympic organizer and expressing ideas for what he thinks would be in the sport’s best interest.

The current plan for Brazil is to use a 72-hole stroke-play tournament format, similar to what we see almost every week on the professional tours. But Poulter thinks the Olympics should abandon uniformity and go for entertainment value by utilizing match play.

“Most other sports are one-on-one,” the Englishman told The Telegraph. “And that’s why I think viewers enjoy match play more. It’s more exciting and plays out better on TV. I think match play would suit the Olympics better.”

In fact, Poulter wouldn’t be upset if match play started popping up more frequently on the calendar.

“How about every week?” Poulter added. “The more we play, the better. I love the cutthroat, face-to-face nature of it and find the buzz a refreshing change from what we play week-in and week-out.”

Pretty bold idea from a guy with a pretty bold sense of style in his own right.

But, ultimately, people aren’t going to care what format in which golf is played during the Olympics, so long as stars like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy are on the course. And, yes, we too crack a smile at idea of Tiger possibly hanging out at Rio.

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