Lindsey Vonn Takes Sophomore Parker McDonald to Homecoming Dance

Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn made one young boy’s dream come true when she said yes after being asked to go to his homecoming dance Thursday.

Parker McDonald is a sophomore at the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy in Colorado. He did not have a date for his school’s homecoming dance Friday, so he decided to ask Vonn, who was visiting the school, to be his date.

“I thought, ‘I need a date and there’s Lindsey Vonn. I’ll ask her!’” McDonald said. “She walked by my lunch table and I whipped out the question.”

Vonn recounted the tale on her Facebook page Friday.

“Yesterday I visited the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy and while I was eating lunch with all the students a 15 year old boy named Parker asked me if I would be his date for their homecoming dance which is tonight. When Parker asked me he was cute, nervous and very polite so of course I said YES!

“All through school growing up I never got the chance to go to a school dance so I’m excited for tonight!”

Vonn was in town to train with the U.S. Ski Team. Why not mix in a little fun while she’s doing some work? Hopefully her husband didn’t mind sharing her for a night.

Vonn has been a swimsuit model and made Maxim’s Hot 100 list. She also made Parker the coolest kid in school, and a national hero.

On behalf of every guy who was too afraid to ask the hot girl to the dance, we salute you Parker.

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Photo via Doug Haney

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Brady Quinn Flies Overnight to be with Girlfriend Alicia Sacramone for Her Surgery

Brady Quinn may have been surpassed by Tim Tebow on the quarterback depth chart for the Broncos, but he’s still excelling in another realm. Following his team’s home loss to the Chargers Sunday, Quinn took a red eye flight to be with girlfriend Alicia Sacramone, who had surgery Monday on her ruptured Achilles’ tendon.

The extra effort earned him bonus points with his gymnast girlfriend.

“Best boyfriend award goes to Brady Quinn for taking the red eye from Denver to be here for my surgery today…just another reason why I love him,” she tweeted Monday.

The two have been dating since 2009. Maybe Quinn was just returning the favor to Sacramone who used to fly to Cleveland to support Brady when he was the quarterback for the Browns.

Either way, it’s pretty clear they’re extremely supportive of one another.

Say what you want about Quinn’s ability as a quarterback, but you can’t say he’s not a good boyfriend. He went out of his way to ensure he was by his girlfriend’s side at a difficult time.

The London Olympics begin in 10 months, so Sacramone’s status for the Summer Games is in question. But the good news is that Brady appears to have found a girl who appreciates him, unlike his last girlfriend.

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Coach Won’t Allow German Steeplechase Hopeful Gesa Krause to Wear High Heels

Gesa Krause is a 19-year-old from Germany who is hoping to compete in the 3,000-meter steeplechase at the Olympics. She won the event in the under-20 European Championship and she’ll be competing in the world championship this weekend. She’s also so motivated to compete in the Olympics she’s sacrificed many of the finer things in life.

Krause says she has given up partying, clubbing, and junk food while she trains. Oh yeah, her coach has also instructed her to avoid wearing high heels.

Krause’s coach, Wolfgang Heing, told the German website Bild that he’s banned her from wearing pumps. The idea is avoiding the stilettos will help protect her biggest competitive asset — her feet.

The restriction may seem Draconian on the surface, but it actually makes sense to some degree. I’ve mocked male athletes who got pedicures, but for running backs, keeping their feet in shape is wise. You just hope someone who’s so dedicated to their training gets to realize their dream. Best of luck to Krause.

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Lockout Could Result in NBA Players Passing on London Olympics

If you are one of those people who enjoys Olympic basketball and still thinks about the Dream Team, the NBA lockout could put a kink in your plans. If the lockout continues and the upcoming NBA season is cancelled, the Players’ Association will almost certainly pressure the players to bail on the 2012 USA Olympic team.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the NBA and USA Olympic team are too intertwined for NBA players to take part in the 2012 London Games. He refers to Team USA as a “David Stern production,” adding that while it will be a sticky public relations situation there’s no way NBA players and coaches could represent Team USA while the labor situation is uncertain. Jerry Colangelo, the managing director for USA Basketball, works under Stern. Additionally, the NBA’s biggest sponsor is Nike, which is also the top sponsor of Team USA.

After a disappointing 2004 performance in Greece that resulted in a bronze medal, the star power returned to Team USA and Mike Krzyzewski led a rejuvenated squad to a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. While USA Basketball will not be a top priority until a new NBA collective bargaining agreement is hammered out, it would be disappointing to see USA Basketball take yet another fall from grace.

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Michael Phelps Borrows Australian Swimmer Eamon Sullivan’s Trunks

It’s been a rough week for 14-time Olympic champion Michael Phelps. Not only did he lose to teammate Ryan Lochte in the 200-meter freestyle at the Swimming World Championships Tuesday, he also forgot his practice trunks. Luckily Australian swimmer Eamon Sullivan was there for assistance.

“Had to loan forgetful Michael Phelps my training togs for his warm up tonight. Hope they bring good luck buddy… PS – you can keep them!” Sullivan wrote on twitter.

Sullivan then tossed in the picture you see above of Phelps wearing the Aussie trunks, saying it’s “as close as you will ever see Michael Phelps swimming for Australia!

Yup, that is as close as we’ll get to seeing Phelps swimming for Australia. It’s also a much closer look at Phelps’ backside than I ever wanted to see, but surely it was a nice gesture by Sullivan.

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Great Britain Would Like its Olympics Athletes to Tidy Their Rooms, Thank You

As the host country of the 2012 Olympics, Great Britain is expected to set a standard both on and off the athletic field. They take their responsibility so seriously that director of sports Sir Clive Woodward (by the way, you know you’ve made it when you have a “Sir” preceding your name), compiled a list of 15 “bare minimum standards” he hopes will generate a feeling of team spirit among the athletes.

So what’s on this list, you ask? Let’s just say it’s much more Marry Poppins than it is Wayne Rooney.

The five ideals they’re trying to promote are performance, responsibility, unity, pride, and respect. Here are some of the specific items:

Under the heading of performance, they want athletes to practice good hygiene.

As part of responsibility, athletes are expected to keep their “accommodation” clean and tidy.

And as part of respect, athletes are expected to avoid using foul language and making excessive noise in the Village.

In other words, be the perfect roommate!

Hey, these are great ideals and it would be nice if all athletes followed the rules, but let’s be real: we’re talking about professional athletes here. You really think someone’s going to tell them to stop tweeting past midnight from their messy living quarters? Don’t plan on it.

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Apolo Ohno for Subway on Running NYC Marathon, Work Ethic, Michael Phelps Bong

LBS had the pleasure of speaking with two-time gold medalist and eight-time Olympic medalist speed skater Apolo Ohno Thursday. Ohno is in the Fort Worth area for Subway and announced he will be competing in the upcoming NYC Marathon, accepting Jared’s challenge. We talked about a number of subjects including preparing for the marathon, preparing for the Olympics, and of course we had to ask him his thoughts on the Michael Phelps bong pictures that came out two years ago.

Ohno has a busy upcoming schedule — he’s in Ft. Worth, going to New York, Las Vegas, and then he has a few other stops on the West Coast all in the next few days. He said he’ll be rooting for the Steelers on Sunday because of his trainer, John Schaeffer, who’s a Steelers fan. During our conversation, what stood out most to me about Ohno were his values of hard work and being a proper role model.

I was curious how much being an Olympian was the product of talent and how much came from working hard. Ohno told me it’s a combination of both, saying “talent can get you on the right track, but it doesn’t mean you’re doing it the right way.”

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