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Friday, October 24, 2014


What is the Yolo Flip? I-Pod’s halfpipe trick explained (Video)

Just like many of you, I’m not an expert on snowboarding much less halfpipe tricks. But I first heard about Iouri Podlatchikov (known as I-Pod) and his “Yolo Flip” trick that helped him win gold in the halfpipe at Sochi a few weeks before the Olympics. The Yolo flip is something new that he created…Read More

Shaun White suffered a nasty black eye in training before Olympics

Shaun White has made snowboarding look pretty easy over the past several years, but we’re starting to see that it’s not all that simple. White finished fourth in the halfpipe during the Winter Games in Sochi, and the US failed to medal in the event for the first time since it was introduced to the…Read More

Irina Rodnina now claims racist photo of Obamas was a hack job

Former Russian figure skater Irina Rodnina is an Olympic hero in her home country. Rodnina was one of the two people who were given the honor of lighting the Olympic torch in Sochi last Friday. In addition to being internationally known for her decorated figure skating career, Rodnina also made headlines back in September for…Read More

Matt Lauer temporarily replacing Bob Costas for Olympic coverage

Bob Costas has temporarily accepted defeat. If you have watched any of NBC’s Olympic coverage since the start of the Sochi Games, you know that Costas has been battling a nasty case of pink eye. He made fun of himself for the infection earlier in the week, but it has gotten worse in recent days…Read More

Bode Miller: Bad vision led to disappointing finish

Bode Miller is the most decorated men’s alpine skier in United States history. He also may hold the record for most excuses after the worst finish of his Olympic career. Miller finished eighth in the men’s downhill in Sochi over the weekend. After dominating two out of three training runs, he was considered by many…Read More

Bob Costas and Mary Carillo drink vodka (Video)

Bob Costas convinced Mary Carillo to drink a glass of vodka with him for a great reason. During Monday night’s “Olympic Late Night” coverage, Costas and Carillo were holding glasses of vodka, though Costas admitted “I’m not really much of a vodka guy.” Carillo seemed stunned that the two were going to consume alcohol while…Read More

Lindsey Vonn rips skinny models, says they are fat

Lindsey Vonn may be an Olympic skier, gold medalist, rich, famous and dating Tiger Woods, but we actually do have something in common: we’re not too crazy about super skinny models. In a recent interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Vonn ripped into skinny models. Vonn called the models unhealthy and actually said they’re fat, which…Read More

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