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Monday, August 31, 2015

Sports Almanac Picks

NFL Week 7 Picks – Doc Brown Special

As the NFL season marches on, it appears as if we know less and less about the teams. The Saints lose one week and win by a blowout the next. The Jags win two in a row then lose in a blowout the next. The Rams get hammered 44-6 by the Lions and then beat…Read More

NFL Picks Week 6 – Del’s Selections

When we posted our Week 5 picks, I told you how Doc Brown and Del differed quite a bit.  We were certain that would result in a tough week for one of the two experts, and I’m sorry to say — it was Del.  Del’s picks checked in at an embarrassing 5-9 last week while…Read More

NFL Week 6 Picks – Doc Brown Special

NOTE: Click here for Doc Brown’s 2011 week 6 NFL picks. It doesn’t get much better than last week’s performance against the spread. The Doc went 11-3 in 14 games ATS, with Brett Favre’s typical pick six coming between the Doc and 12-2. No sweat. We’re still looking strong picking at 63% against the number…Read More

NFL Picks Week 5 – Del’s Selections

After looking at Doc Browns Week 5 Picks, it’s come to my attention that one of us is likely going to a have a tough go at it this week. There are 14 games being played this weekend, and Doc and Del only agree on six of them against the spread. But hey, that’s what…Read More

NFL Picks Week 5 – Doc Brown Special

Last week was another great success for the LBS NFL Picks in the 2010 season. Both Doc Brown and Del are 8-1 on their Top 3 picks of the week. Can’t get much better than that. If you’re looking to take our picks to the bank, that’s probably you’re best chance when it comes to…Read More

NFL Picks Week 4 – Del’s Selections

On Thursday, Doc Brown posted his Week 4 NFL picks.  If you look at Del’s picks this week you might be inclined to think he copied the Doc on almost all games straight up.  However, with a six-pick lead in the SU category, I can assure you that’s not the case (no offense, Doc).  It’s…Read More

NFL Picks Week 4 – Doc Brown Special

It’s been an excellent start to the season for Doc Brown. After starting up the picks week two, the Doc has posted a pair of 10-6 records against the spread. Even better, the Doc is now 5-1 on his top three picks of the week. Picking straight up for some reason has been more of…Read More

Doc Brown NFL Picks Week 3

I proudly announced last week that Doc Brown was back for another season of picking NFL games. The Doc came through with a strong season debut, going 10-6 against the spread and 2-1 on the Top 3 Picks of the Week. If you can nail down your top three picks and go 2-1 each week…Read More

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