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Friday, October 31, 2014

Sports Almanac Picks

Week Five NFL Picks

I started doing some video picks for FanHouse this week, all against the spread. Check it out: Video Link Big thanks to the legendary Jamie Mottram (the Cal Ripken of the blogosphere?) and the venerable John Ness for the help with the project.

Doc Brown’s Sports Almanac Picks

I’ve wrestled with these games like Angela Keathley and Renee Thomas yet I’ve been unable to come up with a viable conclusion. Who to pick, what to choose? These games seem tougher than ordinary. With this mental predicament in mind, I have no choice but to turn to a higher power for enlightenment. Patriots (+156)…Read More

Doc Brown Sports Almanac Picks

Before I break these games down like Nancy Kerrigan’s leg, I must get something off my chest. I am currently watching Mean Girls – and no, that doesn’t make me gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – but Lindsay Lohan has a ridiculous rack. On to things we won’t quite agree on unanimously……Read More

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