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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sports Almanac Picks

Doc Brown NFL Picks Week 3

I proudly announced last week that Doc Brown was back for another season of picking NFL games. The Doc came through with a strong season debut, going 10-6 against the spread and 2-1 on the Top 3 Picks of the Week. If you can nail down your top three picks and go 2-1 each week…Read More

Del’s NFL Picks Week 3

Doc Brown and I would like to sincerely apologize for failing to post Week 1 picks.  If they were anything like our Week 2 picks and you decided to trust either one of us, you would have made yourselves a good chunk of change.  The Week 2 edition of NFL Picks 2010 came down to…Read More

Del Has Arrived: NFL Picks Week 2

Earlier today, Doc Brown brought you his much-anticipated NFL picks for Week 2.  Allow me to begin by admitting I’ve checked out Doc Brown’s Sports Almanac Picks and the man knows his stuff.  That being said, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition.  That’s why Del will be bringing you his picks each and every…Read More

Doc Brown Is Back: NFL Picks Week 2

The NFL is already ridiculously fun to watch, but sometimes there’s a little more at stake than just your favorite team playing a game. In other words, we realize that many people are into NFL betting. With that in mind, we have brought back Doc Brown’s Sports Almanac Picks for another football season. I know…Read More

Doc Brown’s NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 17

1-2 last week was the first losing week for Doc Brown in quite some time. The season record stands at 28-20 which is 58%. To get over the 60% mark, we’re going to need a 3-0 week so I’m digging especially deep for these picks. Either way, we’re still beating the vig for you which…Read More

Doc Brown’s NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 16

2-1 last week means we’re now 27-18 on the season which is officially 60% on the nose. That’s solid enough to make you money on a regular basis. The weather really starts to become a factor in these last few weeks so make sure you choose your plays wisely. I know we definitely have. All…Read More

Doc Brown’s NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 15

Alright, we’re on quite a roll and I’m running out of weeks to pat myself on the back. I guess I’ll give it another week before I start celebrating. Last week we were 3-0 with the picks raising the season record to 25-17. That’s 60% which is enough to make any bookie sweat and get…Read More

Doc Brown’s NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 14

OK, so 2-1 last week was respectable enough even though the freaking Bears were in control and had one of the worst 14 point swings ever resulting in our only loss. Still, 22-17 on the year is enough to have you beating the house, so that will work for the time being. Time to keep…Read More

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