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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sports Almanac Picks

Week 14 NFL Picks

Three straight 2-1 weeks. You know what that means? I’m making you money. Every week. We’re now 14-9-1 on the year, a clip over 60% against the spread. For those of you a little new to the game, that’s like batting over .300 in baseball. For those of you non baseball fans, that’s like nailing…Read More

Week 13 NFL Picks

So I took last week off for the picks (I was like 10-0 though, trust me). This week we’re back on, and although I had the Cowboys covering, the picks are only limited to Sunday’s games (duh, if you could find a book that’s still taking bets on the Boys, lemme know). We went 2-1…Read More

Week 11 NFL Picks

It was nice to get back on track with a 2-1 week. The Browns covered easily, and even were leading most of the game. The Falcons were getting points, and won outright. Only the stinking Lions lost last weekend, but this weekend they’re at home, not on the road. Anyway, the record now stands at…Read More

Week 10 NFL Picks

Something about those road dogs, I dunno. It was pointed out to me that for the second week in a row, I took three road teams. Last week it didn’t work out so well. We’ll see how this week goes, but I’m taking three dogs and like the chances. Here are this week’s picks, as…Read More

Week Nine NFL Picks

Finally came back to Earth a little with 1-2 week. That actually felt good because I was getting worried about picking so many winners. The season record stands at 8-3-1, and based on my alternating weeks, I’m due for another hot one. Here’s this week’s installment of Doc Brown’s Sports Almanac Picks on FanHouse: Ocho…Read More

Week 8 NFL Picks

Now we’re rolling at 7-1-1 on the year after another 3-0 week. You know what that means? I’m due for an 0-3 week coming up! Just kidding. Here are this week’s picks, as shown at FanHouse: I never thought there would be a day that I would pull for Alex Smith, but there’s always a…Read More

Week Six NFL Picks

Last week I introduced you to my new series at FanHouse where I’m picking games against the spread. In the first installment, we hit on all three picks to go 3-0. Here are my week six picks, and as you might have guessed, I offer my thoughts on the Cowboys/Patriots game.

Week Five NFL Picks

I started doing some video picks for FanHouse this week, all against the spread. Check it out: Video Link Big thanks to the legendary Jamie Mottram (the Cal Ripken of the blogosphere?) and the venerable John Ness for the help with the project.

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