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Friday, October 19, 2018

Sports Almanac Picks

NFL Week 7 Picks – Doc Brown Special

As the NFL season marches on, it appears as if we know less and less about the teams. The Saints lose one week and win by a blowout the next. The Jags win two in a row then lose in a blowout the next.

NFL Picks Week 5 – Doc Brown Special

Last week was another great success for the LBS NFL Picks in the 2010 season. Both Doc Brown and Del are 8-1 on their Top 3 picks of the week. Can’t get much better than that.

NFL Picks Week 4 – Del’s Selections

On Thursday, Doc Brown posted his Week 4 NFL picks.  If you look at Del’s picks this week you might be inclined to think he copied the Doc on almost all games straight up.

NFL Picks Week 4 – Doc Brown Special

It’s been an excellent start to the season for Doc Brown. After starting up the picks week two, the Doc has posted a pair of 10-6 records against the spread.