My Day at De La Hoya vs Mayweather Conference

Here's an audio recap of my day at the De La Hoya vs Mayweather press conference promoting their May 5th bout.

Listen to hear how each fighter was received by the fans, Pretty Boy Floyd talk all kinds of trash, and Oscar make his prediction.

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Disclocating a Knee Cap isn’t Fun

By now you've probably seen the youtube clips floating around of Clippers PG Shaun Livingston dislocating his knee cap — it wasn't pretty. The unlucky Livingston came down awkwardly after attempting a layup against Charlotte and wound up tearing three ligaments in his knee. The young guard (who was too untouchable to trade for Allen Iverson), will reportedly be missing 8-12 months.

You've probably seen what the injury looked like…now, here's your chance to hear what it sounded like. Remember, this is the sound of a man who dislocated his knee cap and tore three ligaments. (listen closely to hear the profanity mixed into the groans). This my friends, is the sound of pain

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Aramis Ramirez expects Playoff Run for Cubs

As the Chicago Cubs began to file in for Spring Training, it wasn't Carlos Zambrano and his newly inked 1 year deal that was the news of the day. Oh no.

When I first heard this statement come out of Aramis Ramirez's mouth, I thought I was hearing George Steinbrenner talk (with the exception of the accent and all).

Here it is for you — a nice sound bite to remember and store for when the playoffs come around.

Quote of the day from Aramis Ramirez:

"Everybody's looking for us to make the playoffs and anything short of that is going to be a disappointing season."

Check back for my Cubs preview to see where I stack them up.

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Update: Audio from Mike Golic Jr. on Charlie Weis Phone Call

Yesterday I reported an occurence on Mike and Mike in the Morning when Mike Golic Jr. was invited on the show to share the news that he committed to play football at Notre Dame. Today, I now have the audio clip to let you decide for yourself whether or not Weis really called Golic Jr., or whether Golic Jr. was just embellishing the story.

Here's how the conversation went (you can also play the clip below):

Golic Sr.: "What happened yesterday, what did you do?"

Golic Jr.: "Yesterday we were out in Pisa in Italy. I got to look around the leaning tower and then got a call from Charlie Weis and I'm going to Notre Dame now."

Golic Sr.: "You committed to Notre Dame."

Golic Jr.: "Committed to Notre Dame and saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the same 15 minute span so not too bad."

Golic Sr.: "Not too bad at all. And just so the record knows you had to call Charlie Weis."

You can listen yourself and make the call.

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The Larry Brown Show from NBX

This is The Larry Brown Show which ordinarily appears on NBX.com every Sunday. Due to technical difficulties, it was unable to be posted over there, and I have made it available for your listening enjoyment here. Amongst other topics, I felt the need to bash on the ridiculous levels of media attention National Signing Day receieved earlier in the week. Check it out to hear some of my thoughts by pressing play on the player below.

Terry Francona wants Papelbon in Pen

Red Sox manager Terry Francona leaves no room for question – he wants Jonathan Papelbon to be his closer. Of course he does. Papelbon was nearly un-hittable last year – giving up just 7 earned runs (7!!) in over 68 innings pitched, only 3 home runs, and only 53 base-runners. Clearly Jonathan won't have that type of success as a starter – or anything close to it, but he can still be successful. While Francona will feel much more secure handing the ball to Papelbon in the 9th (or sometimes 8th), 200 innings of Papelbon at a 3.60 ERA (which is feasible) is more valuable to the Red Sox than 68 innings of 0.92 ERA. I may not be a doctor – and I don't quite understand how starting is better for his health than closing (maybe because it allows for a set regimen) – but I go with whatever the experts say. Jonathan Papelbon is a bright star and the Sox need to do whatever it takes to keep him healthy. (repeat after me, no Kerry Wood, no Kerry Wood…). Press play on the file below to hear Francona's statement saying he would prefer to have Papelbon in the pen.

Nick Saban That Racist

That redneck yankee traitor Nick Saban is a total racist. Don't believe me, here is the audio of Saban's reported "coon ass" comment. If you listen, you'll notice the horrible quality of the audio. This detail indicates to me that these comments were off the record as Saban says. If Saban's remark was said off the record as Nick declares, then I believe the act of making the "off the record" comment public is worse than Saban saying what he did.