Rex Grossman Calls Media Ignorant

Apparently the heat and the trashing by the media has finally gotten to our good buddy Rex the Hex. At Thursday morning's media conference, Rex reached his boiling point and let his true feelings spill over. In fact, Rex said exactly what probably 99% of players have always felt. My guess is that this will be the lone gold nugget the media will receive for the week. You can listen to the remarks and judge for yourself.

Devin Hester went to College?

Chicago Bears special teamer Devin Hester struggles while attempting to record station liners in the middle of a Super Bowl news conference. This begs a few questions:
1. Why would a reporter interrupt a Super Bowl news conference to ask Hester to record said liners AND
2. How did Devin Hester make it through 3 years of college?

I'll let you decide for yourself