Report: Darren Sharper arrested on suspicion of rape

Darren SharperFormer five-time Pro Bowl defensive back Darren Sharper was arrested in Los Angeles on Friday on suspicion of rape, according to a report.

TMZ Sports says Sharper, who won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints in the 2009 season, was booked at a jail in LA and released on $200,000 bail.

Police reportedly say Sharper was linked to two alleged sexual assaults — one from Oct. 2013 and the other this month. TMZ later reported that the incidents both took place at Los Angeles hotels and involve two separate women.

Sharper had 63 interceptions during his 14-year career and returned 11 for touchdowns. The two-time All-Pro safety is currently an analyst for NFL Network.

WDSU also reports that Sharper is being investigated for an allegation of sexual assault in Louisiana.

Davone Bess reportedly arrested for assaulting police officer with hot coffee

Davone-Bess-mug-shotCleveland Browns wide receiver Davone Bess was reportedly arrested on Friday morning for assaulting an officer/firefighter. As CBS Miami first reported, Bess was taken into custody by police at Fort Lauderdale International Airport at around 6:19 a.m.

TMZ Sports later obtained a copy of the incident report, which stated that Bess went after a police officer with a cup of hot coffee. Police reportedly responded to passenger complaints about a man at a TSA checkpoint who was “acting irrationally, dancing, singing with his pants repeatedly falling down.”

When cops arrived at the scene, Bess allegedly grabbed a cup of coffee that didn’t belong to him and squeezed it so hard that it splashed on a police officer. The report says Bess then took a “fighting stance,” which prompted the cop to strike him in the leg with a baton.

The officer said the baton had “no effect” and Bess then took his shirt off and reassumed his fighting position. When backup arrived, Bess complied and was taken into custody where he was booked for simple assault on an officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The arresting officer added that Bess “appeared to be under the influence of unknown narcotic” and “appeared to be looking through me when I was talking to him.”

Bess has found himself in hot water on numerous occasions over the past month. On Dec. 21, the 28-year-old posted a photo on Instagram of himself holding a blunt that may or may not have contained marijuana. Then on Thursday, Bess tweeted another photo of weed that appeared to be less open for interpretation. The Browns said they are looking into the most recent picture.

If our police blotter doesn’t help get you through your Friday this week, nothing will. Earlier, we shared a story with you about Kellen Winslow II allegedly being spotted masturbating in his vehicle in a Target parking lot before police found him to be in possession of synthetic marijuana. You’re welcome.

Witness claims Kellen Winslow was masturbating in car before marijuana arrest

Kellen-Winslow-JetsBack in November, New York Jets tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. was found to be in possession of synthetic marijuana outside a Target store in New Jersey. That is now officially the most boring part of the story from the day of his encounter with police. On Friday, Dom Cosentino of NJ.com cited court documents that make mention of masturbation in a vehicle, Boston Market, and empty containers labeled “Mr. Happy” and “Funky Monkey.”

According to the incident report from Nov. 19 at 5:30 p.m., police were called to the Target parking lot when a woman claimed she saw Winslow masturbating in his car. The woman claimed in the redacted report that she had parked next to a black Cadillac Escalade and a man, later identified as Winslow, was sitting in the car with the window down.

“As she exited her vehicle, she commented to the male regarding how cold it was,” the report said. “As she stood near the open driver side window of the Escalade, she observed the males [sic] erect penis. She stated that she believed he was masturbating. [The woman] provided a written statement regarding her account.”

Winslow reportedly sprang to an upright position when a police officer approached his window. When the officer asked what he was up to, Winslow allegedly told him he was looking for a Boston Market restaurant but had gotten lost. He was “slouched in his seat and moving around,” but the cop said Winslow’s genitals were not exposed.

Next, the officer said he noticed plastic bags marked “Mr. Happy” and empty containers labeled “Funky Monkey” scattered throughout Winslow’s vehicle. When asked about those, Winslow allegedly told police that he bought the stuff at a gas station and smoked it at home because the NFL doesn’t drug test for it and it helps him relax. Police say he then consented to a vehicle search and was free to go after a few items were taken.

Lab results came back on Dec. 23 that revealed Winslow was in possession of synthetic marijuana. He was charged on Dec. 30 and has plead not guilty. While the incident report listed lewdness among the alleged crimes, Winslow was not charged with anything of the sort.

Allegedly trashing a rental home in California doesn’t look so bad now, does it?

Winslow’s rep later issued a statement saying the tight end was simply changing his clothes when the woman saw him, not JO’ing.

“Kellen pulled over to a parking lot to smoke what he thought at the time was a legal substance,” the statement read. “He changed his clothes in his vehicle as to not smell like smoke when he returned home. There was absolutely nothing inappropriate that took place and if there was police would have investigated further and charged Kellen which they did not. This will be the only time we will comment on this unfounded and ridiculous claim.”

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Police believe Aaron Hernandez may have been shooter in 2012 double murder

Aaron HernandezAs former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez awaits trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd, investigators may be in the process of building a case against him for an entirely separate crime. Back in July, we learned that prosecutors were pushing to charge Hernandez for a double murder that took place outside a Boston nightclub in 2012. Court documents that were released on Thursday confirmed that.

According to Wesley Lowery of the Boston Globe, new court documents show that investigators have been making an effort to link Hernandez to the 2012 double murder. They even wrote that there is “probable cause to believe that Aaron Hernandez was operating the suspect vehicle used in the shooting homicides of Daniel Abreau and Safiro Furtado, and may have been the shooter.”

Shortly after Hernandez was arrested and charged with the murder of Lloyd, a silver SUV that may have been linked to the 2012 murders was seized from his uncle’s home in Bristol, Conn. A search warrant affidavit that was unsealed by a Connecticut judge on Thursday showed that police sought to search and analyze that vehicle. Investigators were hoping to find gunshot residue and a duffle bag that they believed contained the clothes Hernandez was seen on a surveillance camera wearing the night of the shooting.

A few months ago, surveillance footage that was recovered reportedly showed Hernandez inside a club with the murder victims just hours before they were killed. The murder weapon that was used was also reportedly found in the car of a woman from Hernandez’s hometown who was involved in a car crash back in June.

The new documents released Thursday also noted that a firearm was found in the Bristol home where the silver SUV was being stored, though it is unclear if the gun had any connection to Lloyd’s murder or the 2012 double murder.

While we still don’t have many answers, it seems pretty clear that Hernandez has more to worry about than his alleged involvement with Lloyd’s murder.

Yasiel Puig was speeding with his mom in the car, wore pink shorts (Video)

Yasiel Puig pink shortsYasiel Puig was arrested on reckless driving charges Dec. 28 after being caught driving at alleged speeds of 110 mph down Alligator Alley in Florida. What I didn’t know until now is that his mother and two passengers were in the car with him when he was speeding … and that he was wearing pink shorts. Cute.

Even though I couldn’t tell from the video, TMZ says the officer yells at Puig in Spanish and tells him that he could have killed his mother by driving so recklessly. Puig’s mother was also supposedly crying during the stop.

What’s the lesson to be learned in all of this? If you’re going to be pulled over for speeding, make sure it’s not when you’re wearing pink shorts.

Tito Ortiz busted for DUI after partying at Playboy Mansion

Tito OrtizTito Ortiz was arrested for DUI after a night of partying at the Playboy Mansion, according to a report.

The MMA legend ran his 2012 Porsche Panamera into a concrete median on the 405 early Monday morning, TMZ reports. They say he was partying at the Playboy Mansion for a BCS football party before driving home intoxicated. He blew a .12 and had two passengers in his car.

Ortiz was released shortly after 8:00 am. His crash occurred around 4:00 am. Luckily it sounds like nobody was hurt.

Ortiz was one of the most notable UFC fighters in the organization’s history despite having numerous conflicts with Dana White. He has recently been associated with Bellator MMA and TNA wrestling. His ex-girlfriend, porn star Jenna Jameson, recently accused him of being a drug addict.

Yasiel Puig arrested for reckless driving, was clocked at 110 mph

Yasiel PuigLos Angeles Dodgers rookie outfielder Yasiel Puig was arrested Saturday morning in Florida on reckless driving charges after being clocked doing 110 mph in a 70-mph zone, according to a report.

The Naples Daily News reports that Puig was driving his 2013 Mercedes when he was caught speeding on Alligator Alley.

You may recall that Puig was arrested and charged with speeding, reckless driving and driving without proof of insurance in Chattanooga in April. He was driving 97 in a 50-mph zone that time.

Puig was in Chattanooga playing for the Dodgers’ Double-A minor league team to start the season. He was eventually called up to the bigs by the Dodgers in June.

Apparently Puig drives like he plays — full speed and without much caution. He batted .319 with 21 doubles and 19 home runs in 104 games this season and finished second in NL Rookie of the Year voting.