Rockies owner Charlie Monfort arrested for DUI, has happiest mug shot ever

Charlie Monfort mug shot
Colorado Rockies co-owner Charlie Monfort was arrested on Monday in Windsor, Colo., for suspicion of DUI, according to The Denver Post.

The Post says Monfort, 54, was also cited for driving 10-19 miles per hour over the speed limit, though it’s unclear what led to him initially being pulled over.

Monfort was released Tuesday on $2,500 bond.

The Post notes that Monfort was arrested for DUI in 1999. His BAC was more than twice the legal limit during that arrest, though he had the charge reduced.

Monfort was apologetic in a statement released on Tuesday night.

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“I’m extremely disappointed in myself for the decision I made to drink and drive and the potential risk I caused to other innocent people. I want to apologize to my family, the Colorado Rockies staff, players, Major League Baseball and, of course, our fans for the embarrassment I have caused by my actions. I do understand the seriousness of my behavior and the issues that I am facing and I’m committed to do what’s necessary to deal with my problem.”

Now that we’ve gotten all the details out of the way … can we talk for a second about Monfort’s mug shot? Why does he look like he was just informed that he’s got a couple of hookers waiting for him in his jail cell? Bro, you just got busted for DUI. Wipe that smile off your face. Or is he only grinning because he knows he’s so rich he’ll beat the charges? Maybe that’s why he wasn’t sweating it.

Hey, I guess cracking a smile for your mug shot is better than making this face.

Chris Chiapetta after being accused of teaching class while high: ‘Roll tide’ (Video)

Chris-ChiapettaIf people like Chris Chiapetta are educating our nation’s youth, we are in serious trouble. Chiapetta, a 26-year-old who teaches (or used to) at Northgate Middle/High School in Pennsylvania, admitted to using heroin before teaching his class earlier this month. According to WXPI in Pittsburgh, he was “passed out on his desk” in front of the class.

On Thursday, Chiapetta had a preliminary hearing for the charges he is facing which include drug possession, public intoxication and disorderly conduct. When media members sought comment from Chiapetta as he was being escorted from the courtroom, he had only one thing to say.

“Roll Tide.”

Yup, Roll Tide. In addition to being high during class, a stamped bag reportedly fell out of Chiapetta’s pocket while he was sitting at his desk. Police later found four stamped bags of heroin in his car in addition to marijuana.

And you thought the guy who poisoned all those trees was crazy? This dude is on his own planet.

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Freddie Mitchell gets 37 months in prison for tax fraud scheme

Freddie MitchellFreddie Mitchell always appeared to have a screw loose, so it’s no surprise that he is going to spend the next several years behind bars.

TMZ reported on Tuesday that the former Philadelphia Eagles receiver was sentenced to 37 months in prison for his role in a tax fraud scheme. Mitchell was facing 10 years in prison but struck a plea deal with prosecutors in March.

Mitchell told NBA player Drew Gooden that he knew a former IRS employee who could file his tax return and get millions back in a refund. Mitchell supposedly accepted payment from Gooden, created a fake take return, and received $2 million in a refund that he and his partners had deposited into their accounts.

Gooden was not accused of any wrongdoing in the case. Investigators learned of the scheme after Gooden filed his return and the IRS realized they had already paid a refund to him.

I wonder if Mr. 4th and 26 still wants to thank his hands for being so great.

Thomas Robinson busted for speeding – 107 MPH in 55 zone

Thomas Robinson BlazersPortland Trailblazers forward and former Kansas star Thomas Robinson was busted by Portland police for speeding on Friday morning on the 5 freeway. The stats from his citation were actually more impressive than any numbers he put up in his rookie season.

According to The Oregonian, Robinson was clocked by Portland police doing 107 MPH in his Porsche Panamera in a 55-MPH zone. The fine for being caught speeding at over 100 MPH is $1,150.

Not that we’re trying to glorify his actions or anything, but it’s amazing how casual Robinson’s tone was in an apology sent over Twitter.

Did the guy just miss a free throw or was he busted driving at reckless speeds? I can’t seem to figure it out.

Colt Lyerla arrested for cocaine possession

Colt Lyerla mug shot

Colt Lyerla was arrested in Lane County, Ore., on Wednesday for cocaine possession, according to a police report. The arrest comes less than three weeks after it was announced the tight end left the Oregon Ducks football program.

Lyerla reportedly was arrested near 7th Ave. and Polk St. in Eugene, which is where the University of Oregon campus is located.

According to a police report, Lyerla happened to park next to some cops who were watching a house under surveillance in an unrelated drug investigation. The police observed Lyerla appearing to snort and possess cocaine. Lyerla allegedly admitted to possessing and using the coke. He agreed to meet the detectives at his apartment, but he supposedly fled once they were inside. The police report states he went to a nearby apartment and was arrested after emerging from the residence a short time later. He was then taken to jail.

Lyerla was a junior tight end who missed two games this season before deciding to leave the program. He reportedly was constantly late or missed team activities, which led coach Mark Helfrich to threaten to kick him off the team if he made one more mistake. Lyerla decided to leave the program to focus on the NFL Draft. He supposedly had stopped showing up to class as well.

Lyerla has all the tools of a strong NFL prospect, but he has serious character issues. In addition to his problems this season, he was also suspended last year by Chip Kelly. Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller first reported news of Lyerla’s arrest.

Report: Jets fan who punched female Patriots fan is convicted killer Kurt Paschke

The New York Jets fan who punched a female New England Patriots fan in a video that went viral is a convicted killer, according to a report.

Video of Jets and Patriots fans fighting outside MetLife Stadium after the Jets beat the Pats 30-27 in overtime Sunday was first posted by Deadspin. Reports later indicated that police were investigating the incident. Apparently they questioned Kurt Paschke, who has been identified as the Jets fan in the video who punched the female Pats fan.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Paschke’s mother, who attended the game with her son, says her son was defending her when he punched the fan. But the big bomb dropped by the News is that Paschke did time in the 1990s after being convicted for fatally stabbing a man in a fight behind a pizza parlor.

Based on these photos, it looks like the same fan (the one on the left is from 2009, the one on the right is from Sunday):

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Report: Carlos Peguero’s wife illegally used Felix Hernandez’s wife’s credit card

Carlos-Peguero-MarinersAnd now, for one of the most bizarre reports you will ever read. Seattle Mariners outfielder Carlos Peguero’s wife, Maria Peguero, is currently facing federal wire-fraud charges. According to The Seattle Times, Maria has been accused of buying nearly $180,000 worth of online merchandise using a credit card that did not belong to her. Here’s where it gets really weird.

The credit card Maria, 22, allegedly used belonged to Sandra Hernandez, the wife of Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez. Court documents claimed Maria spent a few days at the Hernandez residence back in May of 2012 when the team was on a lengthy road trip. Peguero would have had access to Sandra’s credit cards during that time.

The charges against Peguero allege that Saks Fifth Avenue in New York became suspicious of a series of transactions made with a debit card on an account belonging to “Jackie Peguero.” Maria’s full name is Maria Jacqueline Peguero. The billing and shipping addresses associated with the account were reportedly different, which raised a red flag. A search warrant for Peguero’s apartment was then obtained by the cybercrime task force and dozens of items were seized.

Peguero allegedly made more than 60 transactions in all and as many as five separate purchases in a single day, ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to $11,000 for a single transaction. Investigators discovered that Peguero was associated with an email address at versacegoldbarbie@yahoo.com, which they later traced to her Twitter account. The Twitter page reportedly featured photos of Peguero with some of the items they believe were illegally purchased.

Federal wire-fraud carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison.

For what it’s worth, Peguero was arrested in 2010 in Texas for shoplifting several items from a TJ Maxx store. Carlos Peguero, who has been with the Mariners for three seasons, said he had no knowledge of his wife’s alleged purchases.

I’m just speculating here, but I would imagine this investigation has created a tiny bit of awkwardness between Carlos and Felix. That has to make for some weird locker room talk.

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