Bernie Kosar at DUI stop gave cops credit cards as his ID

Bernie Kosar DUI mug shot

When we posted about Bernie Kosar pleading not guilty to DUI charges on Monday, we noted that he actually looked somewhat sober in his mug shot. Well it turns out he was actually pretty wasted.

Kosar was pulled over for doing 74 mph in a 50-mph zone on Sunday morning. He refused a breathalyzer and was taken in on DUI charges. But during the DUI stop, Kosar seemed to reveal how messed up he was.

Some of the details behind the DUI are phenomenal (not that we condone drunk driving). According to the police report …

    - When asked to provide ID, Kosar gave the police two credit cards. When asked again for ID, Kosar pointed to the cards as if that was his ID.

    – Kosar was asked to recite the alphabet from E to W and supposedly said “E, F, G, P, L, M, N, O, Q,” which isn’t too far off.

    – When asked if he would be unable to stand on one leg for any reason, Kosar said he had a lot of surgeries on his ankles and knees because his offensive line couldn’t block.

Kosar man, what a gem. And by gem we mean idiot. And by idiot we mean don’t try this at home. Oh, and did we mention that Kosar’s daughter did porn?

Cleveland.com has the full police report if you want to read it.

Bernie Kosar looked sober in mug shot, pleads not guilty to DUI

Bernie Kosar DUI mug shot

Few former players seem to have had more trouble in life after retirement than Bernie Kosar. Not only has the former Cleveland Browns/Miami Hurricanes quarterback gotten a divorce, experienced financial problems, and felt the effects of concussions from his playing days, but now he was pulled over for suspicion of DUI on Sunday morning.

Kosar was pulled over for speeding and officers detected a strong scent of alcohol. They administered sobriety tests and took Kosar to jail, where he was released on $500 bond. He pleaded not guilty to the DUI charges and has a pretrial hearing on Dec. 9.

Kosar has made plenty of headlines in retirement. Not only did he anger Jeff Fisher by criticizing the St. Louis Rams during a preseason game, but he also raised concerns by slurring his words and otherwise looking or sounding terrible during radio interviews and an appearance on the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “The U.” Oh yeah, and another problem he has is his daughter did porn. Yikes!

Photo: Twitter/ESPN Cleveland

Hugh Douglas arrested for allegedly strangling woman, claims it was during rough sex

Hugh Douglas

Former Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Hugh Douglas was arrested and appeared in court on Tuesday for allegedly violently attacking a woman, according to a report.

WFSB says Douglas was arrested in downtown Hartford for allegedly attacking a woman at a Marriott Hotel. WFSB reports court documents say Douglas grabbed the woman by the neck and “slammed her into the wall several times.”

Douglas apparently claims the injuries occurred during rough sex. He has been charged with third-degree assault and second-degree strangulation, per WFSB.

Douglas, who played 10 season in the NFL and reached three Pro Bowls, made headlines around here last month after he was fired from ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie” TV show for getting into a huge fight with co-host Michael Smith. Douglas reportedly called Smith an “Uncle Tom” during the drunken confrontation.

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones reportedly arrested for disorderly conduct

pacman-jonesCincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested once again on Monday morning. According to WCPO in Cincinnati, the Ohio State Highway Patrol said Jones was cited for disorderly conduct.

A 2013 Dodge Durango that Pacman was a passenger in was reportedly pulled over at about 2:30 a.m. on Monday. The driver, 33-year-old Tishana F. Holmes, was driving 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. She allegedly refused a field sobriety test and was arrested for driving while under the influence. Jones was arrested for disorderly conduct at some point during the stop.

Jones is turning 30 next week, and it appeared he was celebrating his birthday on Sunday night.

This is about the 3,000th time Jones has been arrested since entering the NFL. If you check out our Adam Jones tag, you’ll notice that almost all of the stories involve Pacman getting himself into trouble in some way. Most recently, he was charged with assault after a video showed what looked like him punching a woman outside a bar. If he is found guilty of disorderly conduct, a suspension will almost certainly be coming from the NFL.

Aldon Smith reportedly had marijuana and pills in his car, had BAC of .15

Aldon-Smith-mug-shotSan Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested on Friday for driving while under the influence for a second time in two years, but he could wind up in trouble for more than just being under the influence of alcohol. According to the San Jose Mercury News, police also found marijuana and pills in Smith’s car when they searched it after he hit a tree.

The arrest occurred at 7 a.m., which is an odd time for someone to be arrested for a DUI. Your initial reaction might be that Smith was hungover, but sources told the Mercury News that his blood alcohol level was .15 — nearly twice the legal limit. He did not have a prescription for the marijuana, not that it would matter since NFL players are not allowed to smoke weed regardless.

The 49ers released a statement saying they are still “gathering information” about the incident and have no comment at this time.

Unless there was some sort of epic mixup, Smith is almost certain to face discipline from the NFL in the form of a suspension. He has been involved in a number of off-field incidents since coming into the league, despite recently expressing a desire to get his act together. If he is forced to miss time, San Francisco’s pass rush and defense would be dealing with a major downgrade.

Aldon Smith arrested on suspicion of DUI

Aldon-Smith-NinersSan Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence on Friday morning. Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com first reported that Smith was determined to be the driver in a single-vehicle accident that occurred around 7 a.m. on Friday. No one was injured, but Smith was allegedly intoxicated.

“At some point, they did a breath sample and it was over the limit,” San Jose Police Sgt. Heather Randol told CSNBayArea.com. “He was not injured, and it does not appear as if anybody else was in the vehicle with him. And there were no other involved vehicles or reported injuries.”

This is the second DUI arrest for Smith, who has battled a number of issues off the field since coming into the NFL. He had his charges reduced on a previous DUI in Miami Beach. Smith is also being sued by two men who claim they were shot at a party at his house by gang members he was associated with. The former Missouri star was stabbed at the same party and the San Jose District Attorney’s office is in the process of determining whether or not to prosecute him for possession of illegal assault weapons.

Smith, one of the most prolific pass rushers in the NFL, recently expressed a desire to make better decisions and surround himself with more responsible people.

“I’m really focused more than ever and I’m ready to go,” he told reporters. “Being my age, you just have to be aware of everything around you. I’ve just got to make better decisions and surround myself with good people.”

Smith has racked up a whopping 37 sacks in 34 NFL games since 2011. Given that he has had multiple run-ins with the law, you can expect a suspension to be coming at some point from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Royce White reportedly under investigation for domestic violence

Royce WhitePhiladelphia 76ers forward Royce White is reportedly under investigation for domestic violence for an incident that occurred earlier this summer.

TMZ reported on Wednesday that White’s ex-girlfriend, Maxim model Tania Mehra, filed a police report on Aug. 30 to report an incident that took place at White’s Houston-area home on June 22. Police say someone called 911 that day to report a laceration above Mehra’s right eye. She claimed it was the result of an accidental fall. TMZ shared a photo of the injury:


However, Mehra changed her story in the police report she allegedly filed on Aug. 30, claiming that she lied before and that White actually hit her.

“The victim said she had lied earlier because the suspect played for the NBA and did not want the incident to damage his career,” police reportedly told TMZ. The victim stated that White had assaulted her after she became angered by his advances toward her friend.”

Mehra also reportedly claimed that White threw a candle holder at her during the altercation but missed and smashed a mirror. A photo of the alleged damage from that can be seen here.

No charges have been filed against White as the investigation is still ongoing. White, a first-round pick out of Iowa State, did not play in the NBA during his rookie season last year as he dealt with mental health issues. He is infamously known for taunting the Oklahoma City Thunder on Twitter last year, which prompted Kevin Durant to poke fun at his fear of flying.