TJ Ward allegedly threw glass mug at bartender in strip club

TJ WardAn arrest warrant was issued for Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward on Thursday for alleged misdemeanor charges of assault and disturbing the peace. According to the warrant, Ward is accused of throwing a glass mug at a bartender inside a Denver strip club called Centerfolds.

According to the warrant, Ward and three other men approached the bartender to ask for $200 in one dollar bills in the early hours of May 10. He was holding a glass bottle when he went up to the bar and was told to take it out to his car or throw it away.

The Denver Post describes it from there:

About 10 minutes later, Ward returned to the bar with a non-alcoholic drink purchased at the club and asked for a cup of ice. The bartender then saw him pour from the same bottle he had been told to take outside, the document said.

The bartender took the cup and poured out the drink. When she turned to help another customer, she felt something hit her wrist, the document said.

The bartender was told Ward threw a glass mug at her. Video surveillance from inside the club reportedly confirms this story.

The other men with Ward include Broncos DT Terrance Knighton and former Broncos CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. The woman did not know who Ward was at the time but identified him by looking at pictures of him on the ‘net.

It looks like everything was worked out because police say the warrant was mistakenly issued. Ward appeared in court on Friday and was given a ticket instead.

Are you at all surprised by this? Do you think the newest member of the Broncos defense would really be arrested for something that small? I don’t want to dismiss what Ward allegedly did because that’s pretty shady, but there’s no way the team wasn’t going to handle this.

Jim Irsay charged with two misdemeanors for OWI arrest

Jim Irsay

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has been charged with two misdemeanors for his driving arrest in March, according to FOX 59 in Indianapolis.

Irsay went to rehab after the arrest and has not been punished by the NFL, but he will be facing some potential discipline from the legal system.

According to FOX 59, Irsay has been charged with one count of operating while intoxicated and one count of operating a vehicle with a schedule I or II controlled substances or its metabolite in the body. Both crimes are considered C misdemeanors. The substances were oxycodone and/or hydrocodone.

Irsay supposedly faces 60 days in jail if he’s convincted.

Another concern about Irsay’s arrest was that he was found with $30,000 on him at the time he was pulled over. That raised concern about drug buying/selling, but FOX 59 says the amount of drugs on Irsay’s person supposedly did not rise to the levels of “dealing” status.

Renzo Gracie reportedly arrested following fight with bouncers (Video)

Renzo-GracieRenzo Gracie has not fought in the octagon in over four years, but that doesn’t mean the Brazilian mixed martial artist has executed his last takedown. On Sunday night, Gracie got into it with some bouncers outside a nightclub in New York City.

Sherdog.com reported that Gracie was arrested following the incident. The following video, which contains NSFW language, shows some of the exchanges that took place after the alleged brawl.

The guy who recorded the cell phone video claims Gracie and about seven men arrived at 1-Oak in Manhattan and took the liberty of going to the front of the line. The 47-year-old then got into it with a doorman, and his group allegedly started to rumble with some bouncers. The witness said Gracie put one bouncer into a guillotine choke at one point.

Police then arrived and arrested Gracie and all of his friends. For a guy who is nearly over the hill, it sure sounds like the world famous Jiu-Jitsu coach still has some moves.

H/T Bloody Elbow

Reche Caldwell arrested for selling ecstasy, looks confused in mug shot

Reche Caldwell mug shot

Former NFL wide receiver and Florida Gator Reche Caldwell was arrested Tuesday in Tampa and accused of possession with the intent to sell ecstasy, according to reports.

The Tampa Tribune says Caldwell is in jail with a bail set at $2,000.

Caldwell, 35, caught 11 touchdowns during his six seasons in the NFL. He played for the Chargers, Patriots and Redskins before retiring after the 2007 season.

Caldwell got into trouble in January when he was busted as part of a gambling ring.

The guy just needs to keep his eyes on the prize and quit doing his best Bone Thugs impression.

Greg Hardy allegedly strangled girlfriend Nicole Holder, threatened to kill her

Greg HardyGreg Hardy was released on bond Wednesday, a day after being arrested on misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Hardy is accused “of throwing girlfriend Nicole Holder to the floor and into a bathtub, slamming her against a Futon and “strangling” during an argument at his home.”

Police were called to the home early Tuesday morning and reportedly found Holder scratched and bruised. The two had been drinking and the fight took place at an afterparty at Hardy’s Charlotte home.

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Hardy allegedly threatened to kill Holder and threw her onto a couch covered in weapons/shotguns that the defensive end bragged were loaded. He also allegedly threatened to shoot her if she reported the assault to anyone.

Holder, 24, and Hardy, 26, have been in a relationship since last year. Holder filed for a restraining order on Wednesday.

Hardy, who made the Pro Bowl last season, was a sixth-round pick by the Panthers in 2010. He fell in the draft because of character concerns and even said he was kicked off Ole Miss’ football team in college. He was in a motorcycle crash in 2011, and he’s been stopped for speeding multiple times. You may remember when he tweeted a picture of himself doing 100 mph a few years ago.

Keyshawn Johnson reportedly arrested for domestic violence

Keyshawn-JohnsonKeyshawn Johnson was reportedly arrested on Monday morning for domestic violence. According to a TMZ report, Johnson was involved in a fight with his ex-girlfriend in his hometown of Calabasas, Calif. when things allegedly got physical.

Sources reportedly told TMZ that Johnson smashed his ex’s phone and caused her to gash her hand. Johnson, who has apparently had a rocky relationship with the woman and was said to be arguing with her over marriage, was booked on charges of misdemeanor domestic battery. He was reportedly released after posting $20,000 bail.

While we need to wait for more details to pass judgment, people will undoubtedly point out the irony in Johnson getting arrested after he has been so vocal about Justin Bieber causing trouble in his neighborhood. The ESPN analyst and former NFL wide receiver once chased after Bieber and confronted him when the pop star was allegedly speeding through their gated community. Johnson has also supposedly reached out to Bieber and tried to offer him advice.

We’ll share more details as they become available.

Donovan McNabb served a day in jail for DUI

Donovan McNabb mugshot

A mugshot of Donovan McNabb circulated around the web Thursday seemingly without reason, but now we know why: he was released from jail after serving one day.

McNabb was pulled over on Dec. 15 and arrested in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community for speeding (TMZ says he was doing 81 in a 65 zone). He was booked for DUI and pleaded guilty on March 27.

McNabb was sentenced to 10 days in jail, but nine days were suspended, so he served his one day in the clink Wednesday and was released on Thursday.

There isn’t a whole lot to this story, but it just goes to show that a lot of famous people can get into trouble and have it fly under the radar. In the case of McNabb, he almost got away with nobody finding out.