Fan Rushes South Africa Pitch With Vuvuzela, Isn’t Tasered

Clearly they do things a little differently in South Africa than we do them here in the States.  When a fan rushes the field in Philadelphia with a goal of outrunning security long enough to hear 40,000 people roaring for him and enjoy his 20 seconds of fame, he ends up getting Tasered by Phillies’ security.  When a fan does the same in Durban, South Africa during one of the most important games in the world carrying arguably the most obnoxious noise-maker in the world, he’s chased down and taken off the field.  Take a look at this video of a fan running onto the field with a vuvuzela during the World Cup Semifinals, courtesy of Sportress of Blogitude:

I know, the World Cup is a much larger stage with higher security awareness, but would it kill MLB teams to hire some security guards who are capable of getting out of their own ways?  If your job is to protect players and fans at a sporting event and you can’t chase down an occasional drunk who who runs onto the field, there’s something wrong.  The World Cup guy gave up much easier than the Phillies fan, but I didn’t see a security guard chasing him around waiting for an opportune shot with a stun-gun, either.

Vuvuzela-Carrying Vagabond Vanquished From Pitch During Germany-Spain Match [Sportress of Blogitude]
Video Credit: YouTube user moka10

Soccer Player Kicked in the Face

I’m not sure anyone has had to sacrifice more to help their team win in the 2010 World Cup than Demy De Zeeuw of The Netherlands.  I won’t lie and say I’ve followed the games closely enough to analyze his play, but I’m certainly willing to give De Zeeuw all the credit he deserves after the punishment he took during Holland’s 3-2 victory over Uruguay on Tuesday that cemented his team a spot in the World Cup Finals.

Soccer is already well known for the acting and flopping players do, but there’s absolutely nothing fake or over-dramatic about this video of Demy De Zeeuw taking a Martin Caceres bicycle-kick right to the face:

Martin Caceres Boots Demy De Zeeuw in the Face [You Been Blinded]
Video Credit: YouTube user kieverfutbol

Miroslav Klose Flips His Way to Victory

Miroslav Klose scored two of Germany’s four goals against Argentina in a quarterfinals shutout win at the 2010 World Cup. The match against Argentina marked Klose’s 100th international game for Germany, and his two goals placed him second all-time in World Cup history with 14 for his career. Klose’s first goal was the result of an impressive setup from Lukas Podolski. He slid on his knees after that goal but broke out his trademark flip following his second goal which came in the 89th minute. Here’s a video of Miroslav Klose’s flip after scoring for Germany:

Germany has displayed the most firepower of any team at the tournament, scoring four goals in three different games. As of now, it’s looking like they’ll have a date with The Netherlands in the finals, unless Spain and Uruguay have something to say about it.

Video Credit: YouTube user hollywoodz2010

Nigeria’s Ban on National Team is Absurd

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has been interesting to say the least. From the refs screwing over England to players hitting reporters it seems like there’s been no end to the madness … and the tournament’s not even over yet! The latest piece of ridiculousness comes to us from Nigeria, where their president Goodluck Jonathan has banned the Nigerian national team from competing in international games for the next two years due to their poor play in the WC.

Does anyone else see this as a little bit dramatic? No one likes to see their team lose — it’s heartbreaking and infuriating all at the same time. But is Nigeria’s president really proving anything by not allowing the team to compete internationally? Yes, he’s proving that he’s an idiot. The team didn’t break any rules why playing in the World Cup — they just sucked. There’s no law against sucking.

Did he really expect the national team to just go in there and dominate? Even if they made it past the three games they played they would have run into a team like Germany or Spain and I’m sorry, but they don’t have a chance in that match-up.

The thing that really irks me about all this is that by “punishing” the team for their bad performance, they are potentially violating the government interference rule. And because of that, FIFA could suspend not only the men’s national team but the Under-20 Women’s team which is supposed to compete on the 13th of July in Germany. They haven’t even had their chance to play yet and because their president is being stupid they might lose their spot. That’s just not right.

Governments should have a very small role in sports. They can be fans, host parades, and give teams money for new stadiums (which I’m not quite sure I 100% agree with that all the time either), but do not sit there and suspend a team. If that were the case, teams like the Detroit Lions would have been booted a long time ago.

Nigerian President Bans National Soccer Team From International Competition

While the glory of the 2010 World Cup competition resumes on Friday for the remaining eight nations, the fallout of defeat is emerging from those who made the early trip home. Namely, Nigeria. Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has suspended the Nigerian national soccer team from international play for two years as a result of their poor performance in South Africa, as well as other recent failures. Nigeria finished at the bottom of group B, drawing with South Korea and losing to Argentina and Greece. Here is what Nigerian Sports Minister Ibrahim Isa had to say:

“The government has taken a decision we believe is in the interests of Nigeria that we should for now, withdraw from international competition because our football since 1996 seems not to be growing … The president Goodluck Jonathan has endorsed this decision and the Nigerian people are excited about it.

The Nigerian people are excited about having their national team suspended from competition? OK … And one slight potential problem: FIFA regulations prohibit national governments from interfering in the affairs of national football federations. FIFA officials have yet to act but Nigerian lawmakers have already attempted to intervene, passing a resolution calling on President Jonathan to rescind the ban. FIFA is currently reviewing the situation before it takes any action. Nigerian national team member Dickson Etuhu had this to add:

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Poll Says 8 Percent of Russians Think Their Team Can Win 2010 World Cup

Come on Russia, where’s your national pride?  Only eight percent of you think your nation’s team has a shot at winning the 2010 World Cup?  How are they supposed to win when they barely have any support?  Oh wait, maybe they aren’t going to win because they aren’t in the tournament and never were.  Apparently, that’s not enough to stop eight percent of the people who participated in a poll from thinking their boys have a chance to take home the trophy.

A survey conducted by Russia’s Levada Centre asked 1,600 Russian adults in 130 different cities who they thought the tourney favorite was and the results found that eight percent of Russians believe Russia can win the 2010 World Cup even though they never qualified.  When Russia was defeated by Slovenia in the qualifying stage before the Cup, Russians were stunned and disappointed.  Either the eight percent who said Russia could win it all have no interest in soccer, or they’ve blacked out the devastating loss they suffered a while back and still believe Russia is in the tournament.  The same results would probably show if they did this type of survey in a lot of other countries whose teams didn’t qualify for the World Cup, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the funniest news I’ve heard all day.

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Ronaldo Spitting at Cameraman (I Think)

After Portugal was eliminated from the World Cup on Tuesday at the hands of a 1-0 defeat from Spain, their captain was understandably upset.  Cristiano Ronaldo — the highest-paid player in soccer who may or may not have dated a coke-dealing hooker at one point in his life — did not play exceptionally well throughout the tournament, scoring only one goal which was more or less a garbage goal to run up the score against North Korea.

A short video clip shows him spitting in the direction of a cameraman after the loss.  You can be the judge as to whether he was spitting on the person holding the camera or just looking directly into the lens at the time he chose to hock a loogie, but he makes it look pretty intentional.  Check out the video of Cristiano Ronaldo spitting toward or at a cameraman after Portugal lost to Spain:

Perhaps he was expressing his displeasure with the officiating throughout the World cup.  Maybe he was just clearing his throat.

Video Credit: YouTube user Ziesko69