Tottenham’s Louis Saha explains why soccer players like prostitutes

Young soccer stars are constantly dealing with the temptations of sex addiction, fancy cars, and money. Well, we don’t know if that is the case for certain, but we believe Tottenham’s Louis Saha when he says it is. In a recent interview promoting his autobiography, Saha spoke about the difficulties of satisfying your urge for sexual conquests while remaining out of the public eye. The answer for many, he says, is reaching out to a prostitute.

“Footballers aren’t all the same,” Saha explained according to the Daily Mail. “The bling, the sex-addicted nature, the big cars – all that exists. But because of that, the bad judgments seem to take over.

“Let’s be honest: women are the greatest temptation. For a young player, it’s an Achilles heel. They can quickly be taken in, seduced by the girl who will cash in with a kiss-and-tell to the newspapers. So it’s hard to know who to trust and you become paranoid where women are concerned. Some players therefore prefer to use escorts.”

Sounds like common sense to me. You don’t see any prostitutes coming out of the woodwork and claiming they had sex with Tiger Woods, do you? No. That’s because it’s just business. I don’t go around bragging about how I blogged all day because that’s my job. Same goes for an escort — regardless of who their clients may have been. Saha’s reasoning is sound and should be adhered to by all young soccer professionals who are facing the same struggles he once had to face.

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Even Novak Djokovic thinks soccer needs instant replay

It’s amazing that a sport as popular as soccer has yet to join the 21st century when it comes to using technology. The glaring need for instant replay to review important plays was magnified during the 2010 World Cup. FIFA has resisted, but even tennis player Novak Djokovic knows it’s time for them to take the next step:

“I still don’t understand why they don’t have technology in football! Its incredible,for most global sport in the world!!” Djokovic tweeted Saturday.

It’s unclear what game inspired the tweet, but his point is valid. In tennis they use the hawkeye system to review line calls. Though the hawkeye system is flawed, it’s still a vast improvement over relying on the calls of the judges. Soccer could use some replay too when it comes to controversial calls.

Ghana soccer coach Goran Stevanovic says team used witchcraft on each other

Of all the African teams in the 2012 World Cup, Ghana was the most successful. That is what made their fourth place finish in the 2012 African Cup of Nations a disappointment, and left head coach Goran Stevanovic in search of an explanation. Since we’re talking about Ghana, the only logical factor at play could have been witchcraft and black magic.

“We all need to help in changing some players’ mentality about using ‘black power’ to destroy themselves, and also make sure we instil discipline and respect for each other,” Stevanovic said according to the BBC.

“After losing to Zambia, there arose so many accusations amongst the players. I have learnt great lessons from African football and also about Ghanaian players’ behaviour on and off the field.”

When will people learn? You really have to watch out for Ghana when it comes to using witchcraft. The thing that confuses me is why they would choose to use it against one another. Over the summer, Ghana scored a victory over Nigeria thanks in part to their captain using black magic before the match. It worked so well before, so it makes no sense for them to turn it on themselves. Maybe this is a way to keep the competition guessing? Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section if you’re familiar with this type of practice.

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Brazilian soccer player Deivid de Souza misses wide open net (Video)

I guess it truly can happen to the best of them. I’ll admit I rarely watch soccer, but I’m still confident in saying this is one of the worst misses of all time. Could the net have been more open for Flamengo striker Deivid de Souza? You just don’t see players above the high school level miss shots like that.

What’s even worse is that Flamengo lost to Vasco da Gama by — you guessed it — one goal. As expected, Deivid has been ridiculed in European newspapers and all over the internet. The goal would have given Flamengo a 2-1 lead, but instead they lost 2-1. If you don’t feel badly for Deivid, you have no soul.

Young fan has Lionel Messi’s face shaved into his head and it is…interesting

Having your favorite player’s face shaved into your head is always risky. Art that is performed with a buzzer is probably a little more challenging than tattoo art, so you have to be a pretty diehard fan to go for something like this. As you can see, this young soccer fan opted to have his barber shave Lionel Messi’s face and name into the back of his head. We’re going to have to agree with the folks at Dirty Tackle on this one — it came out looking like a Picasso painting.

Maybe that was the goal. For all we know this kid could be a huge Pablo Picasso and Lionel Messi fan and is now the recipient of the greatest haircut ever. I will say, however, that if he wants people to know the face on the back of his head belongs to Messi, I’m glad he got the name trimmed in as well.

West Ham’s Carlton Cole has your dumbest Valentine’s Day Tweet

You know who found their way into the doghouse on Valentine’s Day? I’m guessing West Ham forward Carlton Cole did. Either that, or his significant other has one heck of a sense of humor. The photo above was tweeted by Cole on Tuesday with the following message: “Here I Got Your Present “Happy Valentines Babes” I Love You ahahahahahahahahahhaha.” As you can see, he had prepared an array of gifts for his lady that included everything from laundry detergent to a nice shiny iron. At least he threw in a bottle of champagne so she can drink on the job, right?

It’s pretty bad when Mark Sanchez is more romantic toward one of his wide receivers than an athlete is to their Valentine. If the recipient of this gift is anything like the women I’ve been around, it was an early Valentine’s Day night for Mr. Cole on Tuesday.

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Soccer player Alessandro Del Piero credited with helping girl awaken from coma

Professional athletes — or at least the modest ones — often remind us that they are not heroes. Firefighters, policemen and policewomen, and doctors are the real heroes. At the moment, the Scalise family may disagree. Giada Scalise is a 12-year-old girl who suffered a brain hemorrhage and went into a coma on Jan. 22 while watching a Juventus match on television. Her family believes a video message from Juventus captain Alessandro Del Piero helped her overcome her condition.

After two weeks without improvement, the Scalise family asked Del Piero if he would record a video message that they could play for their daughter. The night the message was played for Giada, her father says she began to overcome her coma.

“That night (after listening to the message) something special happened,” Giada’s father Francesco said according to Italy’s ANSA news agency. “First she moved her hand and then after a few hours she called out ‘mamma.’ Then after about 24 hours she talked and asked for an ice-cream.”

Del Piero’s message said the following: “Hello Giada, I’m Alessandro Del Piero. I hope you can wake up as soon as possible to watch lots of our and my games, to come and see us and, above all, get to know each other.”

Perhaps it was a coincidence, but Del Piero is a hero to the Scalise family. Whether it was a natural occurrence or the result of a message from her favorite player, the Scalises are fortunate enough to have their daughter back.

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