Soccer Player Chris Whelpdale Suffers Torn Scrotum

Soccer players need to do something to better protect themselves from injuries to the groin area. With football we’re always talking about concussions and head injuries which are disturbing enough, but nothing makes people cringe quite like an injury to the man region.  Last week we showed you a hilarious headline about a soccer player who had ruptured his testicle.  This week, Gillingham’s Chris Whelpdale suffered a torn scrotum.  Deadspin shared some pretty entertaining quotes about the injury with us.

“The tackle on Chris Whelpdale, he’s probably going to have to have five stitches in his testicles believe it or not, it’s ripped his testicles open,” Gillingham manager Andy Hessenthaler said. “It’s absolutely disgusting, it was a shocking challenge for me and worthy of a red card.

“I’m not making that up, we’ve seen it in there. It’s an horrific injury and it’ll be pretty sure and I’m sure his wife won’t be too happy about that tonight either!”

It may not sound as bad as getting gored in the scrotum by a bull, but that can’t be fun.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Whelpdale and his boys. We wish them all a full and speedy recovery.

H/T to Gillingham FC’s team website.

Goalie Esteban Alvarado Gets Red Card for Kicking Fan Who Rushed the Field (Video)

When a fan charges the field in the middle of a game, isn’t he always the bad guy?  In the Netherlands, apparently not.  A drunken fan ran up behind AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado during a Dutch cup match on Wednesday and Alvarado took care of business.  Perhaps he was a little excessive in kicking the moronic fan, but how was he supposed to know he wasn’t being attacked?  You could see Alvarado possibly getting into trouble with police after the fact if the fan — a 19-year-old drunk — pressed charges, but getting thrown out of the game? Check out this video that The Big Lead shared with us:

Talk about a tough night. First you think you’re about to be attacked by a fan and then the referee slaps you with a red card.  The match was suspended for 36 minutes before Alkmaar coach Gertjan Verbeek ordered his team to walk off in protest, stopping play with Ajax leading 1-0.  We usually commend security guards for laying fans out when they jump onto the field, but apparently such behavior is frowned upon from keepers in the Netherlands. That’s a shame.

ESPN Soccer Headline: Dann Suffers Ruptured Testicle, Kean on Sack

Blackburn defender Scott Dann apparently suffered a ruptured testicle injury and will be out six weeks. Blackburn is also 2-10-4, and coach Steve Kean is on the hot seat. That gave ESPN Soccernet the opportunity to use the old “Dann suffers ruptured testicle | Kean on sack” double headline. Better yet, if you take a look at the Kean story, the headline reads “Kean rejects talk of the sack,” (click twice on the picture above to enlarge).

I’m guessing that plays much differently here than it does in the U.K., where sack doesn’t equate to scrotum. I have no idea if the page’s editor did that intentionally, but it sure is appreciated by us 4-year-olds here at LBS.

As awesome as the headline is, it has nothing on two of our other favorite inappropriate headlines: this and this.

Thanks to LBS writer Danny Lee for the tip.

Alex Morgan Shows Off Six Pack Abs in New Twitter Avatar (Picture)

Soccer player Alex Morgan shared a new Twitter avatar with her 276,000+ followers last week, receiving plenty of positive responses. The picture looks like it came from a photo shoot for an advertising campaign, so maybe we’ll see it on TV or in print in the future. We always knew she was physically fit, but who knew she was rocking a six pack? Settle down, guys, at least check we heard she had a boyfriend.

Hopo Solo Glad to Be Back Playing Soccer and Off Dancing With the Stars

Regardless of how she may try to sugarcoat it, Dancing With the Stars was an experience Hope Solo would like to forget.  A few weeks ago, Solo told the world about how the show featured her in a poor light and how the judges criticized her for having too much muscle. Last week, she returned to the place she belongs: the soccer field.

“The moment I walked onto the field, I was like, ‘Oh man, I’m getting dirty again, it’s OK to have muscles, it’s OK to get scratched up, I can wear my sweats,'” Solo said according to the USA Today.

In fact, Solo wants to completely put the DWTS days behind her and her teammates are well aware of that.

“We don’t talk about Dancing with the Stars,'” forward Abby Wambach explained. “She needs to be put in a normal world. This is soccer. This is camp. And we’re not going to treat her any differently than the way we’ve been treating her before Dancing with the Stars. No high heels here.”

Solo said the endorsement world shocked her a bit because everything was so scripted.  She explained that she was not accustomed to the spotlight treatment she received following the World Cup run, but that the Hollywood world would never affect her confidence.

“Much of it is scripted,” she said. “I went in thinking, ‘OK, if I can just work my butt off, I have an opportunity to compete and succeed.’ It’s not quite like that, because it is television. It was my first experience in that, and I was pretty naïve.”

Not all athletes are candid about it in the way Solo has been, but I’m sure plenty of them find themselves shell-shocked when they step off the field and into the Hollywood limelight.  Sports are on television, but they are not strictly television entertainment.  Shows like Dancing With the Stars are.  Solo is well aware of that now, and it sounds like it’s a lesson she’s thrilled to have learned.

Boca Juniors Player Shoves Ref, Begins Crying After Temper Tantrum (Video)

Boca Juniors played Atletico-MG to a 1-1 draw at the U-17 Future Champions Tournament Wednesday, allowing Atletico to advance to the semis. The game was marred by bad behavior from the Argentine squad. One dude named Facundo shoved a ref and then began crying after throwing a temper tantrum. His team ended up receiving two red cards towards the end of the game, and I really haven’t seen anything like this. It’s almost like he broke out in tears because things weren’t going his way. Seriously, who pushes a ref and throws a fit on the field? What kind of childish nonsense is that? One of the guys was so embarrassed he tried to block the TV cameras from seeing everything. Here’s the video:

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Ronaldinho Responds to Taunts with a Crotch Dance (Video)

Sometimes the best approach in sports is to just ignore the hecklers.  When you’re an international superstar, you’re bound to run into haters everywhere you turn.  People organize chants just to try to get under your skin.  In reality, it’s a form of flattery.  But sometimes it can become too much.  When those moments arise, you just have to cup your junk and let everyone know how you feel about them.  Ronaldinho knows what I’m talking about, as evidenced by the crotch dance he busted out before Flamengo and Vasco de Gama played to a 1-1 draw.  Check out this video that Dirty Tackle passed along:

Perfectly reasonable response if you ask me.  I don’t know what the crowd said, but it sounds like they deserved it.