Cristiano Ronaldo superfan runs onto field during game, gets hug (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo fanA Cristiano Ronaldo superfan interrupted a Guinness International Champions Cup match between Real Madrid and Chelsea in Miami on Wednesday when he ran onto the field and went straight to his favorite player for a hug.

The fan, wearing a Ronaldo jersey, streaked onto field at around the 66:30 mark in the game and was able to embrace the Real Madrid star. Ronaldo was surprisingly cool with the fan, because he gave him a hug and allowed the fan to talk in his ear for a few seconds before escorting him toward security.

Ronaldo scored twice and set up the first goal in Real Madrid’s 3-1 win.

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David Beckham reportedly considering role in spy movie

David-Beckham-Elle-MagazineDavid Beckham has one of the most recognizable faces in the world, and as a result he has become much more than just a successful soccer player. The 38-year-old has starred in underwear commercials and countless other advertisements. Now, Beckham may be setting his sights on the film industry.

Sources reportedly told the Daily Mail over the weekend that Beckham is mulling over a role in a new spy thriller movie called “The Secret Service.” The ladies may never believe it, but the role Beckham is considering is supposedly that of a villain.

Beckham has had several movie offers since he officially announced his retirement from soccer. According to The Sun, he has not yet fully committed to the spy movie and is not looking to make a new career out of acting.

“He loves movies and fancies appearing on the big screen – but just as a one-off, not a full-time career,” a source told The Sun.

Samuel L. Jackson has already signed on to play the villain in “The Secret Service,” which will also feature Michael Caine and a cameo from Elton John. Victoria Beckham is said to be in favor of David starring in movies, noting that she enjoyed her role in the movie “Spice World.”

Well-known Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein said Beckham would have his pick of the film industry if he decided to break into acting.

“David can be anything he wants, including becoming a movie star,” Weinstein said. “He doesn’t need any advice from me, he can do anything he wants.”

We don’t know if Beckham can act, but we can certainly say with confidence that there are plenty of people who would see a movie simply because he’s in it.

New York Red Bulls offer to pay fans to stop chanting ‘You suck a–hole’

New-York-Red-Bulls-fansMajor League Soccer fans have adopted a rather vulgar tradition over the past several years of chanting “You suck a–hole!’ at opposing goalies as they launch goal kicks down the field. The tradition has become popular among supporters at several MLS stadiums, and the league has tried tirelessly to put a stop to it. The New York Red Bulls announced a new plan earlier this week.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Red Bulls have notified their three fan groups — the Empire Supporters Club, the Garden State Ultras and the Viking Army — that they will give the groups $500 each for every home game they go without belting out the “YSA” chant. However, the money can only be earned in $2,000 increments, meaning there has to be a string of four-straight games without the chant.

“We can use this money for reimbursement for nearly anything we do, from buying batteries for the megaphone to offsetting costs for bus trips,” the Empire Supports Club told SI on Monday.

Real Salt Lake has also warned their fans to put a stop to the YSA chants, although the team is not offering any monetary reward.

“We’re trying to appeal to our fans’ sense of class,” RSL VP of Communications Trey Fitz-Gerald said. “We’ve got this ‘Believe’ chant that is awesome. We are the only club in the 100-plus year history of American soccer to have a team anthem created by one of its own fans. We think that raises the bar a little bit. We think we should try to hold ourselves to a higher standard and not use ‘YSA’.”

Both RSL and New York have sent letters to fans warning them of the priviledges that could be taken away if they continue the YSA chant, including the loss of flags, banners, smoke bombs and the revocation of parking passes and other luxuries given to the groups.

Why the desperation? As Deadspin pointed out, MLS’s television deals with ESPN, NBC and Univision all expire after 2014. If the league wants to present itself as a family-friendly form of entertainment, the YSA chant weakens its position. The Red Bulls may be onto something with the money, but I doubt other team’s fans are going to stop. Like a high school girl whose daddy told her not to go out with the 18-year-old boy, it’s just more fun when someone forbids you from doing it.

An example of the chant it below, though it is obviously NSFW:

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Brighton manager Gus Poyet learns he’s fired while working on BBC (Video)

Gus-Poyet-firedFormer Brighton & Hove Albion manager Gus Poyet was fired over the weekend, and like many other coaches who get the axe he was surprised by the move. Unlike others, however, Poyet was informed on live television.

The 45-year-old was working as an analyst for BBC on Sunday when the station was informed of a press release that had been put out by Brighton announcing its decision to fire him. Poyet insisted he had not been contacted by the team in any way.

“I think the BBC got a great story forever, really,” Poyet said. “A manager getting information that he’s been released from his employment during a BBC program is quite surprising. I’ve still had no communication, no text, no email, I didn’t receive anything on my phone.”

“I think everybody and the viewers can (draw) their own conclusion about the way I have been informed about it.”

The statement specified that Poyet has a right to appeal, which he said he is certainly going to do.

“The only thing I’m focusing on is the appeal,” he said when asked how the firing made him feel. “I need to read everything first, but I will appeal because whatever they said in that email I want to make sure everything is clear. So whatever step I need to (take) I will (take) it.”

As Deadspin pointed out, Poyet was suspended following Brighton’s loss to Crystal Palace back in May. The exact reason for the suspension is unclear, although it is believed the manager and team had a dispute about his refusal to deal with the retained list.

And we thought getting fired over video chat was tough? Poyet doesn’t want to hear anyone complaining about their Skype termination.

Neymar assists on goal by splitting defenders with amazing move (Video)

Neymar had a goal and an assist in Brazil’s 2-0 win over Mexico at the FIFA Confederations Cup on Wednesday, and his impressive assist had everyone talking.

Neymar scooted inside the box, split two defenders and passed to Jo for the country’s second goal, which iced the game during stoppage time. It was a beautiful play by Neymar, and it got fans talking about how great it will be when Neymar, who signed a five-year deal with Barcelona, gets to play with Lionel Messi next season.

USWNT star Alex Morgan tweeted her impressions of the play:

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Sydney Leroux taunts Canadian fans with goal celebration (Video)

US women’s striker Sydney Leroux was born in Canada. The 23-year-old from Surrey, B.C. played for Canadian teams until she was in her mid-teens, at which point she moved to the US and decided to represent the America in international competition. As you might expect, Canadian fans have not been pleased with her since.

On Sunday, Leroux scored the third US goal in an eventual 3-0 win in a friendly match against Canada. After netting the dagger, she pointed to the crest on her jersey and made the “shush” symbol to the crowd. Here is the celebration in GIF form, via Eh Game:

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Robin Van Persie sent Piers Morgan a hilarious autographed picture


CNN’s Piers Morgan is a die-hard Arsenal fan, which is why he has been devastated since former Arsenal star Robin Van Persie signed a contract to play with Manchester United. Morgan has tweeted about Van Persie switching from one rival to the other several times over the past month or so, and he has even decided to nickname Van Persie “Van Pursestrings.”

When Manchester United won the Premier League last month, Morgan tried to use a clever simile to describe his emotions. Naturally, it was not that funny.

What was funny, however, was Van Persie’s response. On Friday, Morgan posted a couple pictures of the autographed photo Van Persie sent him that included a hand-written note.

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