Neymar suffers back injury, cries on stretcher (Video)

Neymar was carried off the field on a stretcher during Brazil’s quarterfinal match with Colombia on Friday at the World Cup after taking a knee to the back from Juan Zuniga.

The two were going for the ball and Zuniga struck Neymar.

Neymar back injury

Neymar was doing pretty badly. Just look at his face as he was on the stretcher:

Neymar stretcher

Maybe it was a combination of the pain of the injury and timing of it that got to Neymar.

Thiago Silva gets yellow card for running into goalie (Video)

Thiago-Silva-yellow-cardBrazil defender Thiago Silva got his second yellow card of the World Cup on Friday. The booking came on a boneheaded play in the second half after Silva ran into Columbian goalkeeper David Ospina when Ospina was punting the ball downfield.

Brazil defeated Columbia to advance to the next round, meaning Silva will be suspended for the team’s all-important semifinal match. The 29-year-old Silva is the captain of the Brazilian team and one of their best defenders. He also scored the first goal against Columbia on a corner kick.

Brazil will need someone to step up against Germany in Silva’s absence. Germany has proven to be a solid offensive team who can move the ball very effectively.

David Luiz scores goal on free kick to give Brazil 2-0 lead over Colombia (Video)

David Luiz scored on a free kick in the 68th minute of Brazil’s quarterfinal game with Colombia at the World Cup on Friday to give his country a 2-0 lead, and he went nuts in his celebration.

Luiz had to float the ball over the Colombian wall and managed to do that while tucking it into the upper right corner of the goal. It was a beautiful shot from long range and gave Brazil a seemingly unshakable lead.

Look at Luiz practically getting strangled by a teammate and his eyes popping out of his head in the celebration:

David Luiz

Luiz now has two goals in the last two games for Brazil. Not bad for a Street Fighter character.

Thiago Silva scores goal on corner kick vs. Colombia (Video)

Brazilian captain Thiago Silva gave his country a 1-0 lead in their quarterfinals match against Colombia Friday with a goal off a corner kick. Silva struck early, scoring in the seventh minute.

Thiago Silva Brazil goal

It was the first time Silva scored for Brazil while playing in his country. The goal also put Colombia at a deficit for the first time in the entire World Cup.

Things Tim Howard could save meme is fantastic

Tim Howard saves Titanic

Tim Howard became an American sports hero with his incredible performance in the round of 16 at the World Cup Tuesday in the US’ 2-1 loss to Belgium.

Though the US lost the game, Howard tied a World Cup record with 16 saves in the match. The last time that was done was in 1966. He single-handedly kept the US in the contest and was just awesome throughout. He earned praise from all corners of the country and was so great that he even inspired a “Things Tim Howard Could Save” meme on the net.

Most of the “Things Tim Howard Could Save” come from movies, music or other aspects of the entertainment world, and most of them are truly fantastic. Take a look at all the great memes below.

And while you’re at it, check out the rest of our Tim Howard coverage.

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Tim Howard yearbook quote is so appropriate


Imagine how popular Tim Howard would be if the US defeated Belgium on Tuesday. Despite a heartbreaking loss that eliminated Team USA from the World Cup, Howard’s amazing 16-save performance is all people can talk about. His high school yearbook quote only adds to the discussion.

A Reddit user whose Reddit name can’t be repeated on here dug up Howard’s yearbook, in which he chose “It will take a nation of millions to hold me back” as his quote. Commenters quickly pointed out that Howard likes Public Enemy, and the hip hop group’s second album was entitled “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.”

Still, the quote could not be more appropriate. Howard was one man standing against an entire nation throughout most of Tuesday’s match. Had it not been for his record-setting performance, the US would have been embarrassed.

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Tim Howard was drug tested after 16-save performance

Tim Howard diveTim Howard put together one of the greatest ever performances from a goalkeeper in a World Cup match on Tuesday. The 34-year-old tied a World Cup record with 16 saves and shattered the previous US mark of nine. Can any drug test really be random after a game like that?

During an interview with “Mike and Mike in the Morning” on Wednesday, Howard was asked what the conversations were like in the locker room after his team’s loss to Belgium. He said he didn’t get to hear all of them since he was being drug tested.

“I got dragged into drug-testing – again — randomly, so I didn’t hear all of them,” he said, via The Big Lead. “I think once I got back into the room it was quiet. Like you said, it was somber. No words can make you feel better. Some guys had tears. Some guys kept sitting quietly. It’s tough.”

Mike Golic then joked that the 10th or 11th save probably takes the “randomness” out of the drug testing.

“Someone else said that as well,” Howard admitted. “Maybe.”

Plenty of players are tested for performance-enhancing drug use throughout the World Cup, so it was probably a coincidence. People thought it was suspicious when FIFA tested seven Costa Rican players after their upset win over Italy, too. We wouldn’t exactly be shocked if unusually good performances factor into the decision making process.