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Sunday, July 5, 2015


Maradona Looking for an Apology

Say what you will about the habitually controversial Diego Maradona, but the Argentinean soccer legend and current national team head coach has his squad in top form heading into the knockout stage of the 2010 World Cup. After a 3-0 start, Maradona must be feeling just fine about converting his Argentinean critics into believers. Good…Read More

Clinton Celebrates With Bocanegra

I guess you could say I just feel like talking about U.S. Presidents this week.  The World Cup has my patriotism at an all-time high, what can I say?  Yesterday we brought you an athletic competition between Barack Obama and George W. Bush.  Today, we bring you something much better; Bill Clinton proving he’s one…Read More

Algerian Player Smacks Female Reporter

It’s understandable that the Algerian players would be upset after Landon Donovan scored in stoppage time to keep them from advancing to the knockout round of the World Cup.  It’s not understandable for one of them to take it out on a female reporter after the game.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Rafik Saifi did.  According…Read More

Bad Call Again? No Problem; Donovan Scores in Stoppage Time

The World Cup officials once again made their best attempt at costing the United States a game.  Luckily, they were unsuccessful.  Referee Koman Coulibaly cost the Americans a game last week against Slovenia and has since been demoted.  It almost happened again on Wednesday, but team U.S.A. was able to score in stoppage time to…Read More

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Victory

Every team at the World Cup has a bus that’s painted with their country’s colors with a slogan written on the side.  For those of you who are slow, this is a photo of Team USA’s World Cup Bus that reads, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Victory!” As we all know, referee Koman Coulibaly’s…Read More

Hilarious Flop Leads to Kaka’s Red Card

Brazil beat Ivory Coast 3-1 Sunday guaranteeing themselves a spot in the Knockout Stage. They were up 3-0 thanks to two goals by Luis Fabiano, one that could have involved the use of his hands, and the other set up by Kaka. Kaka was sent off in the 87th minute after getting his second yellow…Read More

French Player to Coach: Go **** Yourself

The 2010 World Cup has turned out to be an absolute disaster for the French team. They had a scoreless draw with Uruguay in their first game and then they were shutout 2-0 by Mexico in their second game. At halftime of the Mexico game, French coach Raymond Domenech called out striker Nicolas Anelka who…Read More

FIFA Should Ax US-Slovenia Ref Coulibaly

On Friday the U.S. beat Slovenia with a final score of 3-2. Oh wait, no they didn’t. In the 86th minute of the match the U.S. scored but the goal wasn’t counted because of a mystery foul. Referee Koman Coulibaly still hasn’t explained who the foul was on or even what the foul was. Hmmm….Read More

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