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Saturday, November 28, 2015


World Cup Should Free the Vuvuzelas!

If you have seen any coverage of the 2010 World Cup, you have probably seen a vuvuzela — one of those really long horn things that make an extremely obnoxious noise. Well the World Cup has added another audio feature so that we will no longer think a swarm of bees are coming out of…Read More

Denmark Scores Goal on Itself

In soccer in general, and the World Cup specifically, scoring goals is a rarity and each one should be treasured. Because scoring is infrequent, the last thing you want to do is help out an opponent by scoring on yourself. There is World Cup precedent for this issue: Andres Escobar of Colombia did it on…Read More

British Goalie Robert Green on the Take?

The 2010 World Cup has opened with several blunders leading to critical goals. The biggest mistake of the tournament has been the goal allowed to Clint Dempsey by England goal keeper Robert Green. Dempsey was making a simple kick on goal and the ball went right to Green who completely muffed and mishandled the ball….Read More

World Cup Opens With Blunders

In only three days of action, the 2010 World Cup has provided no shortage of embarrassing, game changing blunders. By now, we are all familiar with English goalkeeper Robert Green, who was affectionately dubbed by The Sunday Times as “Greenfingers” for his slip up on a routine shot that left British soccer fans who drowned…Read More

US vs. England Officials Doing Homework in Preparation of Swearing

World Cup official Carlos Simon has been under fire as of late due to his history of questionable calls and behavior during soccer matches.  Although he has officiated the past two World Cups, he was recently suspended by the Brazilian football confederation for what they called a “build-up of perceived errors.” Here’s what the president…Read More

New World Cup Ball Is Terrible, Again?

FIFA might consider including players voicing complaints about the new World Cup competition ball as part of the official festivities leading up to the quadrennial international soccer competition. This year, Adidas introduced the Jabulani, meaning “to celebrate” in isiZulu, for the South African hosted World Cup which kicks off on June 11th. Reactions have been negative…Read More

Who Wants to See Maradona Naked?

Here’s a little taste of 2010 World Cup fever for you: Argentinean soccer legend and current national team manager Diego Maradona promised an Argentinean radio show that if his squad wins the World Cup he will run naked through downtown Buenos Aires. Some coaching strategies are beyond me. The 49-year-old well known for the infamous…Read More

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