Chris Wondolowski apologizes for missed goal

No individual player feels worse than Chris Wondolowski in the wake of Team USA’s heartbreaking loss to Belgium on Tuesday. Wondo had a golden opportunity to score what would have been a game-winning goal in the 92nd minute, but the ball went off the side of his foot.

After the game, Wondolowski apologized on Twitter.

As with any team sport, the loss does not fall on one individual player. Should Wondo have put that ball in? Sure, but the US was also dominated throughout the entire game and could have lost 5-0 if not for Tim Howard’s incredible performance in net. Wondo’s miscue was hardly all that went wrong for the US.


Tim Howard was briefly the U.S. Secretary of Defense, according to Wikipedia

Tim Howard diveThe World Cup run of the United States came to an end on Tuesday at the hands of Belgium, who was victorious by 2-1 final score.

Speaking of hands, it was those of U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard that kept the team in the match with a performance those who were watching will not soon forget. Howard recorded a pretty ridiculous 16 saves, many of which were straight out of the top drawer.

Howard’s display was the talk of social media during the game and even prompted a brief change to the Wikipedia page for the United States Secretary of Defense, as shared by Grantland’s Danielle Elliot.

For reasons like this, the internet is great.

Had the U.S. been able to defeat Belgium, a public office may not have been out of the question for Tim Howard.

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Tim Howard saves highlight video from record performance against Belgium

Tim Howard diveTim Howard was incredible in the US’ 2-1 loss to Belgium at the World Cup on Tuesday. The man tied a World Cup record by making 16 saves in the match. The last time a goalkeeper recorded 16 saves at the World Cup was in 1966. To put things in perspective, the previous high for a US keeper in a World Cup match was 9.

“I don’t think we could have given any more. We left it all out there. We got beat by a really good team,” Howard said in an interview with ESPN after the match.

Below is video of a few of his best saves from the match:

Asked about being under siege constantly throughout the match, Howard said, “that’s what I signed up for.”

Here’s a graphic showing where all the shots on goal were:

Clint Dempsey misses goal on great play in extra time (Video)

Clint DempseyThe United States’ best chance at scoring the equalizer against Belgium in extra time of their World Cup match Tuesday came on an excellent play on a free kick.

The US drew up a sick play on a free kick and had Jermaine Jones fake like he was going to touch the ball. Instead, Michael Bradley passed to Chris Wondolowski, who passed through Belgium’s defense to an open Clint Dempsey. Thibaut Courtois came out to cut down the angle and made a great stop on Dempsey’s attempt at the goal, and the US was unable to capitalize.

It was a great play and huge chance for the US, but they were unable to convert, keeping the score at 2-1.

Now Belgium will advance to the quarterfinals for the first time since 1986. They are unbeaten in their last 14 competitive matches.

Julian Green goal cut US deficit in half (Video)

The US appeared to have absolutely no chance after Belgium took a 2-0 lead in extra time on Tuesday, but Julian Green forced fans to return to their seats with an amazing goal in the 107th minute.

Green took a lob from Michael Bradley and volleyed it into the net, placing Belgium on their heels for the final 14 minutes of the match. Unfortunately, it was not enough as the US failed to capitalize on some fantastic chances down the stretch and were eliminated from the tournament.


Green, who is only 19, should have a bright future with the US Men’s National Team.

Video via SB Nation Soccer

Wondo misses potential game-winning goal against Belgium (Video)

Chris Wondolowski missed a potential game-winning goal on what many felt was a gimme in the 92nd minute of the US’ World Cup match with Belgium on Tuesday.

The match was scoreless until extra time, and that was the US’s best chance to win. Had Wondo been able to net that goal, the US would have gone up 1-0 and time would have been called shortly thereafter.

This was the look on coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s face afterwards:

Jurgen Klinsmann Wondo miss

There were questions about whether or not Wondo was offsides. He wasn’t:

Wondo offsides

Jan Vertonghen pukes before start of extra time (Video)

How intense was the regulation period between the United States and Belgium on Tuesday? So intense that Belgian defenseman Jan Vertonghen threw up all over the field before the start of extra time.

It must have inspired his teammates, because Belgium went on to score in the 93rd minute and again in the 105th.