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Friday, October 19, 2018


Landon Donovan wants to bring MLS team to San Diego

Sports fans in San Diego may no longer have an NFL team to cheer for, but Landon Donovan is hoping to convert some of those fans to supporters of the sport he made a name for himself in.

Donovan, arguably the most famous American soccer player in history, told TMZ this week that he is hoping to bring a “sports and entertainment district” and an MLS soccer team to the area where the Chargers played their home games before moving to Los Angeles. He said the residents of San Diego will have an opportunity to vote on whether they want a team and a redesigned area of the city that he compares to the LA Live area where the Staples Center is located.

In addition to hosting a soccer team, Donovan says the proposed plan is for the new venue to be the home of the San Diego State football team and other teams from the school. He says the entire project would be privately financed.

“For us it’s a no-brainer,” Donovan said. “We hope that the people educate themselves and agree.”

As you may know, English soccer legend David Beckham has brought an MLS team to Miami, which will be called Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami and is scheduled to begin play at some point in 2020. Donovan has the same type of vision for San Diego, which could have a market for a team now that the Chargers are gone.

Donovan’s relationship with US Soccer soured when he was left off the World Cup roster in 2014, which has led to some controversy involving him and the sport.

France soccer captain Hugo Lloris arrested for drunk driving

Hugo Lloris was one of the heroes of a France team that won the World Cup earlier this year, but police in London didn’t seem to care about his accomplishments when they pulled the goalkeeper over early Friday morning.

According to TMZ, Lloris was arrested for drunk driving during a routine traffic stop just after 2 a.m. on Friday. Officials say police suspected Lloris had been drinking when they pulled him over, and he was taken into custody after failing a breathalyzer test. He was later released on bail and is due back in court next month.

Lloris is the goalkeeper for Tottenham, and his status is unclear ahead of Monday night’s match. The 31-year-old made some great saves during France’s World Cup run, one of which was arguably the best of the tournament.

Watch: Wayne Rooney makes incredible play to help DC United win

Wayne Rooney

DC United might not be having the best season, but they sure had a memorable ending to Sunday night’s game.

DC United and Orlando City were in stoppage time tied at 2 and Orlando was a man down when Wayne Rooney made a spectacular play. Rooney chased down an opponent and stole the ball away with a tackle, then sent a pass nearly halfway across the field to Luciano Acosta, who headed in the winning goal.

As if the tackle and pass weren’t enough, keep in mind that Rooney also saved a goal because DC had an empty net because keeper David Ousted had moved up for a corner kick. That play stole away a potential loss and turned it into a win.

In addition to Rooney, Acosta was a big hero for DC as he scored all three goals.

France World Cup star randomly shouts out Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose

Perhaps Derrick Rose served as something of an inspiration for one member of the World Cup-winning France squad.

During a Fox Sports interview with midfielder Paul Pogba, French teammate Antoine Griezmann wandered into the shot and was given an opportunity to deliver a message in English. The forward, who scored in the final, went with a simple one: he just loves Derrick Rose.

There is no elaborate backstory. The simple explanation is that Griezmann is a huge NBA fan and has long counted Rose as one of his favorite players.

Rose has had a rough couple years, but they’ve inspired him to prove his doubters wrong. Griezmann is very clearly not one of those doubters.

Soccer coach apologizes for expletive-laden rant

Real Salt Lake coach Mike Petke is apologizing for a profane rant that he went on following a loss to Minnesota United on Saturday.

Petke’s side fell by the final of 3-2 in what was their 20th match of the MLS season, and he went off afterwards as he addressed reporters. The expletive-laden episode saw the 42-year-old ripping what he saw as uneven officiating (including the use of the video assistant referee or VAR) before daring the league and executive Jeff Agoos to fine him.

On Sunday, Petke took to Twitter to apologize publicly for the tirade, calling it “uncalled for and immature.”

Petke, a former player who previously managed the New York Red Bulls and was just hired by Real Salt Lake in March, is known for his fiery approach to the game.

While the league will almost assuredly take Petke up on the offer to fine him, at least this wasn’t as bad as another soccer coach’s incident with the media.

Croatia manager critical of key penalty in World Cup final

Croatia manager Zlatko Dalic was not happy after France were awarded a critical penalty in the first half of the World Cup Final.

With the game tied at one late in the first half, Argentine referee Nestor Pitana used VAR to award a controversial handball penalty against Croatia. Pitana judged that Croatia’s Ivan Perisic intentionally handled the ball in the box, awarding the penalty that ultimately made it 2-1 to France.

After the match, Dalic gave credit to France, but made clear that he felt the penalty award was ridiculous.

VAR has definitely had an impact on the World Cup. Many would argue that, rightly or wrongly, it had a huge impact on the outcome of this match as well.

Watch: FOX nearly misses out on shot of World Cup trophy lift

FOX’s World Cup coverage ended somewhat awkwardly, with what should have been an iconic shot of France lifting the trophy going somewhat awry.

After French captain Hugo Lloris was handed the trophy, FOX cut to a wide shot to capture the entire group of players celebrating their 4-2 victory over Croatia. There was just one problem: almost immediately after cutting to the shot, three men made it impossible for viewers to see what was going on.

The image of the World Cup winners lifting the trophy is an iconic one every time, and FOX will not be happy that their view of it was spoiled here. It wasn’t even FOX’s only gaffe of the broadcast, though the other one may not have been their fault.

This was the first time FOX Sports televised the World Cup, and their coverage wasn’t always popular with fans. Just about missing the trophy lift isn’t going to silence critics.