Kentucky woman wins $63,000 after 10-cent bet at racetrack

Sometimes you can bet on VCU going all the way in the NCAA Tournament only for it to blow up in your face. Other times you can make a small wager on the first score in the Super Bowl being a safety and end up winning big.

That’s the beauty of betting on long shots. No matter how badly the odds aren’t in your favor, you always have a chance. And a small bet on your part could end up making you look like a genius.

That’s exactly the lesson learned by an insanely lucky Kentucky woman, who is now reportedly $63,000 richer after winning big on a petty 10-cent bet at a New Mexico horse racetrack. From WLKY.com:

72-year-old Julia Kring, of Frankfort, Ky., won the bet last week when she hit the Solo Pick 6 at Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino. Kring had placed her bet through TwinSpires.com.

Kring said she saw an ad for the Sunland Pick 6 and decided to take a chance on that racetrack that day.

“I spent a lot of time studying, but it was all luck,” she told the El Paso Times. “I was fortunate to hit the Pick 6, but I’ll take it. It was an exciting day for me. I love trying to figure out a race. There are so many things to figure out and try to pick a winner. Racing is my passion.”

Big congrats to Julia on what we hope was a totally legitimate win and not the indication of 2012 branching off into Alternate 2012.

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Tiger Woods favored to win the Masters

Is Tiger Woods back? If the odds are any indication, he certainly is.

Tiger shot a 13-under 275 to capture the Arnold Palmer Invitiational over the weekend, his first PGA Tour win since the 2009 sex scandal. Tiger actually went 923 days between PGA Tour wins; his previous victory was at the 2009 BMW Championship on Sept. 13, 2009 (he did win the Australian Masters two months later).

Thanks to his win at the Arnold Palmer, Tiger is now the favorite to win the Masters in two weeks.

Jeff Sherman, the golf oddsmaker at the Las Vegas Hilton sports book, set the following line for the major:

    – Tiger Woods 4:1
    – Rory McIlroy 5:1
    – Phil Mickelson 10:1

Tiger entered Sunday’s final round behind McIlroy as the Masters favorite, but that changed after he won the tournament. It looks like the public’s love affair with Tiger is back on.

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Broncos’ Super Bowl odds improve thanks to Peyton Manning’s impending signing

The Broncos’ Super Bowl odds instantly improved when it was reported Peyton Manning told his agent to finalize a contract with Denver. Denver’s Super Bowl odds were as high as 75:1 last month, according to Pregame.com. Now they’ve dropped to 10:1 which is lower than all but four teams. According to Pregame.com, only four teams have better odds to win the Super Bowl:

    - Packers 6-1
    – Patriots 7-1
    – 49ers 7-1
    – Saints 8-1

According to Todd Wright, the Broncos’ Super Bowl odds at the Las Vegas Hilton dropped from 30:1 to 10:1 from last Monday to this Monday. The 10:1 odds are too low for me. While Denver has a good defense and should be improved under Manning, I still think other teams are better, and I still doubt Manning will make it through the entire season. Keep in mind the odds represent the hype as much as the oddsmakers’ belief that Denver will win it all.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. won nearly $500,000 on the Thunder (Picture)

One of the most publicized gamblers in America has been going hard in Las Vegas this week per usual. I wonder if Floyd Mayweather Jr. actually profits from sports betting or if he makes it a point to tweet out only winning tickets. Not that $1 million even puts a dent in his bank account, but you’d swear the guy is Billy Walters with all the bragging he does. Anyway, here is one of Floyd’s latest tickets that shows he won close to $500,000 on the Thunder last week:

Add that to the $333,333 he won during the BCS National Championship game. He also tweeted out winning tickets of $20,000 on the Wizards, more than $40,000 on the Heat, over $90,000 on the Warriors, and over $120,000 on Ohio State. He also responded “No” to one of his followers who asked him if he ever loses in boxing or gambling. Man up and show us some losing tickets, Floyd. We know you have plenty of them.

Betting on everything involving the Super Bowl is part of the big game tradition

I have never been big on gambling on sports, which is to say that I’ve never been very good at it. This past weekend once again delivered one of the world’s largest annual sporting exhibitions, the Super Bowl. It also enabled a global viewing audience to tap into their inner degenerate. Whether it’s Joe in the nearby cubicle putting $20 on one of those scoring boxes in an office pool or Schlomo from the corner deli betting a salami’s share of money on the New York Giants with the points, many people had a stake in the Big Game, whether they were gambling or simply masquerading as Prince Amukamara’s relative in some ill-conceived e-mail scam.

Let this treatise be the intervention for a nation of sports bettors. Hi, my name is Danny and I have one too many problems to enumerate here, but if you have a couple of hours I’d be glad to give you the not-so-grand tour. Certainly, there are a variety of people who put money on events to drum up interest: those people who wouldn’t otherwise care about Tom Brady’s locks or the not-so-big Chadron State-Wayne State college basketball bonanza. Then, there are sectors of folks who put their hard-earned greenbacks on everything from cricket to a contentious game of hearts involving a few retirees packing visors. These are their stories.

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$50,000 Super Bowl safety winner Jona Rechnitz donating all money to charity

Jona Rechnitz made a stupid bet on the Super Bowl and came out a winner. His story is a fun one to tell because it is so rare, but betting $1,000 on the first score of the Super Bowl being a safety is just absurd. It was a wager that Rechnitz would probably lose if he made it 1,000 more times in his life, but we should all be glad he won. According to TMZ.com, Rechnitz is donating every penny of his winnings to charity.

But that’s not all. Rechnitz is a Giants fan, and he has vowed to give $5,000 to the charity of Tom Brady’s choice, hoping Tom and the Patriots will match his donation. He said he will donate another $5,000 to the charity of choice for the Giants’ linemen who were responsible for the safety and the rest will go to various charities for the less fortunate.

Rechnitz said he only makes one bet a year and it is on the Super Bowl. This year, his outrageous wager finally earned him some cash. Assuming he follows through with his word, you have to commend him for what he is doing. Most people would be so excited they won $50,00 on a 50-to-1 shot that they would go out that night and blow at least a few grand celebrating. Rechnitz is taking a silly bet and putting the money to great use. Two thumbs up for you, my friend.

Las Vegas made more than $5 million with Giants Super Bowl victory

Leading up to Super Bowl 46, the talk in the sports gambling world centered around the sports books being primed to take a big hit if the Giants could pull off another upset over the Patriots. With New York getting three points throughout most Las Vegas casinos and many analysts picking them to win the game outright, it was widely believed that the house would lose big if the Giants covered the spread. That did not happen.

According to Game On!, Nevada’s 184 legal sports books took in $93,889,840 worth of action on the game. When the game ended, the sports books had made $5,064,470. That was a significant difference from the 2008 Super Bowl between New York and New England when Las Vegas lost more than $2.5 million on the Giants’ victory.

As you would have seen in our predictions last weekend before the Super Bowl, my money would have been on the G-Men if I were a gambling man. As a fan of the Patriots, my flawed reasoning had the tiniest section of my mind believing the Pats could pull it off because the house always wins. My line of thinking was that it was Vegas’ turn to get even from the beating they took in 2008, since a lot of money was probably on the Giants. Obviously, that didn’t happen. New York won outright and the Vegas sports books won big anyway. It’s true that the house always wins — they just might do it when you least expect it.