DeShawn Stevenson Calls Heat Classless, Wears How’s my Dirk Taste Shirt

DeShawn Stevenson has a big mouth and doesn’t back down from anyone. He called LeBron James overrated several years ago and that led to a war of words that involved rappers Soulja Boy and Jay-Z. Now that he’s won a title, Stevenson feels like he can boast.

“It makes me feel good, man, to beat him, to beat that Miami team,” Stevenson said after winning the title. “The way they act, the way they treated Dirk [Nowitzki], all the things that they said were very classless. To win on the court the way we did it, it was wonderful.”

There’s little doubt Stevenson earned the right to speak with his play. He made 57% of his threes and was a big reason the Mavericks won the title. But does anyone else find it ironic that Stevenson calls the Heat classless on one hand, and then goes out and wears this insulting shirt:

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Maria Sharapova Wearing Eiffel Tower-Themed Dress for French Open

Maria Sharapova beat Mirjana Lucic in her first-round match at the French Open Tuesday 6-3, 6-0. Sharapova is seeded seventh in the tournament and she has to be considered one of the favorites after winning the clay court tune-up in Italy. But much like Venus Williams who’s drawn attention for wearing a lingerie-themed dress and 1920s flapper-style dress on the court, Sharapova is turning some heads for her Eiffel Tower-themed dress at Roland Garros. Check out the way her stripes criss cross around her torso, making it look similar to France’s most well-known landmark:

It’s subtle and hard to notice, but it’s pretty cool. And really, if I didn’t know that’s what the dress was supposed to reflect, I would have had no idea. At least it’s somewhat toned down compared to Venus Williams’ outfit when she made us all wonder if she was wearing underwear.

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Photo Credits: THOMAS COEX/AFP

Monta Ellis Family Tree Tattoo (Picture)

Professional athletes love new tattoos.  Now that we have things like Twitter, that concept is pretty well-documented.  Last April, we showed you all the new tattoos Shaq had gotten as a member of the Cavs while he recovered from a thumb injury.  Then there’s Monta Ellis, who went from looking like an innocent high schooler without any cash to spend on tats to all inked up in a matter of one off-season.  The Warriors guard hasn’t stopped since, and his latest piece of body art could be the strangest.  Check out Monta Ellis’ family tree tattoo, courtesy of The Big Lead:

Whatever tickles your fancy I guess.  Nothing wrong with a family man.  Would I do it?  Probably not.  But hey who am I to judge?  One thing’s for sure: it certainly beats Andrei Kirlenko’s massive back tattoo.  That thing is just creepy.

Team Lewabosh Miami Heat Jersey Might be Worst Sports Jersey Ever

Back in July when the Bermuda Triangle of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh formed in Miami, one particular Heat fan was pretty excited. He didn’t get quite as crazy as these fans, but he went all out. In fact, the man who calls himself “Big Cheese” on twitter proudly represents the worst Heat jersey we’ve seen. Check it out thanks to the great Sports Feeder:

Notice how that’s jersey number 10, which is the total of LeBron (6), Wade (3), and Bosh’s (1) jersey numbers? You know Big Cheese wouldn’t miss a detail like that. And in case you’re wondering how to pronounce “Lewabosh,” Big Cheese has you covered with this video he made last summer. Check it out:

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Nike Marketing Kevin Durant Backpack Along with Clothing Line

During Oklahoma City Thunder post-game press conferences, two things go hand-in-hand: Kevin Durant and his backpack.  For whatever reason, the 21-year-old superstar does all his post game blabber wearing his backpack completely strapped up and ready to go.  Like any smart company would do, Nike is capitalizing on the fashion statement by selling the carrying book bag as part of Durant’s KD III line.

It has almost become symbolic for Durant to rock the backpack during his sessions with the media.  However, some fans may be disappointed with what’s actually in it.  According to Durant, “iPad, headphones, bible and phone chargers,” is all he carries.

Nike is has wisely decided to capitalize off this entertaining fad.  Durant, unlike LeBron, is one of the most loved players in the NBA.  When young basketball players go to purchase his shoes, they’ll almost certainly feel obligated to buy the matching backpack.

While Nike looks to profit off Durant’s choice in style, Durant himself has other things to worry about.  One huge one will be slowing down the Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki’s quest to enhance his legacy. After the Game 1 loss, Durant will need his teammate Russell Westbrook (3-15 shooting in Game 1) — not his backpack — to have any chance of bouncing back.

When you look at the way Durant used to be, this revelation is actually surprising.

Steve Lyons Does Not Like Baseball Players Wearing Hats Turned Sideways

During Wednesday night’s Dodgers-Pirates game, Dodgers broadcasters Eric Collins and Steve Lyons got into a discussion about fashion. The discussion was prompted after Pittsburgh third baseman Pedro Alvarez (pictured) made a putout on a ground ball by Hiroki Kuroda in the fifth. Play-by-play man Eric Collins asked for analyst Steve Lyons’ opinion of Alvarez’s hat style (Alvarez tucks his ears under his hat), and Lyons said though it was odd, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, the discussion about Avlarez’s tucked in look prompted Lyons to share his thoughts on players who wear their hat turned sideways. Let’s just say he’s not too fond of the look.

“I get it, as a fashion statement,” Lyons said. “You know if you’re hanging out at the mall or something and you want to tip your hat sideways or something, but when you’re on the field, to me it comes down to respect for the game. I don’t really have a problem with Alvarez wearing his hats over his ears, and some of the other things that I see. Just understand the game that you’re playing, understand the privilege you have of playing it.”

I won’t get into a holier-than-thou discussion about how baggy pants and jerseys have infiltrated baseball and given players a “gang member” look (to be honest, that’s more comfortable anyway). But I will go with Lyons on this one. The sideways hat look is strictly a fashion thing. There’s no way it’s more comfortable, and there’s no way it’s effective when it comes to blocking the sun (for day games). And to be honest, Lyons is right — whether it’s a white, black, or Hispanic player doing it — the hat to the side is just not a ballplayer’s look. Seeing that makes me want to call the fashion police.

Rays Support Navy SEAL Team 6 with Shirts on Road Trip to Baltimore

Since Osama bin Laden was killed on Sunday, several baseball teams have taken steps to honor the military. The San Diego Padres wore their camouflage uniforms and gave free tickets to service men and women, the Dodgers offered tickets to the military for the month of May, and the Mets donated 4,000 tickets to military personnel. Those were all awesome actions, but the coolest show of support may have come from the Tampa Bay Rays, no surprise.

The Rays, who have themed road trips thanks to manager Joe Maddon, got specially made shirts that support Navy SEAL Team 6 — the same group that carried out the bin Laden mission. Check em out:

Those were pretty awesome, but I still say nothing compares to their sweet BRayzers plaid blazers. Here are pictures of their other themed road trips and custom made shirts for comparison:

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