Knucklehead Carlos Sturgus identified in shooting because of Yankees tattoo on forehead (Picture)

21-year-old Carlos Sturgus of Mesa, Arizona, was arrested last week for shooting another man. Sturgus was apparently arguing with another man on the balcony of his apartment, and when the man left, Sturgus began shooting at him. A shootout ensued, and one of Sturgus’ shots apparently struck the other man in the back.

According to the Phoenix New Times, Sturgus was found by detectives in Glendale, Arizona, after a witness identified him.

I’ll bet you’ll never guess how he was identified. And no, it wasn’t because of the sneakers he was wearing.

A neighbor helped identify Sturgus to police by informing them he had a Yankees tattoo on his forehead.

He also reportedly told police he was carrying the gun because “he has robbed many people in Mesa and many people want to kill him…”

I’d say something about how dumb this guy is for confessing robberies to the cops while he’s wanted for possession of a firearm and assault with a deadly weapon, but then again, this is the same guy who got a Yankees tattoo on his forehead. You almost have to expect stupidity from stupidity. He’s actually doing the public a favor by getting a tattoo like that because it’s just a shortcut that let’s us all know what an idiot he is.

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This Luc Robitaille armpit tattoo is one of the grossest things you’ll ever see (Picture)

As you know, the Kings won their first Stanley Cup in team history on Monday night. Above you see a picture of Kings legend Luc Robitaille celebrating the win with the team. Although he spent 14 seasons and three separate stints in Los Angeles, Robitaille had to venture to Detroit to win a championship. He did, however, score a ton of goals and rack up a ton of points. Unfortunately, he also left a lasting impression on Kings fans. Why is that unfortunate? Because it led to arguably the most disturbing tattoo in the history of sports tattoos. Proceed at your own risk.

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Fan has a hideous Tim Tebow Florida tattoo on his shin (Picture)

Well before he put together a winning season and won a playoff game in Denver, Tim Tebow was a major celebrity. Tebowmania was just as real when Tebow was leading the Florida Gators to national championships as it is now. The photo above that Clay Travis shared with us on Twitter is walking proof of that — no pun intended. As you can see, some fan has one of the worst tattoos we’ve ever seen of Tebow in his Florida uniform on his shin.

The sad (but by no means surprising) part is that this is one of the ugliest tattoos known to mankind but it isn’t even the worst Tebow tattoo. It still has to compete with this tattoo that a radio host was forced to get and this lost bet that may be have resulted in the worst tattoo in human history. Keep doing you, Tebowmaniacs.

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D-Backs gave away tattoo sleeves in honor of ‘Tatman’ Ryan Roberts (Pictures)

The Arizona Diamondbacks held one of the stranger giveaways of the season on Saturday. In honor of heavily-tattooed infielder Ryan Roberts, the team gave away tattoo sleeves (seen above) to the first 20,000 fans in attendance.

Roberts had a career season for the D-Backs last year, bashing a career-high 19 home runs with 65 RBIs. He began being called “Tatman” because of all his tattoos, and he embraced the nickname. Even the bobblehead in his likeness given away last season featured several tattoos.

Speaking at the team’s “tweetup” before the game on Saturday, Roberts talked about his ink.

“All of ‘em mean something to me and they’re all a big part of my life.”

Below is a look at D-Backs pitcher Daniel Hudson sporting the sleeves:

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Brandon Jennings has a Roscoe’s Chicken’ ‘n Waffles tattoo (Picture)

Brandon Jennings is an LA kid, and in case you didn’t know that, he has a unique tattoo to remind you. Yup, Jennings has a tattoo of the Roscoe’s Chicken’ ‘n Waffles logo on his left arm.

We believe Jennings has had the tattoo since at least 2010, but it wasn’t really publicized much until Jocks and Stiletto Jill noticed it when Jennings shared a picture of another tattoo he recently got.

Sole Collector informs us that the tattoo is part of an entire tribute to LA that Jennings has on his left forearm. Jennings also has worn a special-edition Roscoe’s Under Armour sneaker as a tribute to his favorite restaurant.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Roscoe’s, it’s an extremely popular restaurant with five locations throughout the LA-area. It’s open late and usually packed with lines around the doors — especially at its Hollywood location.

This dude must really love his chicken and waffles. Now he has me considering a “Brent’s Deli” tattoo across my chest — in Old English font, of course.

Brian Wilson got a calf tattoo of Johnny Cash flipping the bird

Brian Wilson fancies himself a badass. And what do badasses do? They get badass tattoos of badass icons in badass poses.

Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area says Wilson got a new calf tattoo over the winter of singer Johnny Cash flipping the bird. The infamous photo was taken by photographer Jim Marshall during a sound check at Folsom Prison. It’s commonly found on posters and T-shirts, and now Wilson’s calf.

Baggarly didn’t share a picture of the tattoo, but he did say it was designed with “remarkable detail.” I just hope the gnome is updated to include Wilson’s new ink.

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Fan has tattoo of Bernie Brewer holding rifle over dead cub (Picture)

We’ve seen plenty of fan tattoos in our time here at LBS, but none have been as ferocious as this one. One Milwaukee fan has a tattoo of Brewers mascot Bernie Brewer holding a rifle and standing over the bloody corpse of a dead cub, all while grabbing his crotch. Think of it as a hardcore version of one of those bumper stickers of the cartoon figure taking a leak on something else. That’s hardcore.

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Photo via @JucheMane