Examining Aaron Hernandez’s ‘blood’ tattoo on his right hand

Aaron Hernandez blood tattoo

Aaron Hernandez has a tattoo on his right hand that has the word “blood” written in red ink, and the tat was frequently discussed Wednesday in the context of the tight end’s arrest and first-degree murder charge.

Some wondered if “blood” meant Hernandez was part of the widely known gang. Others felt it was an ominous symbol that Hernandez literally has “blood” written on his hands, and figuratively may have blood on his hands from the alleged killing.

I think you can strike the former theory for a few reasons. One, it looks like “blood” is part of a longer phrase tattooed on his hand, which I’m guessing is blood, sweat and tears. You can see what looks like an “S” and “W” just after “blood.” Secondly, if you’re actually a member of the Bloods, you wouldn’t get a tattoo that says “blood,” unless the name of your specific gang has the word “Blood” in it. You would probably get one with the number “5″ or the letter “P,” like this guy; or you would get one with a bunch of stars, like this guy.

There were some reports that Hernandez had friends with gang ties, but those have been unconfirmed (update on this – see below). We don’t know what kinds of activities Hernandez was doing away from the football field but, based on what has emerged the past few weeks, most of it seems unsavory.

UPDATE: Hernandez reportedly joined the Bristol Bloods gang as a teenager, so it’s possible the tattoo is related to his alleged Bristol Bloods ties.

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San Francisco 49ers fan has ultimate team tribute tattoo across his back


Given the number of atrocious athlete tribute tattoos we have shown you over the years here on LBS, it is with great pleasure that we show you one that is actually not all that bad. In fact, it’s pretty impressive.

A Twitter user who goes by @OH_Kai_ shared the photo you see above with Patrick Willis over the weekend, who decided it was worth passing along to his more than 250,000 followers.

“Wow! I can’t say I have ever seen myself tatted on someone before,” Willis wrote. “That’s wild! Thanks.”

As you can see, the ink includes Willis, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Bill Walsh and some other Niners legends. The most important thing is that the artwork is well done, which is much more than we can say for tattoos like this and this. Don’t worry, I’m sure someone will come along who makes us lose our faith in tribute tattoos again very shortly.

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Steph Curry gets Hebrew tattoo on wrist

Steph Curry tattooed

Steph Curry got his second tattoo (that we know of) and posted a Vine video on Thursday of him getting it done.

The Golden State Warriors guard got some ink on his inner right wrist. The tattoo is a message written in Hebrew.

Steph Curry Hebrew tattoo

According to LBS translator Sweet Howie T., the basic translation of the tattoo is, “love never fails,” which is what Curry seems to be saying in one part of the Vine video he posted. Sweet Howie T. also points out that “Love never fails” is a quote from 1 Corinthians 13:8 in the New Testament, which was a passage also cited during the funny church scene in “Wedding Crashers.”

Though most people think Curry is ink-free, the sharpshooter actually has another tattoo. He has the initials “TCC” and the number 30 on the inside of his left wrist.

According to an old Charlotte Observer story, TCC stands for “Trust Commitment Care” – a team motto at Davidson, while 30 is Curry’s uniform number.

You can see his TCC 30 tattoo and Vine video below:

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San Jose Sharks fans lose playoff bet, get matching LA Kings tattoos


When San Jose Sharks fans and Los Angeles Kings fans bet on hockey games, this is what happens. As you know, the Sharks and Kings faced each other earlier this postseason. The Kings are still playing, which means they got the better of their cross-state rivals. However, the real winners were the LA fans who got to witness their buddies get matching Kings tattoos.

The photos you see above were posted by Brian Beltz on his website earlier this week. He explained the embarrassing ink:

A few of us in the office are pretty die hard hockey fans. However, our fandom is split down the middle – two Los Angeles Kings Fans and two San Jose Sharks fans. Since the two teams met in the second round, we decided to put a friendly office wager on it. The result of that wager was a couple of sad, (temporary ) tattooed Sharks fans.

Fantastic. Because of their team losing, these two bros are now forever linked. The Sharks could go on to defeat the Kings in the playoffs every year for the next 10, and they’d always remember that series they lost back in 2013. We have seen plenty of tattoos that are the result of lost bets over the years, and some of them are far more disgusting. But these…these are easily two of the most creative.

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Fan appears to have brutal Davis Love III tattoo


We have seen enough sports-related tattoos over the years to know that some of the absolute worst ones come in the form of athlete tributes. The Davis Love III tattoo that you see above is a fantastic example of that.

The reader who emailed the photo to Deadspin said the tattoo did not originally include the “DLIII” signature but that it was added on so people would know who the tattoo was supposed to be. Come on, really? Everyone knows right away when they look at that thing that it’s Davis Love III. Who else could it be?

If someone told me the Davis Love tattoo was done by the same person who did this Stephon Marbury tattoo, I would not be the least bit surprised. Can’t you see the resemblance?

Brittney Griner has a ‘lesbian tattoo’

Brittney Griner is a proud gay person, though she only recently officially came out publicly. The Phoenix Mercury center says she came out to her parents in high school and that she was openly gay at Baylor, though she was discouraged by the athletic department from talking about her sexual orientation. Now that she’s in the WNBA, Griner has talked about her sexual preference at length.

Griner is featured in a great profile by ESPN W’s Kate Fagan that is full of insight into Griner’s character. Fagan also did a video with Griner to accompany the profile. In the video interview, Fagan asks Griner which of her multiple tattoos best represents her. Griner said it’s her “lesbian tattoo.”

Brittney Griner lesbian tattoo

“It’s the double-linked female sign. I call it my lesbian tattoo,” Griner tells Fagan.

Though Griner says she was discouraged from public talking about being gay, she says she wasn’t the only gay athlete around.

“I wasn’t alone, I’ll say that. I was not alone.”

In Fagan’s profile, it’s revealed that Griner moved in with her high school’s JV basketball coach during her senior year of high school because of clashes with her father, who did not want to raise a gay girl. But he apparently has come around and regularly texts Griner’s girlfriend of six months.

Griner also says in the profile that she wears men’s clothing because she feels most comfortable in it. And in addition to being told to keep her sexual preference to herself at Baylor, Griner says she was asked by coach Kim Mulkey to wear a shirt under her jersey to cover her tattoos.

As you can tell based on all the interviews Griner has done the past few months, she surely is embracing the opportunity to speak about being gay.

Image via ESPN

John Wall’s chest tattoo revealed

John Wall chest tattoo

John Wall was long considered to be in the same category of top NBA players like Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade who don’t have visible tattoos. Despite being tattoo-less early in his career, Durant shocked the world when his array of chest tattoos were revealed two years ago. He has gone all-out since then and has not been shy about sharing the new tattoos he gets. Wall, for the most part, has been thought to be ink-free. That is apparently not the case.

The Washington Wizards point guard was partying in Las Vegas over Memorial Day weekend with the likes of Lil Wayne, Diddy, Christina Milian, and Meek Mill (pictures below).

Wizards beat reporter Michael Lee noted that Wall’s “business tattoo” on his chest was revealed in one of the photos.

In an article posted by The New York Times the day Wall was drafted No. 1 overall by the Wizards, his lack of tattoos was noted.

As Wall completed a workout in Los Angeles, reporters noticed that he had no tattoos. Wall said he wanted one as a teenager, but Pulley told him no when he asked to have a portrait of his late father, John Carroll Wall, inked on his chest.

“When you’re 16, you still need your parent’s permission,” Wall said. “I could have went to a little rickety-dink shop outside and got it, but nah. I’m still going to have the same memory in my head, whether I have it on my chest or my body or not. It’s still going to be in my head.”

Wall didn’t get a portrait of his father tattooed on his chest, but he got a star and some writing. See if you can tell exactly what it is in the photo below:

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