Venus Williams Heats Up the Tennis Court with Her Lingerie Outfit

We here at LBS have mentioned Venus Williams‘ raunchy outfit choices before. Like when Venus Williams wore skin colored underwear which made people think she wasn’t wearing any at all. Throughout the French Open, Venus has been strutting onto the court at Roland Garros wearing yet another outfit that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Williams has been sporting a lingerie-type little number complete with the black lace. It kind of looks like Williams went to Lover’s Lane for her latest outfit instead of a sporting goods store. It seems like she likes to bring the shock factor to the court. Her outfit even appears to be see-through, but if you look close enough she does appear to be wear some type of black body suit underneath. Sorry boys, there’s no peep show for you here.

Good for her. The girl has totally got the body to pull something like this off. She’s gorgeous and has awesome legs to rock a short little number like this. I only have two pieces of advice for Williams though: One, tennis outfits are usually short and sexy enough without having to bust out the burlesque attire. Two, If you’re going to wear a black and red little number, please don’t wear white shoes. Otherwise, if you got it — flaunt it.


Venus Williams’ French Open Outfit: Ooh la la! [Zap 2 It]
Photo Credits: PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images

Video: Andy Roddick and Dwyane Wade Playing HORSE, Tennis

A couple of the best athletes in the world in their respective sports got together on Saturday afternoon for a challenge. Tennis player Andy Roddick hit a few balls with Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, who then showed him what’s up in the classic playground game of HORSE. The two played in Key Biscayne where Roddick had an off-day for the Sony Ericsson Open and where Wade was also off in preparation for his game Sunday against the Raptors in Miami. Wade said he hadn’t handled a tennis racket since high school. Judging by the looks of things, I would have guessed kindergarten. He also let Roddick get up H-O-R to H in the basketball session before resorting to athletic moves to win it. Check out the video of Andy Roddick and Dwyane Wade playing tennis and HORSE:

Pete Sampras was always lauded for his ability to dunk and as we can see Roddick is a pretty good athlete too. Though they get overlooked because tennis is not a contact sport, many of these players are outstanding athletes. Obviously Wade is an awesome athlete too, it’s just that tennis is much harder to pick up without much practice. Especially when you’re being asked to return Roddick’s ridiculous serve.

Andy Roddick to play doubles for Chilean earthquake relief at Sony Ericsson Open [The Miami Herald]

Yes, Venus Williams Is Wearing Underwear at the Australian Open

Andre Agassi may have shocked the world by sharing the fact that he went commando for all his matches the later part of his career but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s inspired a trend in the sport. One of the biggest stirs at the Aussie Open this year, aside from the urinating ballboy, the Hangover movie reference, and the Rafael Nadal proposal, has been the Venus Williams commando story. Deadspin first hopped on the story with tons of incriminating photographic evidence. Their most recent photos make me think someone blurred the pantie line using photoshop because the live photos clearly show she’s wearing underwear. Compare the photo on the left with the screen capture on the right:

You can see much more clearly on the left that she is wearing panties but that line is blurred on the right. If I do have one piece of advice for Venus as she continues her fashion designing career it’s don’t include a slit down the back that looks like a butt crack. It’s hard to blame us for thinking you’re not wearing underwear when we see something that looks like a crack.

Is that an Ice Pack Down Caroline Wozniacki’s Skirt?

Caroline Wozniacki was the runner up at the U.S. Open last year and is currently ranked fourth in the world. She rolled in her opening round match at the Australian Open on Tuesday, 6-4 6-2 over Aleksandra Wozniak. With the score at 5-2 in the final set, there was a side change and Wozniacki took a breather to rest up. She received an ice pack from the ball person and elected to place it in quite a curious place. Check it out and apologies for the grainy cell phone video:

Wozniacki is one of the up-and-coming players on tour so who am I to question her cooling off methods? Or maybe she was just suffering the same fate as Jelena Jankovic at Wimbledon last year. Incidentally, Jankovic also gave fans a little peep show last year which is something Serena Williams did in her first round match too. Maybe someone should remind these ladies there are video cameras all over the place and they should be more careful. Or maybe they’re so focused on the match they don’t care.

Andre Agassi Beat Jim Brown at Tennis as a 9-Year-Old

Andre Agassi young kidSo I received my copy of SI in the mail Friday and finally got to dig into the excerpts of Andre Agassi’s book with more detail than reading the shocking headline that “he did Meth!!!” Needless to say, the excerpts were quite intriguing and accomplished their job of whetting the appetite for the book. One of the cool stories from the book was mentioned by Shutdown Corner and it’s the anecdote of Andre Agassi beating Jim Brown as a 9-year-old kid. Here’s the meat of the tale:

After asking the 9-year-old some questions about his skills (Agassi told him he never loses) and getting warned by the club owner not to take the bet, Brown and Mike Agassi agreed that they’d set the amount after he and Andre played two sets. After dropping two straight sets by a score of 3-6, Brown politely declined the 10K wager and offered $500 for the third. He lost, 6-2.

Now the question I have is if Brown later realized that the Andre Agassi who was number one in the world was the same 9-year-old kid that beat him years before. Think about this — Jim Brown is one of the best football players of all-time, not to mention one of the best lacrosse players ever. And he was beaten by a 9-year-old! Goes to show you how talented Agassi was.

Since the theme from Agassi’s book seems to be how much he (and many other youngsters pushed by their parents) hated tennis, I would like to know whether or not he’s proud of his accomplishments in the sport. After all, there’s no way to say that all the hard work didn’t pay off — he has gone down in history as one of the greats in the game.

Video: Roger Federer Cusses at Chair Umpire After Delayed Challenge

Roger Federer has provided two youtubeable moments in the past two days. First he had an incredible between the legs shot to help him beat Novak Djokovic in the semis. Then on Monday he dropped a few cuss words on the chair umpire during his match against Juan Martin del Potro. When you watch the video, consider that Federer had just won the game giving him the 5-4 edge in the 3rd set, thus putting him in position to win. Anyway, here’s the Roger Federer cussing video:

And this whole time I thought he was Swiss, and now I hear him cussing in English? Wassup with that??!! As I pointed out, he was winning at the time so this wasn’t an indication of him being a poor sport, but he was clearly frustrated with the umpires. Earlier in the second set he got screwed on a review by del Potro where the ball really was wide but got overruled and that helped del Potro turn the tides. Additionally, no player should have as long as del Potro had to finally decide to challenge — that was bogus. Federer was upset and he had the right to be so I don’t have a problem with the foul language here, especially since it wasn’t spoken harshly.

Del Potro played very well and dominated Roger with his blazing forehand. Roger also didn’t help his chances by missing half his first serves and some of his seconds, but man, del Potro looked great. If you want to talk about earning a Grand Slam the hard way, del Potro beat Nadal and Federer back-to-back to win his first major — no easy task. He sure earned it and he’ll probably be back for more.

Roger Federer: That’s the Greatest Shot I Ever Hit in My Life

Usually when guys make the between the legs shot, they’re just doing it for show to mess around because they can’t get to the ball. When Roger did it, he did it to produce a passing shot that was better than what he could have done with a forehand. The ball went crosscourt and super low — it was incredible. Just look at the reaction from Novak Djokovic to know all you need to about that shot. Meanwhile Rafael Nadal went out 2, 2, and 2 to del Potro, making his U.S. Open exit prior to the finals like usual.