Oregon State uniforms were all orange top to bottom and hideous

Oregon State football orange

Oregon State went with an all-orange uniform selection for Friday’s home game against Pac-12 opponent USC, and their duds were hideous. They were wearing orange from head-to-toe — cleats, pants, jerseys, gloves and helmets were all orange. It was terrible.

The uniforms led to jokes cracked everywhere. One of the best descriptions I saw came from someone who said the Beavers were going with their traffic cone look.

The all-orange unis were actually part of an entire “orange out” the Beavers program had for the nationally-televised game.

I’ve ripped on Oregon’s uniforms in the past, but they’re nothing compared to what Oregon State had on. Yikes.

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Travis Benjamin mooned stadium after pants malfunction

Travis Benjamin mooned

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Travis Benjamin is the latest NFL player to suffer a wardrobe malfunction while on the field.

Two weeks ago it was Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Tyson Jackson whose pants fell down during a game, and this week it was Benjamin suffering the same fate.

Uncensored photo plus a GIF of when it happened is below:

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Jeff Driskel’s pants left little to the imagination

Jeff Driskel pants

Are they trying a new material for their pants over at Florida? If so, they’re definitely of the see-through variety. Check out how Jeff Driskel looked in the end zone after scoring on a 9-yard touchdown run in the first quarter of the Gators’ 21-16 loss to the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday. That’s either a jock strap that’s pretty visible under his pants, or the quarterback has been spending some time with Annie from “Bull Durham.”

It’s easy to see why Driskel’s pants were nominated on ESPN’s “C’Mon Man!”

What was worse: Driskel’s pants, or Jeff Backus of the Lions?

Southwestern Oklahoma State taking football helmets to next level

Southwestern Oklahoma State helmet

Southwestern Oklahoma State is a school I never had heard of until now. I’m guessing that’s exactly why they unveiled this crazy helmet.

The school started promoting this camoflauge helmet last week and began receiving attention for it. Unfortunately, the helmet is strictly a promotional item available in an auction, not one the team will wear on the field.

Still, it’s pretty crazy looking. It reminds me of something the now-defunct Long Beach Ice Dogs wore back in the day. And give yourself a sticker if you know who the Ice Dogs are.

Here are all the crazy football helmets we’ve featured over the past few years.

Indiana football gets crazy new helmets, players go nuts (Video)

Indiana football is the latest program to join the new uniform and helmet craze, and judging by the players’ reactions, the new helmets are a big hit.

Indiana new helmets

Indiana, which is an adidas school, unveiled five new football helmets they may wear during the season. According to IU athletics, head coach Kevin Wilson showed the new helmets to the team Sunday evening in the Henke Hall of Champions with the help of fifth-year senior safety Greg Heban and senior wide receiver Kofi Hughes. Wilson says the helmets will always include the traditional crimson color and IU logo.

Below is a closer look at each new helmet:

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Baylor unveils gold chrome helmets (Pictures)

baylor gold chrome helmet

Baylor appears to be going the way of Oregon football. The program’s running backs coach, Jeff Lebby, tweeeted two photos on Saturday of new helmets for the football team. One is gold chrome, and the other is black matte. It’s believed these are helmets the team will wear in the upcoming season.

Below is a look at the black hat:

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Oregon basketball has Nike shoes with customized Jumpman Duck logo

oregon nike basketball shoes

Oregon doesn’t keep its incredible fashion statements limited to the football team; the basketball team is also getting in on the fun.

Oregon unveiled the shoes you see above for their game against Arizona on Thursday. They’re fresh from the Nike factory, and they’re the new version of the Jordans but with a unique Duck logo replacing the Michael Jordan Jumpman silhouette.

In addition to the customized Duck logo, the shoes also feature an Oregon “O” on the tongue.

Given that the members of the student “Pit Crew” fan group got special shoes a few years ago, it was only time before the players got something even better.

Wearing the sick shoes, Oregon beat No. 4 Arizona 70-66.

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Photo credit: Twitter/Arik Armstead