Jeopardy takes shot at Houston Astros

Jim-Crane-AstrosThe Houston Astros lost 111 games last season. To the fans, players and front office, that is incredibly embarrassing. To others, it’s pretty funny that a professional baseball team can be that horrible. The people who write the questions for “Jeopardy” apparently see the humor in Houston’s abysmal 2013 season.

Earlier this week, the Astros were used as a hint for an answer that was presented on “Jeopardy.” If you were at all familiar with Major League Baseball, the hint was a huge help.

The corresponding question was, “What is a blowout preventer?” Get it?

Good news, Astros fans — there’s nowhere to go but up in 2014. Well, we hope.

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I think Tracy McGrady needs some bigger pants


Former NBA star Tracy McGrady has been doing some television work this season in his first year of retirement. While I have yet to sit down and listen to his commentary, I do have a little bit of advice for T-Mac — loosen up a little.

McGrady clearly needs bigger pants. There’s no way he’s going to be comfortable if he keeps trotting out on NBA TV wearing nut-huggers like that. Those things had to have been cutting off circulation.

Photo via Twitter/Michael Necci
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Tom Brady drops F-bomb on referee Clete Blakeman (Video)

Tom Brady refereeTom Brady was rightfully upset with the referees for picking up a penalty flag at the end of the New England Patriots-Carolina Panthers “Monday Night Football” game, and ESPN TV microphones caught him cursing out an official following the 24-20 loss.

Brady could be heard dropping an F-bomb on referee Clete Blakeman for rescinding a penalty flag and not explaining the reason for the decision.

The back judge threw a flag on the Patriots’ last play of the game. After having a conference with another official, the refs picked the flag up and declared “there was no foul on the play” despite Luke Kuechly being all over Rob Gronkowski in the end zone.

The game ended with the Panthers winning 24-20 and Brady running to the refs in the tunnel to ask about the call. Did you also notice Ryan Mallett right there with him? Here are a few looks at the final play to decide whether it was the right or wrong call.

Aqib Talib and Steve Smith had a nice fight (GIF)

Aqib Talib Steve SmithIf the main event on Monday night Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots, the co-main event was Aqib Talib vs. Steve Smith.

The Panthers star receiver and Patriots star cornerback went after it throughout the first half. On the Panthers’ touchdown drive in the first quarter, Smith caught two passes for 47 yards. He also helped his team gain 15 yards thanks to the unnecessary roughness penalty Talib committed by holding onto Smith’s leg (as seen in the GIF at the top).

GIFs via GIFD Sports, Bleacher Report

Drew Brees’ stretched out neck is one of the best NFL GIFs of the year

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was nearly decapitated by San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks on Sunday. Whether the hit was legal or not has become a hot topic of debate, but I think we all can agree that Brees got throttled. The hit also happened to lead to one of the best GIFs of the year.

LandThieves.com has presented us with a GIF of Brees chatting with FOX Sports’ Pam Oliver after the game. As you can see, the ruthless hit that Brooks laid on him led to somewhat of a stretched out neck. Brees may want to see a chiropractor this week to get that taken care of.

[Related: Ahmad Brooks calls his roughing the passer penalty 'bulls---']

Between the GIF of Andy Reid as the Kool-Aid guy and now this masterpiece, we may already have our finalists for 2013 NFL GIF of the Year.

Ahmad Brooks Drew Brees

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Brandon Mebane does the truffle shuffle after big play (GIF)

Brandon-Mebane-truffle-shuffleThere was plenty for the Seattle Seahawks to celebrate on Sunday during their win over the Minnesota Vikings. Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane got the party started with a bang in the first quarter by burning an image into our brains that will likely never go away.

Mebane, who was wearing a jersey that didn’t quite fit, made a big play in the first quarter. He responded by jiggling his rolls and doing a variation of the truffle shuffle. If you don’t know what the truffle shuffle is and you’re roughly our age, your childhood may have been a sham. It’s from the movie “The Goonies.”

If Mebane never did that celebration again, we wouldn’t be upset. He needs to take some celebration lessons from New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones.

GIF via Deadspin

Belmont fan sings Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ to distract UNC free throw shooter (Video)

James-McAdoo-free-throwBelmont came away with an 83-80 win over No. 12 North Carolina on Saturday as part of a wild college basketball weekend that was filled with upsets. The game brought us a very exciting finish, but the highlight came within the first 11 minutes when some dude started belting out a Miley Cyrus song to distract a UNC free throw shooter.

Tar Heels forward James McAdoo strolled to the free throw line with 9:58 remaining in the first half, and per usual the fans in Chapel Hill were silent. But there had to have been at least one Belmont fan in the stands.

“I came in like a wrecking ball!” some guy could be heard screaming. “You never knew how loud I yell!”

And of course, McAdoo missed the free throw. McAdoo was just 11-for-19 from the charity stripe on the day, so it’s not like he’s a fantastic free throw shooter. Still, we’re going to give credit to the Miley guy here. Creativity should always be acknowledged.

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