Johnny Manziel leaves club with model Lauren Hanley

Johnny Manziel Lauren Hanley

Johnny Manziel has been partying all Winter Break since Texas A&M’s season ended on New Year’s Eve. He was in Miami hanging out with Drake and Urban Meyer’s family at a Miami Heat game, and now he’s in LA, possibly for the BCS National Championship Game.

TMZ caught Johnny Football coming out of a club in Hollywood Sunday night, and the real story is who he was with. TMZ noted that Manziel left the club with two women. That sounds like pimp status to most people, but the real big deal is that one of them was model Lauren Hanley.

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Johnny Manziel Lauren Hanley club

Hanley is easily one of the hottest models on the ‘net and has become extremely popular online over the past several months.

She was Miss Coed August 2013 and she’s currently second in the poll to be Miss Coed 2014. She’s been featured on Barstool Sports, named the Lovely Lady of the Day by Jimmy Traina on Hot Clicks, and she’s been featured by Guyism.

Lauren is a Florida native and Florida State athletics fan. She used to go to FSU and worked at the Hooters in Tallahassee, but she lives in LA now. She actually works at The Root Cellar, a weed dispensary in Sherman Oaks (818 holla!). Lauren posted a photo of some weed on her Instagram account last week, telling people to visit her at work, before deleting the pic. I actually became familiar with her after — no joke — seeing her on Tinder last month and realizing she was the same girl from Coed.

Manziel has seemed to be irritated with his fame at many points over the past year, but this is definitely one time where we can say it has paid off. Tell me Johnny that it wasn’t all worth it.


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John Kuhn Lambeau Leap fail (GIF)

John Kuhn Lambeau Leap failGreen Bay Packers fullback John Kuhn scored a go-ahead touchdown during Sunday’s wild card playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, but he’ll be mostly remembered for his epic Lambeau Leap fail.

After scoring his TD, Kuhn ran over for the traditional Lambeau Leap, but he couldn’t make it into the stands. Yikes. I think he actually got negative height on that “leap.”

GIF via @cjzero

Philip Rivers’ bolo tie is a good luck charm for Chargers

Philip Rivers bolo tie

If you saw what Philip Rivers was wearing to Paul Brown Stadium before the San Diego Chargers-Cincinnati Bengals playoff game on Sunday, there’s no way you would have picked anyone other than the Chargers to win the game.

Rivers rocked his bolo tie to the game and proudly wore it after the team’s 27-10 victory. You may recall that Rivers first introduced the masses to his bolo tie after the Chargers beat the Denver Broncos on the road in Week 15. My only question is: where were his rattlesnake boots this time?

There is little doubt what Rivers will be wearing for next week’s playoff game against the Broncos.

Photo: Twitter/rodjhnsn221
GIF via @cjzero

Pat McAfee accidentally tweets photo of half-naked Andrew Luck

Pat McAfee Andrew Luck picture

Pat McAfee was just joking around when he tweeted a photo of himself conducting a postgame interview in a funny outfit Saturday, but he ended up inadvertently sharing a picture of a half-naked Andrew Luck with the world.

“This is how a legend handles interviews boys & girls..Business on the top, party on the bottom,” McAfee captioned his photo, which features kicker Adam Vinatieri in a dress shirt and sweater on the upper half and towel covering his lower body.

McAfee’s outfit was funny, but he totally missed that his quarterback was barely dressed in the background. If it weren’t for the Colts chair and guy with the cell phone, we would have seen a lot more of Luck than we wanted to.

McAfee initially cracked a joke about his blunder, but he later was much more apologetic.

You’re lucky all his parts were covered, McAfee. Well, that is unless Luck turned out to be the next Visanthe Shiancoe, in which case he would have received a whole new set of job offers.

Ric Flair speaks to 49ers before playoff game in ‘s— hole’ that is Green Bay

Ric Flair 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have a secret weapon entering their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers: The Nature Boy.

Wrestling legend Ric Flair visited the 49ers to speak with the team on Saturday night, the day before the team’s playoff game in Green Bay. We first learned about Flair’s visit through a tweet by Niners offensive lineman Anthony Davis, who called the city a “s— hole.”

Flair apparently took a private jet and stretch limo to go speak to the Niners, who are holed up in sub-zero temperatures in Wisconsin. You think The Nature Boy is going to let a little bad weather keep him from delivering a pep talk to a football team? Not a chance. Wooooo!

Photo: Twitter/49ers

Charlie Strong rides into town ‘Blazing Saddles’ style in great GIF

Charlie Strong Blazing SaddlesLSU Freek has done it again. In response to Charlie Strong reportedly being hired as the head coach at Texas, Freek created a hilarious GIF of Strong riding into town like the sheriff in the great scene from “Blazing Saddles.” The town of Texas fans were expecting Jim Harbaugh, yet somehow they ended up with Strong.

Excellent work, once again, Freek.

This is pretty good, but Freek’s Andy Reid as Kool-Aid man is still my favorite from him in recent months.

And here’s the original clip from “Blazing Saddles” in case you’ve never seen the movie:

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JR Smith took such a dumb shot he even admitted it was a ‘bone head play’ (Video)

A few weeks after Andrea Bargnani took one of the most inexplicable shots in NBA history, teammate J.R. Smith tried to do him one better.

The New York Knicks and Houston Rockets were tied at 100 in the final 30 seconds of their game on Friday and the Knicks had the ball. As the shot clock was about to expire, Beno Udrih heaved a 3-pointer that drew iron. Just like last time, Tyson Chandler got the rebound and passed it outside. Udrih moved the ball over to Smith, who chucked up a shot with 22 seconds left in the game. He missed.

The smart play would have been for Smith to hold the ball until the clock wound down so that the Knicks would have the last shot to win the game. What they didn’t want was to give the ball back to Houston. Unfortunately for Smith, Aaron Brooks was fouled by Udrih on the loose ball on the rebound, and Brooks made two free throws. The Rockets, of course, won the game 102-100.

The reaction from Knicks coach Mike Woodson after Smith’s shot was spectacular:

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