Ohio State players go crazy on bus as Auburn beats Alabama (Video)

Ohio-State-reacts-to-Alabama-lossThe Ohio State Buckeyes are the only college football team in the nation that may be more ecstatic about Auburn’s incredible win over Alabama than the Tigers are. Now that Alabama has lost, undefeated Ohio State is all but certain to be in control of its own destiny for a spot in the BCS National Championship Game.

Shortly after the Iron Bowl ended on one of the most amazing plays you will ever see, Ohio State wide receiver Frank Epitropoulos shared a video of his team’s reaction on Instagram.

When next week’s BCS rankings come out, Florida State will likely be No. 1 in the nation and Ohio State will be No. 2. The Seminoles will take on Duke in the ACC Championship next weekend and the Buckeyes will face Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship. If both teams win, they will face one another for the national championship.

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JJ Redick snubbed on handshake by DeMarcus Cousins, has classic reaction

JJ Redick DeMarcus Cousins handshakeDeMarcus Cousins seems to have some sort of a no-handshake policy going for his Sacramento Kings when they play the Los Angeles Clippers.

On Friday night, Clippers guard JJ Redick extended his hand to give Cousins a shake in the first half, and Cousins straight up snubbed him. Redick just gives a classic “what the heck is his problem?” face, which was perfect.

Cousins was called for a loose ball foul when Redick fell to the floor trying to get a rebound, which probably explains why he was in no mood to shake his opponent’s hand.

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Gerald Henderson destroys a lady’s face with an errant pass (Video)

Gerald-Henderson-passThe Charlotte Bobcats laid a 92-76 beating on the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday, but no one is going to be more sore than the poor woman who found herself on the business end of an errant pass from Gerald Henderson. Somebody probably should have yelled “heads up!” a little sooner.

Henderson drove to the paint and tried to throw a skip pass to Josh McRoberts. The ball got away, and unfortunately it looked like it was drawn by a magnet directly to a fan’s face. The pass hit the lady right in the side of the head while she was in stride behind the Bobcats’ bench. She fell like a sack of potatoes.

Hopefully the fan wasn’t injured. If nothing else, she’s going to have a whopping headache tomorrow morning. And not the drinking kind.

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Bo Pelini flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after nearly smacking ref with his hat (GIF)

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini was furious about a pass interference call in the third quarter of his team’s game against Iowa on Friday afternoon. A Nebraska defensive back clearly tackled the intended target, but Pelini thought the ball was uncatchable. The call sent him into a fit of rage that ended when he was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after nearly smacking an official across the face with his hat.


Nebraska was able to hold the Hawkeyes to a field goal, so Pelini was fortunate that his temper tantrum was not as costly as it could have been. Pelini, whose temper has been well documented with instances like this, also snapped at a reporter during halftime when he was asked about his team’s two first-half interceptions.

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Olympic torchbearer accidentally lights himself on fire (Video)

Olympic-torchbearer-fireCarrying the Olympic torch can be a dangerous and stressful task. Last month, a bystander had to light the torch with his lighter after the flame went out during a relay. Earlier this week, something a little more dangerous happened. One of the torchbearers, former Olympic bobsledder Pyotr Makarchuk, accidentally lit himself on fire.

Fortunately, no one was injured. Some of the fuel from the torch dripped onto the torchbearer’s jacket as he was carrying it through the Siberian city of Abakan on Wednesday. According to Deadspin, some of Makarchuk’s escorts quickly put out the fire that was burning on his shoulder. In the future, I’m sure he will carry the torch out in front of himself a bit more. The last thing we want to see is a flaming head.

Birdman Andersen sure dressed up for the Miami Heat’s Thanksgiving

Miami Heat Thanksgiving

The Miami Heat spent Thanksgiving at LeBron James’ estate in Akron and had some nice team bonding time. They were already in Cleveland for a game the night before, so they decided to hang around the area to spend the holiday at James’ palace.

Naturally, a couple of the team’s players shared photos on social media from the event. You can see many of the players dressed casually or slightly nicer … and then there was Birdman.

Chris Birdman Andersen rocked a beanie and I’m almost certain that’s a Remetee shirt he has on. Remetee, you may recall, is the clothing line started by Ryan Braun.

Birdman Thanksgiving

Birdman Andersen — still about that thug life, even on Thanksgiving.

Photo: Instagram/LeBron James

Tramon Williams shoves referee (GIF)

Tramon Williams refereeTramon Williams took some frustration out on a referee during the fourth quarter of the Detroit Lions’ beatdown of the Green Bay Pacers on Thanksgiving.

After Joique Bell scored on a 1-yard touchdown run to make it 33-10, Williams shoved a referee. It was a total jerk move by Williams and appeared to be done out of frustration. He was hit with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, meaning the Lions kicked off from midfield.

FOX officiating expert Mike Pereira explained why Williams wasn’t ejected:

Who knows? Maybe Williams will be a hit with a small fine for that dumb act.

What a pathetic showing by the Lions defense. They didn’t get ANY help from the Packers offense, but that defense stunk too.

GIF via GIFD Sports