Michael Jordan played beer pong and the internet went nuts


If you have spent more than 27 minutes surfing the web today in your free time, you may have come across some photos of Michael Jordan playing beer pong at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami over the weekend. In addition to the image you see above that was posted by Instagram user @yaypril, there were also a couple more angles of His Airness getting his pong on.

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Joey Crawford scolds ball boy over his mop work (Video)

Joey-Crawford-ball-boyJoey Crawford has a reputation for being one of the most short-tempered officials in the NBA. We have seen him hand out technical fouls to plenty of players and coaches throughout the years, but we saw something new from the old grump on Tuesday night that raised an interesting question — can ball boys get T’ed up?

The Philadelphia 76ers were set to inbound the ball in the third quarter when Crawford spotted a wet spot on the floor. He motioned for one of the ball boys to come over with a mop to wipe it up, and a young man responded by hastily trying to remedy the situation. As he was walking away, something set Crawford off.

Joey then walked toward the kid like he was going to toss him out of the game, if that’s even possible. Crawford berated the ball boy some more before two other kids came over and tended to the wet spot with towels.

Now do you see why players joked about shooting Crawford on Halloween? He doesn’t just have a quick trigger with tossing players. The guy obviously has a short fuse in general. Settle down, Joey. They’re just kids.

Video via Next Impulse Sports

Xavier Henry dunks all over Jeff Withey (Video)

Xavier Henry on Tuesday got to do what he wasn’t able to do in college: dunk on Jeff Withey during a game.

The two were freshman at Kansas in the 2009-2010 season — Henry’s only year in college — and Henry just unloaded on his former teammate with a dunk on Tuesday night.

During the third quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers-New Orleans Pelicans game, Henry had the ball beyond the 3-point line, pump-faked, and drove down the lane. He took off for the dunk inside the key and just soared over Withey, who stood still in an attempt to draw a charging foul. Instead, he wound up on a poster.

Xavier Henry Jeff Withey

Like Stu Lantz said, you can’t just stand there hoping to take a charge, you have to challenge that!

Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis apologizes after video shows him flipping out on hotel receptionist

Glen-Davis-MagicOrlando Magic forward Glen Davis has expressed a desire in the past to rid himself of his “Big Baby” nickname. Throwing a temper tantrum in a hotel reception area isn’t a great way to accomplish that goal.

On Tuesday, TMZ posted a video that shows Davis completely crossing the line during some sort of disagreement at a Travelodge motel in Orlando last Friday. He reportedly walked into the motel and tried to book a room, but was informed that there were no rooms available. Davis lowered his head in frustration during his conversation with the hotel receptionist before reaching over the counter and grabbing the employee’s keyboard. He then threw the keyboard across the room before storming out.

Simply put, Big Baby lived up to his nickname. The hotel employee immediately called the police, but Davis was reportedly not arrested. According to TMZ, the hotel has been in contact with the Magic regarding the damages. Davis used Twitter to apologize for the meltdown.

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Aaron Murray girlfriend is Kacie McDonnell


Aaron Murray is one of the better quarterbacks in the country, but little has been known about the personal life of the 23-year-old Georgia star. Like, say, who his girlfriend is. That detail has been uncovered, as it appears Murray is dating a young lady named Kacie McDonnell.

The folks at Busted Coverage were the first to realize something was going on when Murray posted the photo you see above on Instagram Saturday, which happened to be the eve of his birthday. If the name Kacie McDonnell sounds familiar, it may be that you remember her from a few years ago when she was reportedly dating Christian Ponder.

McDonnell is a traffic reporter who works for FOX 29 in Philadelphia, so it would seem she and Murray have a long distance relationship going on. She seems very much worth the effort.


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Old ladies pound energy drink like bosses at Wichita State game (Video)

Wichita-State-old-ladies-rockstarThe college basketball season is barely underway and we already know who is taking home the award for “Fans of the Year.” The competition ended early Tuesday morning during ESPN’s tip-off marathon when two Wichita State fans were spotted pounding an energy drink and absolutely dominating the scene.

Is it any surprise that Wichita State pulled away in the second half against Western Kentucky after looking fairly sluggish for the first 20 minutes? Sure, the game started at midnight. But if these lovely ladies are committed to the cause by passing a Rockstar back and forth, it’s no surprise the Shockers were able to manage. I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope I can be 1/100th as cool as the Rockstar ladies 50 years from now.

One thing I do have to point out is that one of the women is wearing a Rockstar patch on her shirt. I’m guessing there was some sort of Rockstar giveaway going on, but you have to wonder if this was a brilliant advertising scheme. I’m going to pretend it’s not.

PS: I know the woman on our right didn’t enjoy her sip. But did she muscle it down anyway? That’s what I thought.

Video via For the Win

LSU T-Rex guy revealed – it’s student Caleb Bates

LSU fan Caleb BatesThe guy behind LSU’s greatest moment on Saturday in Tuscaloosa has been revealed.

In case you missed it, we posted a GIF of an LSU fan who celebrated the team’s second touchdown against Alabama by doing a hilarious T. Rex move. The move was amazing for so many reasons. I mean who the heck imitates a T. Rex? Where the heck did he get that great idea? And why were the faces he made so funny? Everything about it was awesome.

Then to top off all the greatness of the viral moment, the LSU fan was mashed up with a Jurassic Park scene to create a truly amazing GIF.

Well The Times Picayune shares that the person responsible for the next great movement on the internet — T-Rexing — is an electrical engineering student at LSU named Caleb Bates.

“I wasn’t drunk,” Bates told NOLA.com | Times-Picayune. “I don’t drink. I’m a pretty crazy guy, I guess. I’m nuts.”

“My mom sent me a picture of me being on TV… I like making people laugh, so I was thinking, Oh heck, what do I do?”

Bates says that he does something different whenever LSU scores, it just so happens that the cameras caught him when he was doing the best celebration of all.

T-Rexing, man. Can you feel the movement? My cousin said he’s going to make the T-Rex his new dance move. I might have to as well.