Drake uses lint roller while sitting courtside during Game 2 (Video)

Drake lint rollerRapper Drake was in attendance for Game 2 between his hometown Toronto Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday and had some prime courtside seats. And when you’re sitting courtside for an NBA playoff game, sometimes you just can’t shake that thought that you have some unwanted hairs on your clothing. So, naturally, you break out that lint roller you carry around in your back pocket and start grooming yourself.

I mean totally normal behavior. Who hasn’t been there before? Sometimes I use a lint roller while at the beach or in line for a slide at a water park. It comes in handy at times. Never know when you’re gonna need it.

I feel you Aubrey, I feel you.

Billy Hamilton goes first to third on tapper back to pitcher (Video)

Billy Hamilton RedsBilly Hamilton created yet another run with his incredible speed and aggressive baserunning.

During Monday’s Cincinnati Reds-Pittsburgh Pirates game, Hamilton was hit by a pitch to lead off the game, then went from first to third on a tapper back to the mound by Joey Votto, and he scored on a fielder’s choice by Brandon Phillips.

Think about how crazy that is. He was stealing second on the Votto play, so he already had a jump, but he still impressively managed to get to third. A lot of guys can’t even go first to third on a base hit to the outfield! And if that wasn’t enough, he scored on a hard grounder to third. The kind that most people freeze on and stay at third, or get thrown out at home on. The throw beat him home, but Pedro Alvarez had to rush so much that he made a bad throw home, allowing Hamilton to score.

This guy is on another planet with his baserunning.

Elvis Andrus will do anything possible to protect on hit and run (GIF)

Don’t you ever accuse Elvis Andrus of not being a team player. And don’t you ever accuse him of missing signs. Because, my goodness, that guy goes all out when the hit and run is on.

Andrus was up in the ninth inning of Monday’s win over the Oakland A’s with nobody out and a man on first. The Rangers had a hit and run on, and the A’s knew it was coming so they did a pitch out. But that didn’t stop Andrus from doing his job of trying to protect his runner by attempting to make contact, so he swung at the pitch. And the pitch was so far out of the zone he literally got airborne for it:

Elvis Andrus swing

Give that man an A for effort on that one. Andrus ended up grounding out on the at-bat, but we’re sure the baseball gods paid attention to his attempt on that play. They’ll make it up to him.

Forearm bash to Eye on Baseball, GIF via Drew Sheppard

Matt Harvey celebrates Tommy John surgery anniversary with middle finger picture


Tuesday marked the sixth month anniversary of New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey undergoing Tommy John surgery. The 25-year-old righthander acknowledged the milestone on Twitter with a somewhat inappropriate picture that he quickly deleted.

We can understand why Harvey thought better of leaving the photo on his Twitter page, but everyone should also be able to understand how a young athlete could feel that way about major reconstructive surgery. Here’s what Harvey’s initial tweet said.

Athletes from New York have done much stranger things from hospital rooms than flipping the bird. At least Harvey didn’t stand up on the window sill and moon traffic that was driving by.

Photo: Twitter/SportsBlogNewYork

Kevin Durant makes ridiculous 4-point play (Video)

Kevin Durant continues to make the impossible possible.

Durant completed an absurd 4-point play in the final 20 seconds of Game 2 of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s playoff game with the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night by throwing up a wild 3-pointer as he was falling out of bounds and drawing a foul on the play.

Not only did KD make the three, but he also made the free throw.

Look at him – his body was like “The Matrix” on the shot:

Kevin Durant shot

Evan Mathis pranked Eagles reporter Paul Domowitch

Evan-MathisPhiladelphia Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis has been the center of trade rumors this offseason. He is scheduled to make roughly $5 million per season over the next three years, and he apparently believes he is worth more. The 32-year-old wants a new contract but Chip Kelly doesn’t seem concerned if he has to replace him. As a result, there has been speculation that Mathis would skip some offseason workouts.

On Sunday, Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News reported that Mathis would not be present when the Eagles began their voluntary workout program on Monday. Domowitch knew that because Mathis texted him the following map when he asked the veteran guard if he would be attending OTAs.


Domowitch later told Deadspin that Mathis apologized to him, saying that he was just having a little fun and that he can be taken at his word but “never for my pics, pins, [and] emoticons.” Mathis even retweeted Domowitch’s report just to make him look bad.

That’s pretty cold. Sarcasm can be impossible to detect via text, so you can’t blame Domowitch for taking Mathis’ Turks and Caicos message at face value. Having said that, Mathis is a known jokester who once pretended he was peeing on an IRS building sign. We should probably always be a little skeptical of stuff he says.

Billy Hamilton beats out ground ball to FIRST BASE for infield single (Video)

Billy Hamilton firstBilly Hamilton continues to amaze us with some of his incredible actions on the field.

Two days after embarrassing himself with one of the worst swings we’ve ever seen a major leaguer take, Hamilton pulled off one of the most amazing plays we’ve seen this season.

Hamilton was batting with one out in the top of the third Sunday against the Chicago Cubs and hit a simple ground ball to first baseman Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo fielded it cleanly and then was deciding whether he was going to take it to the bag himself or flip to pitcher Carlos Villanueva. In the time he was waiting for Villanueva, Hamilton, who is one of the fastest players in history, beat it out to the bag for an infield single.

Yes, Billy Hamilton got a hit on a routine ground ball to first. FIRST.

Who does that? Seriously, who the eff does that?

I thought it was pretty awesome when Hamilton scored on a routine popup to shallow right field, but this definitely topped it. This guy has insane wheels.

Tip via Mr. H