Dodgers commit comedy of errors on one play (Video)

Clayton Kershaw gave up three runs last night? How is this possible? The lefthander is the best pitcher on the planet and had an ERA of 1.70 heading into Monday night’s game against the San Diego Padres. Wait, never mind, two of those runs were unearned on one of the most comical series of errors you will ever see.

It all started when Padres catcher Rene Rivera hit a routine fly ball to center field in the sixth inning with one out and runners on first and second. Yasiel Puig made the catch and for some reason tried to double up the runner at first by throwing behind him. The throw got away, allowing the runners to advance to second and third. It got even uglier from there.

Dodgers catcher AJ Ellis, who was backing up the play at first, threw to second to try to get the runner who was advancing. That throw went into center field and allowed Yangervis Solarte to score. But wait, there’s more. Hanley Ramirez scooped up Ellis’ wild throw and fired it toward the plate. That throw was also way off-line, and outfielder Rymer Liriano came in to score. Kershaw couldn’t believe his eyes.


Fortunately, the Dodgers came out of the inning clinging to a five-run lead. Kershaw ended up with his 18th win of the season and actually lowered his ERA to 1.67. You know how they tell you in Little League to not throw the ball around? Don’t do that if you make it to the big leagues, either.

Video via @cjzero

Fox & Friends host cracks stairs joke about Ray Rice elevator video

Brian KilmeadeWhen discussing the Ray Rice punch video, it’s probably best to avoid jokes about the situation. FOX & Friends TV show host Brian Kilmeade is probably learning that today.

FOX & Friends played the Ray Rice video on their show Monday morning and brought up that Rice and Janay Palmer got married even after the fight. They then talked about how Rihanna went back to Chris Brown after the domestic violence incident and transitioned into the Jay-Z/Solange fight.

That’s when Kilmeade got cute.

“I think the message is take the stairs.”

I think the message is think before you speak.

Mike Wallace goes third person in postgame interview (Video)

Mike WallaceLook out, NFL — Mike Wallace is a man on a mission. Not only did the Miami Dolphins wide receiver catch seven passes for 81 yards and a touchdown on Sunday against a New England Patriots defense that features Darrelle Revis, he also went third person when speaking to reporters after the game.

“Here’s the thing about Mike,” Wallace said. “Mike don’t ever fear nobody, ever in life, period. Don’t matter who it is…”

Wallace must have been feeling pretty good after his team’s big win. We don’t remember him going third person during his disappointing 2013 season, but maybe we just weren’t paying close enough attention. Either way, if there was an award for sounding like a D-bag in your postgame press conference, he would have taken the honors on Sunday.

Mike signed a five-year, $60 million contract with the Dolphins in March 2013. If Mike can get on the same page with Ryan Tannehill and Mike can continue to not fear anybody, the Dolphins may actually get some return on their investment in Mike.

Video via Twitter/Anthony Slater

Dallas Cowboys memes are the best

James Harden Cowboys coordinator

The Dallas Cowboys lost their season opener to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in spectacular fashion, and the jokes and memes came out in full force. There were so many good ones it was hard to keep up, but we did our best to include them all in one place.

The one you see at the top featuring James Harden as Cowboys defensive coordinator started making the rounds after Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson tweeted it. If you don’t get the reference, the Cowboys defense was last in the NFL in yards allowed last season. Harden is also derided for his lack of defense, which you can see in this lowlight video.

But that wasn’t the only strong Cowboys or Tony Romo meme. Check out some of our other favorites below:

This was Romo’s 11th career 3-interception game. Cowboys fans are not at all surprised by it.

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Antonio Brown kicks Browns punter Spencer Lanning in face (Video)

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown momentarily turned Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns into a WWE match. While rattling off a 35-yard punt return in the second quarter, Brown decided to kick Browns punter Spencer Lanning directly in the face.

Brown was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness. The play was pretty much unprecedented, but the officials had to call something. There may not be anything in the rule book about drop-kicking opponents, but you definitely, definitely can’t do this:


Brown may end up having to pay a fine for that one.

Alas, we have some clarity from Lanning on what happened:

Ah, yes, that explains it.

GIF via DJ Gallo

NFL reportedly tried to get Michael Sam signed after Rams cut him

Michael Sam Cowboys

The NFL would have a public relations disaster on its hands if Michael Sam were not on a team’s roster, so the league did what it could to make sure that didn’t happen.

THEMMQB.com’s Peter King reported on NBC’s pregame show Thursday that the NFL contacted multiple teams regarding their potential interest in Sam after the defensive lineman was cut by the St. Louis Rams.

Sam played well in the preseason for St. Louis, but the team already was incredibly deep on the defensive line and decided to let him go. The Dallas Cowboys ended up bringing him in and signing him to their practice squad.

Though Sam proved in the preseason that he is worthy of a practice squad spot in the NFL at the very least, it’s unusual to see the league reaching out on behalf of one individual. This proves that Sam is getting some preferential treatment, which probably does not sit well with many people.

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In addition to the league making calls after Sam was cut, there has been a lot of speculation that they encouraged the Rams to select him in the draft. As it was, Sam was one of the last picks in the draft and not selected until pick No. 249 out of 256. It would have been an absolute disaster had Sam not been given a shot in the league. They know that and are trying to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Arkansas State gives us the Clark Griswold jersey combination

Clark Griswold Arkansas State

Arkansas State may have lost 34-19 to Tennessee on Saturday, but they won the hearts of the people with an incredible jersey combination.

When sophomore offensive lineman Jemar Clark and junior tight end Darion Griswold were out on the field at the same exact time and seen standing next to each other, it gave us one of the more priceless jersey backs ever: Clark Griswold.

Now we just need someone from their team with the last name of “W” to go in between.

Those dudes should petition the school to change their nickname to the Marty Mooses or Pigs in the Poke just for one game. Do it. DOOOOO IT!

Clark Griswold Vacation

I bet Arkansas State’s offense has no visible lines. They probably eat real tomato ketchup. Nothing but the best!

Best combo since Dingle Berry?

My favorite combination is still this dirty one.

Photo via Twitter/DixieFriedSport